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Everyone's got a plan 'til they get punched in the mouth.


Mike Tyson


Richard Spencer is the lyricist for Simple Plan. His artistic inspiration and his serious case of the not gays springs from personal tragedy: his parents divorced when he was in 3rd grade and ever since—for the last 30 years—Spencer has been forced to move back and forth between their houses.

More recently, he founded the altistic right, a movement aimed at the professionalization of LARPing. Each of his three dozen non-ironic followers suffers from some variety of multiple-personalities disorder. Spencer is constantly profiled by the mainstream media. They see him as a useful idiot that brings discredit on racism, a rationally justified worldview that will remain unappealing so long as it is associated with Spencer and his band of unfuckable fatties and other wimpy faggots.


Spencer also serves as national spokesman for the (white) “We Wuz Kangz” movement. Dick Spencer made headlines when he was sucker-punched live on the streets during a televised interview about the Pepe pin he was wearing, and the Dick puncher turned out to be a shit-eating old man-slave.


Hail Trump Incident

At his most recent NPI conference, Spencer led his crowd in a nazi salute to the Donald. This gesture brought tremendous discredit on The Movement, a cost offset by the sexual satisfaction Spencer LARPing as Hitler brought his followers and their Fuehrer.

Caucasian Kangs

Copts— indigenous, European-Egyptians—call for an end to white genocide in Tahir Square.

In a televised debate with a KANG, Spencer claimed that 'my ancestors built the Pyramids' and Egyptians are ‘white Europeans,’ despite their brown complexion and West Asian genetic profile. Spencer's rhetoric sets up a false dichotomy—are they black or are they white?—that makes Afrocentrism appear less absurd.

Whitefish Incident

Whitefish white woman running from a black hand.

Richard Spencer's mommy lives in a small little town in Montana called Whitefish, notable only for the ski resort and a few dozen semi-famous residents. SJWs have learned of this, as did the kikes. The result was a campaign of harassment and oppression against his mom.

The kike rats (especially Tanya Gersh) blackmailed and trolled his mom into selling her property in the area. When neo-nazi basement dwellers from Daily Stormer learned of this, they immediately took action and trolled, hacked and tormented all of the participants in the harassment.

Many residents of this small town of 7,000 are leftist cucks who got triggered hard over the neo-nazi / salt-right interest in their obscure town. Daily Stormer faggots like Andrew Anglin are organizing an IRL troll army who will march through the town in January 2017 armed with high powered "assault" rifles. When the salt right troll army marches through the town, maybe those guns will come in handy to fend off the cuck hordes.

Washington DC Sucker-punch Incident

Getting punched in the face by a human toilet seems to be a kind of last stand of implicit white identity.

During the January 2017 inauguration of President Coochie Grabber in Washington, D.C. (a 50% black populace), Richard was in the area basking in the attention like a pig in shit. Giving photo-ops as well as interviews about his cutting edge pro-white pro-sodomitic views. Somehow, several Antifa faggots were able to recognize Ol' Dickie and began to heckle him all while he was happily giving his important thoughts on camera.

Just as he was beginning to talk about his rare Pepe like the coolest kid on this side of the political spectrum, a faggot with a black hood (whom looked eerily similar to Sam Hyde) pwnt Richard's pretty boy face and quickly scattered away from the scene thinking Spencer was capable of doing something. Being the supreme ubermensch Aryan he is, Richard took charge and ran several yards away where he then proceeded to fix his hair and cry.

Videos of the incident were uploaded all over the internet, collecting lots of views and spawning comments from tolerant, peaceful liberals whom found the entire ordeal to be lulzworthy.

The attacker usually runs around with his face covered by his master Mandy's panties.

As a result, the Alt-Sodomite foamed at the mouth; with the help of their vast knowledge of femdom-cuckold-scat porn, Bitchard's attacker was quickly identified as a Twitter-favicon.png literal shit eater, which goes to show just how absolutely ALPHA Alt-right leaders really are.

Richard later went on Red Ice TV, talking about the incident while choking back tears at the thought of being humiliated by literal cuckold:

Punch Nazis Meme

A SJW hides his "kindness" tattoo so it wouldn't distract from his courageous message of violence

In this brave new era where Donald Trump is "literally Hitler", those who are butthurt over the millions of Americans expressing their racism, sexism and Islamophobia by voting for Trump have found themselves on the horns of a dilemma: Is it okay, or even heroic, to Twitter-favicon.png #PunchNazis, including our very own Fuhrer in Chief? Naturally the racists etcetera who voted for Trump have decided that it is not okay, and that it might even be criminal. The liberals have decided that it's complicated because all that "love" and "tolerance" shit they espouse does not apply to people who do not share their views of a society free of race, borders, and hate, and the only way to change the minds of those who dissent is to punch them.

Despite the still raging debate whether it is alright to assault those who are perceived as Nazis, Spencer remains the only "Nazi" to have been punched, partly due to the weak musculature and couragelessness of those who have decided that this is acceptable. We here at Encyclopedia Dramatica eagerly await the day when one of these pasty white trustafarians decides to go after the main Nazi, so that we may write a shitty article on their death or imprisonment.


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