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For the jailbait camwhore you were probably searching for, see Zoe Kimball For the feminazi videogame cumdumpster you were probably searching for, see Zoe Quinn

Zoe Comnena* is a self-important psycho bitch who told some college professor that vandalizing TOW is a "federal crime," in formal narc-like letters signed "Wikipedia System Administrator." Lulz ensued!

Jumping in at an early stage to execute her will to persecute innocent folk, Zoe just couldn't stop upping the ante until she moved the action into real life!

Here is Zoe's Deleted Subpage

Archived at Zoe/Pierce

In case of TL;DR

Basically no one gave a shit and told her to fuck off.

Scolding Makes Naughty Zoe Wikicidal

Already achin' for a rapin' as far as many of her fellow social-network-obsessed losers were concerned, Zoe was forced to eat bitter fruit in this long exchange.

Zoe Told off by Jimbo

Jimbo scolded Zoe for acting like a fucking nutcase.

Zoe's Butthurt Wikicide

Zoe's feelings were so hurt that she was driven to commit wikicide.LOL ACCOUNT HACKED![1]


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