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Info non-talk.png Not to be confused with: Human retards who disguise themselves as reptiles for mating purposes

In order to change a human being into this.

Reptoids are an inter-dimensional race disguising themselves as human beings, which have infiltrated the global power structures to enslave the human race and turn all of us into Reptoid food.

Some argue that the only ones capable of seeing Reptoids are psychics, although by way of employing tinfoil hats one could conceivably disrupt thought-control beams long enough to sneak a glance at a Reptoid during it's morph-in-time.

In collusion with the Illuminati, the Reptoids are second only to Jews in their malevolence, and as the ones responsible for Candlejack, the Re

Reptoids are known to live in giant underground cave complexes, where they spend guv'ment moneys on their extensive furcadia accounts. They have been seen with wings, horns, homosexual bumper stickers, and at Obama rallies. They regularly rape Tom to create their alien-reptile-human hybrids, then force their inbred flippered children into slave labor camps, where they spend all their time updating the reptoids' myspace pages.

Reptoids were first discovered (some close-minded sheeple would say "invented") by the prophet named David Icke at least 100 years ago. It is through his diligent research that we now know that taking our children to day care will result in them being ritualistically raped and tortured by Satanic lizard-men, reptoids did 9/11, that we're all just slaves to the man and that the only way we'll ever save ourselves from bondage to our evil reptilian overlords is to love one another unconditionally and always send positive energy into the world (because that's always worked before, amirite?). If you ever have the misfortune or mental disorder to read his books and are clever enough to read between the lines, it becomes quite clear that when he says "reptoid" he really means Jew.


Reptoids are known to wear human-suits in order to conserve energy. When a politician takes the spotlight it is usually because a Reptoid has sucked out their innards and used their skin as a jelloey suit so they can silence dissent.

Save a JPEG with high compression
Apply the solarize filter
Apply the find edges filter to detect the shapeshifting lines

How To Spot One


Note the Donnie Darko music.
His tongue moves too fast for an human.

A mindless, fluoride drinking sheeple tries to debunk the reptoids.


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