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Ribaldry (see TOW) is defined as one of the major categories of sexual entertainment, and is the least likely one to give you an orgasm, after pornography in first place, and erotica (such as softcore porn which will get your dick hard but won't give you a good point to climax to). However, ribaldry is the one which is most likely to generate lulz and thus teh overall pleasure is often comparable with having a fap or even real secks when all the different ways in which you can enjoy yourself are compared against each other. Read on.

Since most channers are unemployed, lazy, stoner alcoholic asspies, they have a lot of time to masturbate. Indeed, they quite happily have enough time to masturbate when they're bored with lots and lots of time left over still to do nothing. And since the chans are NSFW boards, there is nothing moar that their penises can do once they've fapped 5 times in a day and they're still looking at porn. Therefore, they go on to laugh at it.

This manifests itself within the many lulzy image macros and gifs that are made by people on the chans, when they combine lulz with porn. (indeed, Jj.am has a huge role to play in terms of dictating the ribaldry of the internets). Ribaldry can be found in many shock sites such as 2girls1cup and church of fudge because you're better to laugh at that than actually fap to it amirite? (Unless you're a sick fuck, that is.)

Examples of Ribaldry

IRL ribaldry

IRL ribaldry is quite unfunny. It has been known for at least 100 years, even since Chaucer wrote The Wife of Bath's Prologue and Tale (Even TOW knows it "Sex and LOL-lardy", QFT). Nowadays, it basically involves people talking about how they'd like to eat the pussy of the nearest woman to them whilst they are drunk, offending the woman and getting her to call the police on the hobo who made the offer.


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