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Remedy, Nice hairline. Also, are those breasts?
Remedy and his/her/its Gi-Senba!

Remedy is a weeaboo lolicon furry elitist attention whore and known Nintendo Fanboy from LUE who is also known as Tails3 on GameFAQs and Kyrosiris on the Something Awful forums. Remedy plays Phantasy Star Universe and was a regular of the unofficial PSU IRC channel, until its users got sick of his drama.

He first came into the spotlight when he worked on a PSU podcast with another LUEser, leading up to the game's release. During this time before the game's release, he seemed like an alright guy, until he actually started playing.


Remedy was also part of an elite Phantasy Star Online: Blue Burst guild named "jeM". which was actually a guild ran by sega mod, most members being suck ups. Remedy seemed to easily get worked up if anyone said a bad word about or even mentioned the guilds name, this made for some epic lulz.

SOURCES HAVE CONFIRMED: Nobody in the jeMpire actually likes Remedy! During his time on the jeM teamspeak server, he's been known to: talk way too much about nothing, whine about stupid shit and even talk to AN IN GAME NPC as if it was a member of the VOICE CHAT server.

Me/Quick Drama

Example of Remedy's shop dramas.

The follow-up to Phantasy Star Online, Phantasy Star Universe, was released in October 2006. Not long into the game's release, Remedy soon started causing drama over an item dropped by a high rank boss. This item was the Me/Quick, which according to Remedy would allow him to cast magic at least 100 times faster or basically cum before he fapped.

Remedy would raid player shops and act like a general prick if the shop owner didn't sell the item at a price he could afford. Pretty soon a few topics popped up on the sega boards revealing Remedy's actions. Apparently, he ended up striking a "deal" with another player for this item, but no one actually knows if he ever got it or not.

Story of the image to the right: "When he mentioned that 35k me/concentrate in that chat log, he is a total, liar. I bought the me/concentrate from Demon Lord Etna for 20k, who I think is very cool and I still talk to occasionally. This isn't the first time lying either. Here is the actual thing in action =)" - Cherry of PSU.

Camping quitters

Remedy spotted, camping a quitter for items.

Remedy attempting to take advantage of a quitter by camping his room the moment he announces giving away all his stuff via shop. Without saying a word, and leaving the second the shop became empty, he thinks he can get away with it because nobody will ever know that he chose to become a beggar... nope not gonna work, you're spotted!

Original thread of the person quitting. Picture to the right clearly showing Remedy camping for items.


The Gi-Senba is a middle class armor in PSU, but due to a lack of in game content at this point in time, it was one of the higher armors you could have. Remedy, being an elitist, was equipped with one of these and would always brag about how he wouldn't take any damage with it equipped. This whole Gi-Senba bullshit spawned a few irc channel memes based on 4chan memes.

Examples of Gi-Senba bragging.

<Remedy> <3
 Remedy <3 Gi-senba
<Remedy> Soloing Forested Islands A and taking no damage = <3
<Remedy> So over an entire Forested Islands B run...
<Remedy> I used Resta twice. (Heal spell)
<Remedy> <3 Gi-Senba

7chan lolicon

One of the screenshots Remedy posted on 7chan.

Remedy has been spotted posting screenshots of his in game character on 7chan's lolicon board. His IRL pics were posted in the thread he made soon after for epic lulz! It makes you think, has this fatty weeaboo been fapping to these pics? It's best we don't think about it.

Unfortunately, these images were also posted on LUE so that he could brag about how adorable his character is. This is slightly ironic, coming from someone who constantly complains that spending money on anything besides equipment is a waste. Sadly, LUE users are not as privy to his shenanigans as most are, and so they bought in to how supposedly adorable his character is.

Oh, if only they knew. If only.

IRC Drama

For a few weeks into the game's release, Remedy would frequent the PSU IRC channel and brag about his Gi-Senba and copypasta shitty memes, such as over 9000. He would waste the regulars' time with drama of him getting a Me/Quick and about other small arguments he got into on the PSU forums.

Remedy is also known to write fanfiction about his in game character, which is loli. He's even referred to himself on IRC as a girl, apparently "In-Character". Also, here are some examples of Remedy causing drama on IRC;

ZOMG Me/Quick

<Remedy> I was in Etna's room.
<Remedy> And this dude was in there talking about how he'd found a Me/Quick.
<Remedy> And this bitch walked in right as I asked if it was for sale.
<Remedy> He quoted me a price of 200k, which I was willing to pay, but I needed to borrow the extra 42k I needed.
<Remedy> Well, as soon as he says that, this bitch says "lol, ill give you 500k for it"
<@Starrz> :/
<Zrith> Me/Quick is just for spellcasting, isn't it? Or all attacks?
<@Starrz> spells, only
<Remedy> Spells.
<Remedy> Also: The bitch just got karmicly pwned.
<Remedy> Because she just paid 35k for a Me/Concentrate.
<Remedy> Also known as the worst fucking unit in PSU. XD
<Zrith> Somehow, I think she's got an abundance of mesata.
<@Reiska> hax
<Remedy> You think? XD
<Remedy> Anyways, yeah, if you see a slut named Cherry, flame her.
<Remedy> And whatnot. XD
<Zrith> That'd work if not for the fact that names aren't unique. :P
<Remedy> Okay, she's a L50 short FOnewearl.
<Remedy> Who wears that slutty tank top.

Quitting when his guild is mentioned.

<@Mewn> Haha Remedy you totally strung along a load of people with that story
about your friend losing items from the player shop
<@Katsumara> and then was promptly owned by Clumsy lol
<Remedy> It wasn't fucking intentional, Molly was lying.
<Remedy> And I almost got banned over it, so kindly fuck off about it.
<@Katsumara> Lol, doesn't sound like a jeM  friend there.
<Remedy> Yeah, which is why she got booted tonight.
<@Katsumara> Why? It was funny as hell.
<@Mewn> jeM  is excitement etc. lmao
<@Katsumara> "Zomgz, my items, dey got stoled."
<Chris> ahaha
* Remedy Quit (Quit: jeM  is not having to deal with shitheads in an IRC server.
I'll talk to you on MSN, Zephyr.)

discussion of passworded player stores (jeM only stores)

<Miraglyth> I recall seeing a JeM-only player shop. I laughed at that.
<@Mewn> So did I
Lunais is now known as Lunais|Unanimous
<BB|PSU> So did i.
<@E|Away> I really want to make an avatar game in off-topic :(
<BB|PSU> Since the shop's damn closed!
<Remedy> God forbid someone use their shop to sell items to their teammates
for extremely low prices, lolol.
<Sketchie> I don't see how anyone can make a store only for the guild, though. Anyone can use it =x
<@Mewn> Factionalism is a wonderful thing, Sketchie
<Remedy> Not if you password it and only give the password out to your teammates.
<Remedy> But whatever. *shrug*
<Miraglyth> Oh no, Remedy. They can feel free to do that so long as they don't MIND that they could be making tons more 
by not ignoring 99.6% of their potential consumer base >.>
<Remedy> And they don't mind.
<Remedy> They're more than glad to provide inexpensive synthesis materials to the rest of the team, and in exchange, we help him
Kuveni [[email protected]] has joined #psu
<Remedy> with synthing shit because he's not too terribly good at it - it's a symbiotic relationship.
<Remedy> But, y'know, it'd take some human compassion and friendship to get that, and that doesn't seem very existant 
in this channel.
<Sketchie> Naw, it doesn't.
<Sketchie> =P
<Miraglyth> Quick to attack, aren't you?
<alerith> everybody sucks
<Remedy> Quick to defense when I fall under attack is more accurate.
<Miraglyth> I didn't say I laughed because I thought it was stupid, secretive, elitist or anything of the sort. I just 
thought the idea of clanning so soon was amusing.
<alerith> lawlcakes
<Miraglyth> But hey, if you're prepared to offend at the slightest hint of attack, I can feel free to think very little 
of your entire group. Great job representing yourselves.
<Sketchie> o.o
<Sketchie> And I thought this was a netural chat... >_>
<alerith> sketch
Exile|Away wants everyone to STFU
<alerith> this chat is giving me anxiety
<alerith> lets go lv
<Lunais|Unanimous> whats a neutral
<@Mewn><Remedy> Quick to defense when I fall under attack is more accurate. - you aren't jeM, if I attack jeM, am I 
attacking BB as well?
<Sketchie> Dunno what a neutral is. Maybe it's when you cut off the dog's ***** or tie the dog's ******?
<Sketchie> =x
Ziota [[email protected]] has joined #PSU
<Remedy> Yes, you are.
<Remedy> Attacking a team is an attack upon all of its members.
<Lunais|Unanimous> Sketchie: ; ;!
<Ziota> What's up everyone?
<Miraglyth> Dorama for once not related to PSUPedia or gay rape.
<Sketchie> I know, Lunais. It's not fair to the animals ;_;
<@Mewn> By your logic, Remedy, attacking this IRC is an attack on me, and it's leader, should I bother to defend myself 
against your opinions?
<@Mewn> as its*
<Lunais|Unanimous> Not fair to the Beasts either.
<@Mewn> Damn I can't type recently
<Remedy> Go for it, I couldn't care less.
<@Mewn> Neither do I, I was making a point
<Miraglyth> I was offended, but I've already made my indignation clear.
<Remedy> Given that my attacks were only really spurred by you A) allowing attacks against me and my friends to go on 
uninhibited and B) allowing elitist assholes to roost here and flame away unihibited.
<BB|PSU> You are not attacking me.
<Exile|Away> internet, serious business
<Remedy> But again, I don't really expect much.
<BB|PSU> I don't really give a damn any more.
<@Mewn> Hell yeahhhh Exile
<Remedy> Or, rather, I don't anymore; don't know why I did to begin with.
<alerith> <Exile|Away> internet, serious business <-- lol good 1
<Sketchie> Errrr... can we just, you know, go back to the good ol' days where everyone was chatting and having fun? ^______^
<Ziota> I guess I came in at a stressful time :)
<Lunais|Unanimous> For some people, this -is- fun.
<Miraglyth> Soon as people stop callin' me incompassionate :)
<@Mewn> They need to do a script where you can press a button and get a random internet quip
<Exile|Away> but rly you guys, go play PSU or something
<Remedy> We can just as soon as people stop insulting me and my friends based on their team affiliation, Sketchie.
<Zrith> Mewn:, click random. :P
<@E|Away> haha
<@Mewn> Touché
<@E|Away> what is this?
<@E|Away> guild drama?
<@Mewn> So we can't say anything about jeM, but you are free to constantly call this place a shithole
<@E|Away> in my #psu?
<alerith> its making me sad
<Miraglyth> Actually no.
<@Mewn> Some mighty fine double standards you have
<Exile|Away> jem has it's good and bad folks
<@Mewn> It does, yeah
<Zrith> enz: It's more likely than yo... hmm. No, I don't think I'll finish that.
<Zrith> ...E|Away, even. Blasted autocomplete.
<@Mewn> I don't like the team, and if that bothers you, bite me, but not everyone in it is a bad egg

Moar blowing up and leaving

<alerith> <-- lol
<alerith> she got pwnt by jeM
<JubeiSaotome> lol jem
<Chris> Holy fuck
<JubeiSaotome> jem moar liek draMa
<Chris> hm
<JubeiSaotome> amirite, Remedy
<Bahn> hooray for million men teams!
<@Starrz> lol?
<@Starrz> is that the most random post ever or what?
<Bahn> why does the mention of jem kill the chat?
<alerith> sry
<@Mewn> lol
<@Starrz> people need time to read, bahn :l
Remedy [[email protected]] has quit IRC [Quit: Kindly please just roll over and die, 
all of you. Do the world and the internet a favor.]
<Bahn> orite
<alerith> hay every1 join my guild we're really cool and stuff and i'll dance naked with a lolicast
<Bahn> lol
<@Mewn> ...
<JubeiSaotome> alerith SUMMONED THE jeMMercaust
<@Starrz> rofl
<Bahn> there he goes.

In which Remedy displays irony

<@Zael> i dunno, these people think i'm a LOL BAD GUY for talking down on uni 1
<Midas> omg Zael
<phrosty> uni 1 is a fucking cesspool
<Midas> we agree on something!
<Remedy> No, I just think you're a LOL ELITIST SHITHEAD.
<Remedy> Close enough, though, I imagine.
<phrosty> LOL
<Taxer> Hey
<@Zael> ok that's nice
<Midas> but for different reasons :/
<@Zael> see if i give a shit
<phrosty> Remedy, i hear you talk all kinds a shit on the 'peasants' of PSU
<phrosty> flashin' yo gi-senba n' shit

A Statement from Remedy!

Remedy has seen this article and has retaliated with a statement;

"Of those you linked, only two were topics created by me, and one was actually meant to be an informational topic 
for people (the fact that elemental enemies do elemental damage with melee attacks) and the other is me offering it as 
available trade-bait for a purchase.

There's a difference between making a whole topic about it and mentioning it in a few posts.

But hey, you seem to enjoy stalking me, so why should I try to stop you? :roll:"

The amusing part is how, after his comments, everyone in the thread tells him to fuck off.

The Great Room Hack of 2006

Remedy sticking it to THE MAN

Since everybody hates him for being a douche, some people decided to take it upon themselves to hack the shit out of his room. Since Remedy's a dumbass and doesn't realize that everyone hates him, he left his room unlocked so all could gawk at his ugly room decorations of giant bugs and possibly furry porn.

All of his wonderful decorations were stolen, and for added lulz, his lolibot got turned back into a turd. QED

The best part is, he thinks Sega should give back his shit, and posted about it on SA. Internet games are serious business.

He also likes pink.

Remedy does Schthack PSO Blue Burst

Somewhere around late July '07, Remedy has joined the Phantasy Star Online private server "Schthack"/"Schtserv" and has made an appearance on the forum. The most ironic part about this is the fact that during early Phantasy Star Universe day he was really anal about piracy and people downloading PSU for free.

Another annoyance is the fact that he's portraying himself as his character again. FOR EXAMPLE, HIS FORUM SIGNATURE QUOTE: "The true measure of a Force is the power of support she grants. A Force who will not help others before herself is no Force at all."

Now tell me that isn't creepy.

Remedy gets banned from PSO-World

Around the time the ever-so-precious S-ranks in this game started actually showing up in a better quantity than 1/9000, all the lucky people who had them realized they were missing a vital item to make them: catilium (seriously, what's with that name? Has nothing to do with cats, as far as I can tell). However, every thread started in PSO-World about the lack of said item quickly became Remedy's personal bitchfest about needing precious diads for his Psycho Wands.

The expansion had also come out around this time (yes there is an expansion; whether the game is shittier or not I'll leave to you to decide), and Remedy had become pissed his favorite class, the Fortetecher (or maybe it should be Fortecher, seeing as he was all about the Wapanese names for the classes) was basically made obsolete by the new mage class. Specifically, he was upset that his favorite class was no longer strongest at all spells like the class description said it should be. Let's just forget that Sega makes this game, and they can do what they want with the classes, shall we?

It finally came to a head when someone posted about all the drama going on. Remedy insinuated the mods weren't doing their jobs in upholding the rules, as everyone who flamed him was not banned. The other posters would have none of this asshattery, and called him out on his drama. Remedy again said the mods weren't doing their jobs, and asked his contributions to the item database be taken down (to which they said lolno). A mod finally stepped in and banned him, thus ending his drama on one forum, at least.

Small note: apparently to keep things on the "down-low", banned members have their original titles restored from the italicized Banned title for people actually banned. Regardless, he hasn't posted since December, so it's safe to assume he's banhammered.

#psu-sa drama

After getting chased out, remedy started hanging around #psu-sa, a channel made by a few goons to discuss PSU. He asked a few of them come and idle in a mission with him, while he put a rock or his dick or something on the controller, so he'd keep buffing and hitting them, which makes the buff skill level up. Once Remedy had jammed the controller and gone off to do god-knows-what, the goons decided it would be HILARIOUS to finish the mission (and thus, screw Remedy's plan over). When Remedy returned to find his plans screwed over, he informed everyone that

<Kyrosiris> Good to see that people here are as just a bunch of cuntrags as in the official community

Lulz were had.

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