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Richard "Dracula" Chase

Richard Chase, vampire, and dead man. This man was several degrees of fucked up past Charles Manson. The fun ended for Richard Chase when he decided that stabbing a women to death and then raping her while drinking her blood would be a good idea. Old Chasey topped himself in prison. NEVAR FORGET.


Richard Chase had shown signs of a psychopath at a very young age. He used to kill animals, piss in his bed and start fires. He frequently used psychoactive drugs such as LSD and frequently appeared naked in inappropriate places.

HOWTO: Richard Chase

The Road to Insanity

LSD has made Richard believe that the world was out to kill him by killing his liver and evaporating his blood out. To combat this, Dick, the old card, would kill animals and liquefy their organs to make delicious smoothies to replenish the blood that the Government was evaporating. Soon however, he discovered he needed to start injecting himself with animal blood. The fun soon ended however, landing him in hospital. Once released though, Chase decided he needed human blood to sustain him.

Murder Number 1

Being the chicken shit that he is, rather than kill somebody and drink their blood in broad daylight, he instead shot them from his car and sped off. Needless to say, he did not get his meal of human blood.

Murder Number 2

Now, this time he went down the street to another house and took a dump on the son's bed and pissed in the infants dresser for the lulz. He continued going down the street until he reached the house of David and Teresa Wallin. The dad was at work and the mom was three months pregnant with AIDS. He pwnd the mom while she was taking out the garbage.

Chase then dragged her body to her bedroom and raped it while repeatedly stabbing it with a butcher knife. When he had finished, he cut the corpse open and removed several of her internal organs, using a bucket to collect the blood and then taking it in the bathroom to bathe in it. He then sliced off her nipple and drank her blood, using an empty yogurt container as a drinking glass; before leaving, he went into the yard, found a pile of dog crap, and returned to stuff it into the corpse's mouth and throat to ensure a mega ownage.

The Rest

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On January 23, 1978, two days after pwning Teresa Wallin, Chase purchased two puppies from a neighbor, which he then killed and drank the blood of, leaving the bodies on the neighbor's front lawn for the lulz.

On January 27, Chase committed his final ownage, which also qualifies as a mass murder. He entered the home of 38-year-old Evelyn Miroth, who was babysitting her 22-month-old nephew, David; also present in the home was Evelyn's six-year-old son Jason, and Dan Meredith, a neighbor who had come over to check on Evelyn. Evelyn was in the bath while Dan watched the children and masturbated hard; he went into the front hallway when Chase entered the home, Dan Meredith was capped in the head at point-blank range with Chase's .22 handgun, pwning him. Chase then turned the corpse over and jacked Dan's wallet and car keys. Jason ran to his mother's bedroom, where Chase fatally shot him twice in the head at point-blank range; on the way to killing Jason, Chase also popped a cap in Davids head for the lulz.

Chase then entered the bathroom and fatally shot Evelyn once in the head. He dragged her corpse onto the bed, where he simultaneously ass raped it and drank its blood from a series of slices to the back of the neck. Medical examiners reported an inordinate amount of cum in the corpse's asshole, indicating an "unusual amount" of ejaculations, not even a full blown Goatse could release it all.

When Chase had finished, he stabbed her "at least half a dozen times" in the anus, the knife penetrating her uterus. He stabbed her in a series of vital points on the body, which caused blood from her internal organs to pool into her abdomen (which caused Chase tremendous LULZ), which he then sliced open and drained into a bucket; he then consumed all of the blood with some fried chicken. Chase then went to retrieve David's corpse; he took it to the bathroom and split its skull open in the bathtub, and consumed some of the brain matter. Outside, a six-year-old girl with whom Jason Miroth had a playdate knocked on the door, startling Chase; he fled the residence, Jacking Dan Meredith's slab; the girl alerted a neighbor. The neighbor broke into the Miroth home where he discovered the bodies and orgasmed and contacted the authorities. Upon entering the home, police discovered that Chase had left perfect handprints and perfect imprints of the soles of his shoes in Evelyn's blood.

Chase, meanwhile, took David's corpse home with him, where he chopped off his head and used the neck as a straw through which he sucked the blood out of the body. He then sliced the corpse open and consumed several internal organs and made his grotesque "smoothies" out of others, finally disposing of the corpse at a nearby church to surprise christfags for the lulz.

After This


He did all his hard work for the community in daylight and was caught fairly easily even by the Sacramento police. His kitchen was festooned with bits, including human and animal blood and liver chunks in the blender, and the brains of his last meal strewn about the table. He admitted to all his acts and claimed that "he did it for the LULZ".

He was found sane by a jury of Californians.

He was death sentenced. On the news, he asked for a radar gun to destory Nazi UFOs.


After Christmas Day, 1980, a security guard found Chase dead on his bed. He had overdosed on his prescribed anti-depressants which he had collected over the previous weeks.

Pwned by Richard Chase

  • Ambrose Griffin, 51
  • Teresa Wallin, Unknown
  • Evelyn Miroth, 38
  • Danny Meredith, Unknown
  • Jason Miroth, 6 Pedobear mourning small.png
  • David Ferreira, 2 Pedobear mourning small.png

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