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ResetEra is not a gaming forum.


—Tyler Malka of NeoGAF, finally getting his head out of his ass and said something smart for a change. Archive today-ico.png Archived

So, now that NeoGAF died a more horrible death than Rome did, you'd think all of the bugmen, mods, landwhales, and ghouls that used it would fuck off back into the dark corners of a nearby safe space for the end of time and for the good of the internet. You're completely fucking wrong.

ResetERA, aka REEEEera is NeoGAF 2.0: Electric Boogaloo, the sequel of NeoGAF, but without the cancer surgically removed from NeoGAF. Essentially a case of "second verse, same as the first," it's basically a NeoGAF twin, with all the pedophilia, rampant faggotry, insufferable social justice whining, and mods who drop the banhammer more often than Snacks ever did. Reseterans, better known as faggots, typically spend all their time sucking Sony's dick, bitching about the evil white man, leeching off the government, blaming people, accusing people as claimed hate groups they don't like, cucking for their hivemind queens, and if that one guy on /v/ is to be believed...raiding 4chan.

The Endless Rules

ResetERA is, if you were somehow too stupid to grasp this from the opening paragraph, a ridiculous SJW hive mind obsessed with stamping out anything even resembling fun, as well as those oppressive XBots and Nintendrones, with their fun games and their toxic masculinity. As a result, simply disagreeing with the hive mind can lead to being permab& by the ban happy moderators, who presumably all have frozen tent poles stuck up their asses. The following subjects are verboten on RetardERA...


  • ...Bigotry
  • ...Sexism
  • ...Straight white males
  • ...Hate/terrorist groups, except for Antifa who they hypocritically support
  • ...Trolling
  • ...Lulz
  • ...Supporters of claimed "hate movements" (that includes us too)
  • ...Donald Trump or its Republican supporters
  • ...Witch hunting (except it's okay when ResetERA does it)
  • ...Vilifying video game journalists
  • ...Tranny bashing, not even a tranny joke or opposing their hormone drugs that rotted them to look like ghouls
  • ...Shit talking their hivemind queens (Anita Sarkeesian & Zoe Quinn)
  • ...PC gaymen
  • ...Memes
  • ...4chan
  • ...7chan
  • ...8chan
  • ...Kiwi Farms
  • ...GamerGate
  • ...Joining any imageboards outside REEEEera
  • ...Criticizing SJW & LGBT+ games like Gone Home and 2064: Read Only Memories
  • ...Finding sexy vidya women attractive like Cindy/Cidney from Final Fantasy XV, unless if that character is a fat empowering disabled blue-haired LGBT+ anti-white-male trans
  • ...Getting a real job
  • ...Low taxes
  • ...AdBlock, you have to accept being infected with viruses and popups or be banned permanently
  • ...Being anywhere near the mods while they're on their mutilated periods (which is all the time)
  • ...Mansplaining
  • ...Liking / Buying the following games:
    • ...Kingdom Come: Deliverance, because Daniel Varva is a GamerGate
    • ...Cyberpunk 2077, because of a harmless gender meme on Twitter
    • ...Ion Fury, because jokes are triggering and main character is not trans
  • ...Liking / Subscribing the following YouTubers:
    • ...PewDiePie, he's the head Nazi of all Nazis that spreads hate because we say so
    • ...Boogie2988, because he's a fat Nazi spreading hate
    • ...AlphaOmegaSin, because he's a metal neckbeard Nazi spreadhing hate
    • ...TheQuartering, because he's a neckbeardNazi spreading hate
    • ...YongYea, because he's a Asian Nazi spreading hate

And the most important rule of them all:

The FaggotsERA of ResetERA

A comprehensive list of notable personalities from this shitty website, which will expand as drama and infighting inevitably fucks up ResetERA six ways 'til Sunday:


SweetNicole aka Swine Coleslaw is a batshit insane tranny who is the admin & community manager who always ban users more than Hitler killing the Jews for the slightest hints he finds transphobia, racism, hate groups, sexism, and mansplaining. Yes, MANSPLAINING! Talk about hypocrisy when SweetNicole was born a man and become a uglier woman to join the trans klan.


Nepenthe is a ResetERA mod with a unhealthy obsession of killing all white babies like it's his favorite kinky fetish. Archive today-ico.png Admitting it's okay to talk about murdering white babies, Nepenthe is literally one sick twisted fuck for a ResetERA mod.


ZhugeEX, another ResetERA admin and senior analyst at Niko Partners, is literally a pedophile and a sick child molesting fuck. Another good reason to keep your children away from ResetERA at all cost.

Cenozoic: A Final Fantasy XIV Guild

Moar info: Cenozoic (ResetERA).

Short version: Cenozoic was once known as Gather Against Fate, a NeoGAF guild in Final Fantasy XIV on the Ultros server. They were created to be the worst guild ever, and resorted to ruining the fun for everyone with their early pulling, social justice, and erotic role-playing. But in reality everybody including 4chan's guilds made fun of ResetERA players for being shitters. Even all the years they've wasted in their safe space of a guild, they're still and always will be the laughing stock.

GAF'D! Or is it now ERA'D?

The Witch Hunting For Censorship

Everybody knows ResetERA is the most vile and cancerous hiveminded safe space full of beta pussies in the gaming community. So what's the real purpose of ResetERA? Witch hunting and harassing game devs until they kneel down in defeat to censor everything ResetERA finds triggering and offensive. For what purpose? To pleasure their hivemind queens? To help video game journalists team up to witch hunt game devs even more? To make the gaming world a giant safe space in the name of social justice? To claim they're the most important gaming audience when they don't even play games? To earn good boy points like all beta cucks do? We may never know. But we do know one thing. ResetERA is literally cancer of the gaming community.

And how cancerous is ResetERA? Check out their history below of what ResetERA "accomplished"...

08/22/2018: Doxing a Cyberpunk 2077 dev over a meme

On August 20th, 2018, the Twitter-favicon.png Twitter page of Cyberpunk 2077 replied a tweet and made a harmless gender meme joke after some faggot asked for more dudes to play as in the game.

Social Justice Warriors and the rest of the snowflakes got triggered so hard that they're not going to buy their game. This is over the fact they don't play video games, and instead they get triggered over a harmless fucking meme. Then on August 22nd, 2018, ResetERA got so triggered that they made a thread that's over 44 pages long over a meme Cyberpunk 2077 replied to. They've even doxed one of the employees at CD Projekt RED that's working on Cyberpunk 2077. One of the suspicious members of ResetERA, Archive today-ico.png Matt Wilson (MattWilsonCSS), may be the one who doxed the employee to force an apology over the gender meme. Messages were removed by the mods, but he didn't get banned for witch hunting like a good little RefagERA. The rest of the members who still wants Cyberpunk 2077 and trying to have a normal counter conversation about this ridiculous triggering were banned for downplaying transphobia, mostly by Swine Coleslaw himself.

The fine folks at CD Projekt RED deleted the tweet and forced an apology to the snowflakes over a gender meme they found more offensive than Donald Trump.

Sorry to all those offended by one of the responses sent out from our account earlier. Harming anyone was never our intention.


—CDPR bending over backward to the snowflakes after ResetERA doxed one of his employees over a straight up joke.

The apology is still not enough for ResetERA to be satisfied.

05/05/2019: Banning GaluluGame and its ShineG games on Steam

During Star Wars Day on May 4th, 2019, GaluluGame announce all of the ShineG series games and their DLC, including the upcoming ShineG game Rabbit Girl, were banned on Steam. What actually got GaluluGame's games full of little anime girls banned on Steam? It's all thanks to the help of the ResetERA triggerfuck crusade, harassing Steam to remove GalulusGame and his little anime girls games, probably because the girls are attractive and not met to ResetERA's level of a attractive girl (fat, trans, ugly, hair dyed, disabled, social justice, feminist, made-up gender, offended, anti-white male, has a penis, etc.). And if that's not enough, GaluluGame's Steam account got banned for surprisingly a second time.

If you're a game dev and your female characters don't look like an empowering Laura Kate Dale or Trigglypuff, ResetERA will go on a witch hunt to harass you until you kneel down and submit up the ass to their demands. PROTIP: Ignore them!

06/11/2019: Triggered over Tifa Lockhart's breasts

During Square Enix's E3 press conference on June 11th, 2019, Square Enix announced a new trailer for Final Fantasy VII Remake that everybody waited 4 years ago just for an update. When Tifa was shown in the trailer, ResetERA got triggered and bitches over Tifa still being attractive and still having breasts being comically large. It's obviously that they want to redesign Tifa as a black empowering non-breasted color-bleached trans feminist landwhale who fights against the evil white males, and witch hunt Square Enix until they meet their demands.

08/16/2019: Witch hunting Ion Fury devs over jokes

Archive today-ico.png I hate gamers. Yup, I hate gamers.


Twitter-favicon.png Samuel "Lunick" Schultz, Ion Fury mod after ResetERA's sensitivity training in the ass

3D Realms release Ion Fury, a 1990's graphic-like shooting game successor of Duke Nukem. Sales were okay until ResetERA gets triggered. After Ion Fury's release, the triggered ResetERA user Twenty5Thousand (as in 25,000 dildos he owned) Archive today-ico.png posted a thread on ResetERA to feel triggered and get their attention over humorous jokes made by the developers on their official Ion Fury Discord server. These lulzy jokes include the hypocrisy of SJWs, feminists, and normally criticizing the LGBTQ+ community like everyone else. Twenty5Thousand also describe the in-game jokes in Ion Fury he finds offensive such as a parody soap of OLAY but it's OGAY, a hidden text room that says "fagbag", and other jokes the protagonist says during gameplay. With enough trigger warnings from ResetERA users, they begin the witch hunt by harassing devs and review bombing their game that it's transphobic.

When it comes to harassing gaming devs and review bombing games, only alt-right Nazis and manbabies and trolls and toxic white male gamers harass the devs for their fuckups because they're bad! Bad, bad, bad! But it's alright if ResetERA does it. Because it's "different" and "justice" and "good". Good, good, good.

Unfortunately their hypocritical harassing claims to be their successful victory, getting everyone who worked on Ion Fury to successfully bend over backwards for ResetERA to take it up the ass. The official Archive today-ico.png Voidpoint Twitter page states an apology after ResetERA's triggering and outcry. 3D Realms CEO Mike Nielsen also forced to bend over backwards to apologize for lulzy comments and bad triggering homophobic language in Ion Fury. And to make things worse, they're all sending their employees and contractors to a mandatory sensitivity training to mutate into social justice warriors, and donating $10,000 from everybody's money on Ion Fury’s release day to a LGBTQ+ community The Trevor Project. But wait, it gets even worse! The Ion Fury team decide to censor-patch Ion Fury, a M-rated shooting game, to remove all unacceptable and offensive language, just to pleasure ResetERA and LGBTQ+ ghouls they call themselves "true gaming customers".

Did it pleasure ResetERA enough until they're satisfied? No. Will they continue to play Ion Fury censored? No. Will they continue to support the devs and the gaming company? No. Because they're fucking ResetERA, the cancer of the gaming community. They'll never be pleased, they'll never be satisfied, and they'll never be happy. The gamers, their real customers on the other hand, are pissed off after they found out ResetERA censored Ion Fury. So they did the same thing ResetERA did including getting their moneys refunded and leaving negative reviews that they shouldn't bend over backwards to ResetERA.


Watch Out! Thumb ltd a189.gif This faggot waits for the child to make the first move in a sexual situation.
You can help by contacting Federal Authorities and alerting Chris Hansen.

It's no shocking truth that ResetERA and the mods who used to work at NeoGAF, are literally pedophiles that fantasizes having sex with little children. Why do you think they like to ERP as little people in video games? In some context, a woman name Celine Sykes who used to like to browse ResetERA heard horrifying things about people on Archive today-ico.png a secretive ResetERA Discord server, in which they were found to be a Discord channel for pedophiles. She did not save the entire Discord discussion because it's way tl;dr, but she did save the rampant discussions about the normalization of pedophilia. Were they banned? Nope! They were not banned at all! Instead they were defended by ResetERA. Celine went to contact Cerium, but she was blocked.


  • ResetERA are literally social justice warriors. A common fact.
  • The women of ResetERA are literally ghoulish MtF trannies in girl pills. Another common fact.
  • ResetERA are known habitual and hypocritical liars, hackers, doxxers, and witch hunters.
    • The ResetERA moderators doxes anyone, including their own users, for pathetic excuses such as stepping out of line, disagreements, and trigger warnings.
  • All ResetERA users lack discipline from their parents when the parents should've literally beat the shit out of them for being shitheads in the first place.
  • ResetERA supports pedophilia.

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  • SJW - What plague they carry with.
  • Nu-Male - The entire male population of ResetERA is this.
  • The Jews - Most likely responsible for this fucking aberration.
  • Tumblr - Similar concentration of legbeards.
  • Antifa - Supporters of Antifa while the rest are hate movements to them.

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