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A rentboy is a homosexual male prostitute. is a website that connects you with the rentboy of your dreams.

George Rekers

The Reverend Professor George Alan Rekers is a heterosexual man who spends all of his waking hours trying to prove that homosexuality is bad. He has multiple degrees from multiple institutions, and instead of getting a useful job that pays actual money, he sucks the church's dick and converts homosexual men into god's chosen sexual orientation, heterosexuality. He even started the Family Research Council, an organization dedicated to making homosexuality punishable by burning at the stake, along with James Dobson, whose first book Dare to Discipline encouraged parents to beat their kids. (Dobson also earned over a million dollars for his taped interviews with fellow upstanding American Ted Bundy. Powerup!)


Like Jesus Christ, I deliberately spend time with sinners with the loving goal to try to help them.


—George Rekers, forgetting the fact he paid $75 a day to be in the presence of this man

Like all fags in denial, George was bound to relapse. When he did, an outstanding citizen managed to snap a picture of him in the process. Instead of denying that the picture is of him, as most people would, he went on the offensive claiming he was trying to convert the unfortunate homosexual, even though the sinner was found on a website for gay male prostitutes, and the prostitute in question was balls deep in his ass at the time. The honorable senator man of god decided it would be a good idea to go on a ten-day all expenses paid vacation to Europe, and to remedy his cravings, he brought a rentboy along for the low cost of $75 a day. That $75 got him eight hours of companionship, two meals together, and at least one "sexual massage" a day. Naturally, when this was found out, a media shitstorm occurred, and lulz were to be had by all.

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