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Red leader, all wings check in...

"Red leader standing by" (aka Red X standing by...) is a forum game that orignated from Star Wars Episode IV.


In Star Wars, there is a scene where before the rebel alliance attacks the Death Star, Red Leader calls out to his squadron to check in. The squadron begins replying "red 5 standing by, red 6 standing by, red 7 standing by, ect...".

Our records show that the first usage of Red Leader on the internet was in a Jedi Counsil Forums roll-call thread created in May 2003. The Meme quickly spread around the intewebs faster than AIDs in Africa as who ever saw Star Wars Ep. IV, cuntpasted it everywhere. It wasnt long before it reached /b/. If our records are right (which they are), this may be the First ever documented case of cancer on /b/!!!

Red leader threads usualy get started by people who think it would be funny if they start a Red leader thread just to see if they can make their E-penis any bigger (Fact: Red Leader has been proven to reduce ones e-penis by the amount people post in the thread!). They then start to samefag it with replys (e.g. "Red Robin standing by, Red Carpet standing by, ect...") to make sure that the thread stays alive long enough so every nerd, newfag, and the odd /b/tard keep it alive through constant posting.


Red leader thread standing by...

"Red Leader" is commonly posted by nerds and newfags who are too bored to post "rate me, post ends in X, or laff and lose" threads. It is also posted during raids to be rally points for Anon before a major attack.


Here are the rules to any Red leader thread.

  • The Thread must start out with a picture of Red leader coupled with the phrase "Red leader standing by..." or "all wings report in..."
  • All following posts must contain "red" in them (e.g. Red herring, Redd Foxx, Reddit, ect...) followed by "standing by" (e.g. Red Foreman

standing by...).

  • All posts must include a picture of the object/person.
  • The game ends when the thread 404's or when people stop posting in it to keep it alive.


Original clip standing by...

Family Guy standing by...

Gallery of standing by

All wings check in... About missing Pics
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