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Don't do drugs.
Back when "Renée" was known as "NAY"
A collage of childhood photos
A classy photoshoot on someone's grandparent's grave
The fucking biggest ugliest tramp stamp EVER
Her daughter, Ava Frances. God damn that's an UGLY baby.

Renee Nicole Stage (born August 1, 1986) is an unemployed, 5-time dropout, and self-proclaimed camwhore from Orlando, Florida who appealed to lonely bankrollers due to her resemblance to Britney Spears. She has put every detail of her personal life on her blog for the past decade, even appearing on CBS's 48 Hours for a special on teen camwhores who have shitty parents.

As an adult she is still a complete attention whore and has made a living out of asking for PayPal donations and gifts from her Amazon wishlists for sitting her lazy ass in front of her cam all day. She also Jew for people to join the non-nude "members only" section of her site, which features an array of overly Photoshopped sideboob and crotch photos. She has been doing this for a living since she left school at 16 when she found out cam shows were more fun than reading and shit. Her site and cam were once pretty popular and you may have visited throughout the years as a pedo or to read about her trainwreck life at either:

  • (most recent)

Fake Tits

When Renee turned 18 she got fake tits and a crescent lift from a plastic surgeon at a local mini-mall, similar in quality to the place Kanye West's mother went. Her tits now have a gap you can drive a truck between them and they have also resulted in her areolae becoming stretched to the size of dinner plates. Worth every penny! Not long after she opened a site named which was notorious for NEVER updating and she was labeled a scam artists. She has ruined her reputation among the non-nude camwhore circle so bad that if you google her site names you'll see a shitload of complaints from former customers and even webmaster affiliate programs that she screwed over.

Naked Shower Video Scandal

Why the camwhore money stopped rolling in

In 2006 she accidentally a video of herself getting out the shower and exposing her botched boobjob, stretched out frizbee sized areolae and all. OOPS! She forgot to edit that part out!! She was completely mortified and the video and screencaps spread all over the internets. Exhibit A:

After this, she just decided to do the chicken dance forever.

Ashton Von

In 2007 Renee ditched her personal site to run only an adult themed site and created a scenester name to fit her new image "Ashton Von" (there are names like Kat Von DEE... so, Ashton Von... What? Yea, this stupid bitch didn't know what "von" meant and that it's not supposed to exist without a surname). She started describing herself as an "asshole" and a "total cuntbag" (no argument there), got a septum piercing, and began getting a shitload of the stupidest fucking tattoos to fit her appearance that went from "surfer girl" to what she described as a "suicide girl" look. Her explanation on Stickam for trying to fit in with her new scene was literally "all my friends are known for having shitty tattoos. Shitty funny, not shitty shitty. I want to get 'put out or get out' tattooed on my collar." This all took place in a year. Her tattoos include:

  • the name "AC Slater"(you know, from Saved By The Bell) tattooed on her right shoulder because her ex-boyfriend Doug looks like him
  • one of the biggest ugliest fucking tramp stamps known to mankind
  • a lot of shitty looking flowers
  • a tribute to her butchered plastic surgery that says "When All Else Fails" with a scalpel and syringe on her arm
  • "PUSSY" tattooed inside her bottom lip, LULZ OMG so original & edgy
  • an Eating Disorder recovery symbol dedicated to the eating disorder she never had
  • and some other shit

She ditched the Ashton Von name because she couldn't keep up with typing "Ashton" instead of "Renee".


July 2009: Renee gave birth to ugly Ava and is currently neglecting her child as we speak!

After going against doctor's orders to abort her fetus and spare it from having a fucking idiot for a mother, she got pregnant by a scenester fag named Bryan Jeffrey Casanova (Real name: Bryan Eagle) who has the shittiest tattoos you'll ever see. He moved out of his mother's basement and into her parent's house 3 months after meeting through MySpace. He is rumored to work at Hot Topic and he also has a really fucked up wonky eye that makes him look exactly like a female version of Paris Hilton. Her baby is probably gonna be like Anabelle Lotus if the baby is that lucky. She decided to name her baby Ava Frances, a perfect whore name for the child of a whore.

Although she claims she's engaged (she has no ring or wedding date of course) she says she doesn't want to get married until after she has the baby because she has no job and getting married would end her health insurance coverage via her obese mother, who should use that insurance herself to get gastric bypass surgery. She posted a blog saying she'd use welfare if she got married and had no insurance, instead of getting a job. When someone left a comment on her blog that maybe she shouldn't be having a kid if she can't afford it, she put her blog on hiatus and posted a message saying: "noglorydyingold is so sick of gossip and rumors, like I'm a fucking idiot and am clueless about MY life. Lets me be happy, healthy, and go fuck yourself."

After being told to get a fucking job when she asked her visitors to buy her a pair of $300 Juicy Couture maternity jeans she deleted her WordPress database and Flickr accounts.

A Note from Renee's ex-friend

Renee is as psychotic and fake in person as she appears online. She has NO personality whatsoever and basically copies whomever she is friends with at the time. (As you have all seemed to have noticed already).

Living with Renee was absolute hell. She didn't work. She didn't have much of an income. She bragged online on her blog that she was making thousands but in reality she was only making around $500 a month. I supported her most of the time - paid for her food, alcohol, drugs, etc...

Renee was using A LOT of drugs at the time. It is true that she used crystal meth, and used it HEAVILY. She used plenty of other drugs as well, and drank often.

Renee brought home a different guy every weekend, and had a few "miscarriages", although I didn't believe her when she claimed to be pregnant/claimed to have miscarried, because she never offered proof of her claims.

Renee is your average attention whore. She has definitely got some mental issues going on and should NOT be allowed near a child, let alone giving birth to and taking care of her own child. She is mental unstable, financially unstable, emotionally unstable, and always will be. I hope to GOD that child is taken away from her.


—Renee's ex-boyfriend.


Nay Quotes

I've putting partying behind me.


my doctor has ordered me to be home schooled because i am "too smart" or some ish like that.


You know what I’ve never been able to comprehend? People who go through out their lives without absolutely no plans, no ambitions, etc. Maybe it’s not that odd of a thing, but it’s just not something that I am able to fathom. I’m not talking about taking a break from school for a year or something of that sorts, but I’m talking about having absolutely no plans for your future at all. No schooling, no job that could really supply a future, etc. I don’t think I could live that way. I think it would be a bit different if time was spent traveling and living each day to the fullest, yet never knowing where you’ll end up. Maybe that’s one thing I could do, but I just could never comprehend sitting around all day and not going to school, having a job …but nothing that could lead to higher positions, and getting wasted day in, and day out. I know so many people like that and I would be in a constant fear if I were in that situation. Maybe I’m envious that others are able to live so care free? Who knows? I just personally couldn’t live a life where there’s no outlook ...I would feel lost. Scared.


They had an ex-Klan member on there and said how he quit because his kid's first word was "white power." Then they showed the Nazi fuckers doing the Nazi Germany salute. Now, I'm almost half-German, but people like this are the reason I say I'm only Native American and not German. I don't see how people can be so close-minded as to judge someone solely on their looks. Shit, I'm most attracts to Asians, Hispanics, and African Americans. I don't see how people can see both black and white.


I'm not a whore. I haven't done nookie. I'm ugly, I know. And I'm not some stuck up conceited rich bitch like you might think."


A lot of people think that my being 16 and on the Internet is horrible. But they fail to realize that I'm not getting nude.


Nay plays up the dichotomy on her site. She says that she’s an honor student with a 3.5 grade-point average, is very family-oriented, and is a devout Christfag.


Quotes about Nay that came true

Underage Future Stripper/Waiting to get knocked up.


To some, she's a ditzy 14-year-old future porn star. To others, she's the owner of a great little site about her life.


I predict that by the time she reaches her Senior year of high-school, that face will have permanent cum stains on it and she will be tore up from the floor up.


She’s now legal and all grown up - and has gone from barbie doll to pierced & tattooed wannabe Suicide Girl.


She's the Internet's Tara Reid.


Nay's mother, Barbara Billiot Stage, is delusional/stupid

I was uncomfortable with it. But she made some pretty good money with it.


The publicity is great. We just got a call from CBS to do a spot on 48 Hours.


The pictures aren't sexually suggestive, you just have a small mind to go with your really small dick.


Renee's mother Barbara claims she is mystified by Renee's virtual success, saying she has “no idea” why the site is so popular. “I hope it's her writing skills,” she says.


There are a lot of sick people who will . . . try to strike up what seems like an innocent relationship and then try to force it further.


So you don't like cam girls, and your little bitty ego, that matches your little bitty privates, gets a big kick out of saying rude things about people you don't even know.


Opinions are like assholes and you definitely are one. I'm not obsessed with your SMALL dick. You are.



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