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The cesspool that was Renchan consisted of circle-jerking sick fucks discussing matters which served as a beacon for the Party Van , usually centering around fucking little girls and animals in the ass. Generally, the Renchan community can be described as having a typical case of /b/tard-syndrome.

Lore tells us that it's content was comparable to that of 4chan, except the imageboards were always broken. Despite Tyrone's failed efforts to get his shit together, life went on in the forums, which have a whopping total of 12 sub-boards reserved for pictures of little girls and boys doing things including, but certainly not limited to:

List of typical threads on Renchan.
  1. "Posing"
  2. Masturbating
  3. Having sex with older men
  4. Having sex with older women
  5. Having sex with younger men
  6. Having sex with younger women
  7. Having sex with tentacles
  8. Having sex with animals
  9. Cooking Taking horse cock in their elven cunts
  10. Raep of all sorts and sizes

It was a sad day for the furry pedophiles when Renchan was shut down as a site. The site now offers names of other furry, lolicon, hentai, and fag sites instead for you to fap to. HAHAHA DISREGARD THAT, I SUCK COCKS

Renchan has returned under a different name, as the following will inform you about.

Flatchan (Renchan 2: Electric Boogaloo)

Renchan is back under slightly different management as Flatchan. Though the new site lacks the high number of pathetic fucks who have sex with their random anime whore covered pillows. Cheesey, seeing that Renchan would suffer from everlasting gayness, went and made his own site and now Flatchan is run by Pyoko and Cheesey. Together they celebrate their own everlasting gayness.

Their channel is a joke. Talk in colors? Ban. Debate, and speak your mind to an oper on an issue such as the legality of niche art?? Ban. Simply show up one night on accident because you loaded your old IRC configs and the channel auto-connected? Ban. Of all the serious fucking chats out there, #flatchan is the most serious on Rizon. That channel needs some IRC justice, though it's too bad the IRC judges are only on EFnet. Also noone is ever paying attention in there so lulz are fairly low.

Renchan Whores

Mods, Admins, & Opers

  • Bernouli: Latest Addition to the Shitheap

Loved the place so much, she banned everyone but her cockslave, Pyoko. Floated to the top of the toilet bowl when Konoko disappeared to Thailand. After much dramatic bitchery, she was banned and was last seen fucking her father's innards out with a power saw.

  • Konoko: Silly Code Monkey / Founder

A non-lolicon who runs Renchan for profit. Constant bitching about funding and server problems means Konoko receives enough donations from gullible lolicons to feed his drug habit. Currently absent on a crack bender.

Seri is a furry mod who enjoys shooting down the dreams of having a furry section so that the admins don't have to, causing his comrades much grief. Only recently has a decision been made allowing furry porn into the other lolicon subforums, causing much chaos on the forums.

  • Noelle: B&

8yo black person, legends tell she likes 'em big n' black ~_^ is a stay-at-home single mother.

  • Cheesey (has +o in #flatchan Is the admin of the channel and runs the Flatchan fourms)

A selfish kid who bans everyone but the trolls and is a fair mod. Last seen living in his parents' basement.

  • Demonbaine (Left IRC because he's an emofag) Evidently died of cancer in Scotland.

Was the definition of Oper Abuse.

  • ShankatsuForte

A faggot camwhore posterchild. Last spotted digging in his roommate's underpants while he slept. This was disturbing, as he was not only 80 years old but also weighed over 9000 lbs. and smelled of corn.

  • Kuyukly

No longer head admin of Sickfuckville/Flatchan, thanks to Pyoko posting niggers pr0n. Whines about Cheesey being a nazi op but never did shit on the site. Currently resides in #flatchan, where he is silent until someone mentions his niece, whereupon he rages with righteous indignation (read: jealousy) No longer visits the forum because he's a whiny piss-ant.

Renchat (now #flatchan on Rizon)

A bunch of people with MSN treating it like an IRC chatroom because they weren't intelligent to figure out how to actually use IRC. I don't have any records to use for helping me incriminate my comrades right now, but a brief explanation should do, right? Shut up, Jellyfish.

It's basically a bunch of sick fucks talking about at least 100 different things, yet always coming to the topic of sex and fucking little girls in the ass. Sometimes, it descends into conversations about how much we all love bestiality. Yeah, we enjoy seeing little girls getting fucked by stallions, especially when I'm the model!


About 100 years ago, there was a land called the World Wide Web. It was a vast and opportunistic land, carved into the Earth by the gods themselves. And from the said land, a humble civilization appeared. They called themselves Renchan. Many notable people came to be in this land. A man named Jellyfish was not one of them. In fact, he was so insignificant to the importance of Renchan that it's fucking ridiculous that he has found his way into being referenced in this article so many times.

TL;DR Jellyfish was insignificant to Renchan and shouldn't be counted as a notable person in any way, shape, or form. His works are only still here so that we can laugh in his expense in face of his faggotry and fail.

Jellyfish's apology to Renchan

Yep, Apparently (It's apparent, apparently, that he can't stop typing apparently, apparently) the creator of this article had to do some serious repenting before his comrades flamed him to a crisp for this. He didn't really mean it though, it basically amounts to "I did it for the lulz" APPARENTLY HE IS SO SORRY OMG YOU GUYZ ^_^ APPARENTLY HE PROMISES HE WILL HAVE IT TOTALLY DELETED IF U ASK NICELY APPARENTLY SORRYGUYZ.jpg

He has since left the community, because even this didn't get him the attention he craved. What a fag.

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