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Richland Collegiate High School is a shitty, pathetic excuse for a high school, filled with niggers, sand niggers, and whiny crackers, located inside Richland Community College, an equally shitty and pathetic excuse for a community college, filled with yuppies, hobos, yuppies who look like hobos, and more sand niggers.

Their mascot is the Thunderduck, a shitty fursona and obvious Donald Duck ripoff, created by some washed-up amateur cartoonist that nobody gives a fuck about.

Educational Opportunities

Richland Collegiate High School is a great opportunity for bright, young minds to get a free high school education along with a worthless certificate and college credits that don't transfer to any respectable university, and for rich, white, yuppies to get government funding to promptly spend on important things like hookers and blow and use whatever is left to pay some illegal immigrants to salvage some old laptops and text books from a landfill to give to their students.


RCHS also offers several clubs students can join to occupy their time, when not slaving away at desks to give the morbidly obese white principal more money to buy expensive imported food to stuff her fat face, or jacking off in the back row to the same effect. These clubs include:

Official Definition in the Urban Dictionary

RCHS as defined by the only dictionary that matters.


A great idea in theory to get 2 years of college for free, but then you realize after only a day that you have entered high school hell. If high school weren't awkward enough. It is composed of an impossible curriculum see senior capstone and teachers who hate their lives. If it were not for the friends made (if any) completing this program is completely impossible Warning: may suffer from lack of sleep, suicidal thoughts, commit murder, lose your religion from swearing so much, and various mental conditions Similar names: RCHS; Hell


—That pretty much sums it up


Now, you may be wondering how any of this is funny, note-worthy, or even relevant. Well, in all honesty, it's not, if not for that the single most famous student of RCHS is Gothzilla!

And, just like he does OTI, he caused drama. IRL drama. BY THE FUCKTON.

The Drama

For the full story, see Gothzilla's article, these are just the cliffnotes.

Mr. Fuck You I'm a Dragon went to Richland Collegiate High School, and got oppressed by The Man. The morbidly obese whale of a principal told 'Zilla that he couldn't dress like a black metal transvestite and the rent-a-cops told him that wearing clothes in public is mandatory. While to any sane person, the aforementioned violations are obvious and completely reasonable, Gothzilla is the polar opposite. To him it was obviously a conspiracy crafted by the fascists that run the school system to keep him and his message of rebellion and anarchy down.

So he decided to fight the system by wearing 20 times his weight in spikes, wearing baggy pants that kept sagging lower and lower, and wearing belly shirts that kept getting shorter and tighter, and, eventually, wearing no shirt at all.

When that didn't work, he decided that the only reasonable thing to do would be to go Columbine on RCHS first thing in the morning on a random Monday in November.

However, his feeble attempt at murder-suicide was stopped very quickly, due to him lacking the proper equipment and sufficient tools, and he was quickly turned over to the proper authorities. One week later, he was released with a full, industrial-sized bottle of Paxil, an ankle monitor (pointless since he never leaves his house), and a certificate which says he is completely, irredeemably, criminally insane.

Since then, several outstanding students have petitioned to have the school's mascot changed from the Thunderduck to Gothzilla, the Trenchcoat, and Mr.Pocket Knife, though they have not succeeded.

HOWEVER, according to the RCHS page on ToW, in order to prevent a second Gothzilla from happening, they're going to start offering students degrees in liberal arts, to soothe the future batshit insane artfags, who don't care how magnets work and will try to stab you dead because you won't let them help with your group history project.

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