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Florida Grandmothers. Also the creators of

Religion is stupid is a srs wiki for srs Anonymous meaning super srs business. Mostly run by the Florida Anons who are aiming harpoons at the fatass Scientology HQ at Clearwater, FL. Religionisfree is run 100% by the homosexual grandmother anons of Florida. Respect your elders.

What can I do?

Contribute. Is you a smert Wikimedia man?????! Good. We need those people. If you are one of those people, head over to, make an account, and cock shit out your glorious Wikipedia codes and talents onto each page. If you aren't, it can't hurt to go to the site and educate yourself on the dangers of sleeping with a scil0n.

What isn't needed is regular editors of ED. Regular editors of ED will surely post goatse and links to jenkem suppliers all over the site. That would make normal people that don't use internets to die.


The site has a lot of good informations about how you. YES, YOU! can not be a dumbass if going to a Chanology protest. Planned events, How to address the press, and how to act at the protests so you aren't firebombed by angry scil0ns with children. This is good information to know as firebombs burn and are not cool, k kids?

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