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A flame war that takes place in a thread that has not seen any activity in the past sixty days. This works best on forums like The Daily Show Experience that automatically bump a thread to the top of the list as soon as it receives a comment. This feature allows a thread to be resurrected to headline status indefinitely, prolonging lulz-worthy drama for years.

Sound strategy is to flame your victim into a crispy pile of smoking ashes, then lurk for two or three days. As soon as your opponent shows signs of reviving, taunt him by resurrecting the old thread. Do this five or six dozen times -- resurrections are not shy. If questioned, claim you feel the discussion holds important questions that you are burning to have resolved. Each protest and reply will once again bump the thread to the top of the forum list, furthering your goal of pwning the entire group and driving your opponent stark raving mad.

Extreme resurrection involves filling the entire front page of a forum with old threads, each of which features your opponents' idiocy. All members of the forum will protest loudly, which adds to the entertainment value.

Drama-Producing Comments For Use In Resurrections

  • I knew you couldn't support your argument.
  • You're still a limp-dicked wanker.
  • So you admit I'm right.
  • Looks like you fucking lost nigger.
  • I win.

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