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Focusing on God, family and nation and, uh... social care... and stuff...
Hey! Why can I feel my clone's boner in my ass?

Rightpedia's owner in all her glory (or at least as much as we have fit in the frame).

Rightpedia / RightWiki (right.orain.org, right.mwzip.com, en.rightpedia.info) is a confused attempt by Eleonóra Dubiczki (Fiala) and other creepy, basement-dwelling neckbeards banned by the neo-nazi site Metapedia to build a purer, stronger, and eternal online Reich. Its logo is the Leonardo da Vinci's Vitruvian Man. Why, you ask, the Vitruvian Man? Perhaps it's because it represents an ideal that Eurofags used to try to achieve before moral and physical degeneracy was made fashionable by the French. Too cheap and lazy to purchase their own domain or real web hosting and hoping to outwit the world-wide Zionist-Mason conspiracy, the hillbillies at Rightpedia dumped their site content on the Orain.org wiki farm, which was paid for via donations to Orain.org by kind-hearted Internet philanthropists who probably didn't know about half the wikis Orain is hosting; thus, avoiding all the hosting and financial hardships that ED's operators overcame through e-begging and ads. After Orain's demise, Rightpedia moved to mwzip.com, and after being booted from mwzip.com, to GoDaddy.

Main players

Mikemikev, constipated. (He does not resemble Vitruvian Man in any possible sense.)

Public enemies

Intellectual debates

Rightpedia also hosts intellectual debates that are far more amusing than televised Presidential debates. Archive today-ico.png One such exciting debate revolved around whether Larry Sanger and Jimbo Wales are Jewish, not Jewish, or secretly Jewish.

http://radioislam.org/islam/english/jewishp/internet/jews_behind_internet.htm says, yes, He also looks very jewish. Even more, than Wales.


—Fiala1, Archive today-ico.png (archive)

Thicker lower lip, baggy eyes, weakling body, .... I know many jews looking similar.


—Fiala1, Archive today-ico.png (archive)

That is an idea. If he were in Europe, he would almost certainly deny to be jewish. Here jews are, according to themselves anything, but jews. One for example told, she is Irish. And so on.... BTW, George Soros looked rather Germanic in his younger years. Blue eyes, fair hair, thin lips, ....


—Fiala1, Archive today-ico.png (archive)

Sanger says: "Anti-Semites are banal and stupid, so there’s not much to say, as far as I’m concerned." here http://larrysanger.org/2011/01/nope-i-am-not-a-jew-nttawwt/ . In my eyes he looks absolutely jewish, and as the above example sentence shows, he also thinks jewish.

Wikipedia itself is so strongly jewish biased, that it must be lead by a jew. Also the fact, that Wales used to live from porno business, speaks for itself. Atheism is the synonym of being jewish. For my experience, Wales looks less jewish than Sanger.

Let us vote, we have three categories for jews and alikes: jew, disputed jew, jewish lackey, and the fourth is: not jew, no lackey, not even disputed.

I vote: both jews


—Fiala1, Archive today-ico.png (archive)

I think that, untill there is proof to the contrary, the most likely (given the above arguments) is that Sanger is a Jew, and Wales as well. That they themselves say they aren't means not much, because they could be crypto-jews.


—Mussert, Archive today-ico.png (archive)

I decorate him now with the suspected jew template.

Jew is by no way "someone, whom we do not like", but someone, who behaves as a jew and acts as a jew or in jewish interest. No matter, if we like him, or not. To be a jew, does not imply, to be a member of the jewish "church". A jew can be of any religion or atheist. What counts is, how he relates to jewry, "holocaust" and other jewry related subjects.


—Fiala1, Archive today-ico.png (archive)

The debate ended with Archive today-ico.png Mikemikev creating the "Suspected Jews" category and Archive today-ico.png Fiala1 creating a "Suspected Jew" template.

An Orain staff member tells the nazis Taking Down ED is pointless

After Archive today-ico.png starting a topic about a public thread on Wikipediocracy in which an ED sysop called out these goose stepping faggots, Orain Staff member Arcane told them:

Of course, the butthurt nazis had to argue the point, and Fiala1 whined like a faggot bitch over her wiki being called far-right, even though that's what it is.

Orain's demise and brief move to MW Zip

On September 16, 2015, Archive today-ico.png Orain was compromised hard, and Rightpedia was brought down and redirected to PornHub along with the rest of Orain.

On September 25th, Fiala Archive today-ico.png requested the creation of a new Rightpedia at Miraheze.org. Like Orain, Miraheze offered free hosting. Miraheze dallied in dilivering a response, so on the 28th, Fiala created a wiki at right.mwzip.com instead. On the next day, a Miraheze staff member told Fiala that they were hesitant to grant his request, and on the same day, Wyatt was annoyed at Mirzaheze's Asirra-esque reCAPTCHA and urged Fiala to walk away from Miraheze and use paid hosting instead ([2], [3]). On the 30th, Fiala, Mussert, and their bots began work at right.mwzip.com.

However, Fiala persisted in defending himself and Rightpedia, despite there being no stakes at Miraheze with their MW Zip wiki then in operation. Perhaps lolcow Fiala likes being milked, and he delivered: by October 3rd, religious nutcase Fiala began accusing his opponents of being the Devil, and on the 4th, Miraheze's owner told Fiala that he rejected his request.

On October 3rd, Archive today-ico.png Fiala purchased the "rightpedia.info" domain. Things seemed good, but Fiala made a massive strategic error: mwzip.com is ad-supported, meaning that Rightpedia could be easily be brought down by complaints, which Archive today-ico.png is exactly what happened.


Archive today-ico.png More evidence that it's being hosted by GoDaddy.

On October 10, 2015, Fiala purchased hosting from GoDaddy. He installed MediaWiki, but Archive today-ico.png forgot to install extensions. For days, Archive today-ico.png they couldn't figure out why figure parser functions and embedded videos weren't functioning properly, and instead of simply installing the required extensions, on October 15th, they deleted everything, even though they had restored all their articles and categories, and reinstalled MediaWiki with the required extensions. On the very next day, for unknown reasons, Archive today-ico.png they deleted everything and reinstalled MediaWiki again and Archive today-ico.png downgraded from version 1.25.2 to 1.25.1.

On the 17th, Fiala and co. began restoring their temples, but they couldn't even do them without Archive today-ico.png fucking up in more than one way. First, Archive today-ico.png they forgot to place the templates in the template namespace. Then, Archive today-ico.png they they placed the templates in the namespace twice. Then, Archive today-ico.png they forgot to account for whitespaces and underscores.

On the 20th, they began restoring their articles, Archive today-ico.png only to delete everything (4,900+ articles) at the end of the day.

On Archive today-ico.png November 6th, Fiala purchased CloudFlare's help in hiding Rightpedia's host, but the fact that GoDaddy is serving as Rightpedia's host is already on record. You were a month too late, Fiala. You should've purchased CloudFlare on Day 1, not Month 2.

On November 13th, Fiala / snuki146 announced Rightpedia.info at Stormfront, but the announcement apparently fell on deaf ears. There hasn't been a new account Archive today-ico.png since November 9th.

Archive today-ico.png By November 19th, Fiala and co. pretty much completed restoring everything, although they went the extra mile by Archive today-ico.png importing some Hungarian language pages (oops). They also Archive today-ico.png prefixed several of their images with "File:--Image-File", and even Archive today-ico.png prefixed one of their images with "File:--Image-File_--Image-File".

Nevertheless, they still made a fatal error: They purchased hosting from GoDaddy. If they had done some research, they would've known that GoDaddy has a habit of taking down anti-Semitic content:

The Anti-Defamation League even provides resources on contacting GoDaddy about anti-Semitism. Chances are good that GoDaddy will shut Rightpedia down and terminate Fiala's account.

Yet another restoration

On December 22, 2015, Fiala deleted to delete and restore everything yet again, infuriating Wyatt / KimboSlice:

Incorrect informatin

"By November 19th, Fiala and co. pretty much completed restoring everything". Firstly, the promise of being backed up every 24 hours was a lie. It's more like 6 months. One guy who claimed to have backups a month old including backups of image text, category text, template text, rightpedia namespace text, rightwiki namespace text, and all the non-article namespaces dissapeared and anything except article namespace is lost because Fiala never backs it up. Take Wikipedia's category tree, what if all the text in that was just gone? Categories would be a mess and that's what it is on Rightpedia. Copyright information on images is gone. Fiala deletes the entire site and reinstalls FOR FUN every month, despite begging and begging her not to. There was both begging on the site including the front page of the site replaced with begging her not to and emails for days and Fiala ignored this and deleted and reinstalled it. She did not back up the English site at all before destroying a month of work. She did however back up the Hungarian site as I noticed stuff done on the main page of the English site in October, she copied to the Hungarian and it was saved. Fiala doesn't know how to use basic FTP to fix anything on the site. And she refuses to do a mysqldump despite being tought this painstakingly. Every fucking month, she deletes all of the site. Most people who know about it have left after she deleted all their hard work. KimboSlice 19:20, 22 December 2015 (EST)

Nevertheless, Fiala learned from previous restoration efforts, and completed the importation of articles by December 24th.

On January 9, 2016, Wyatt repeated his frustrations on "Talk:Main_Page".

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