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He can still see hot Rihanna pussy though, so it's all good
Chris Brown in action

Once upon a time, Chris Brown had a nigga moment. He repeatedly beat Rihanna until she baaawed. It is a known fact that Rihanna gave him herpes, or that's what his representative claimed. Chris Brown was said to have bitten Rihanna, so maybe she thought this was all some sort of kinky game that they were playing. The lulz about this situation will certainly make for a meme later in the future.(NOT)
Rihanna, being a stereotypical nigger, stayed with Chris even though he beat the living shit out of her. I bet Rihanna is singing SOS now.

Chris Brown's thought when beating Rihanna

Who says you learn from your mistakes?

After a long bawfest, Rihanna and Chris Brown decided to get back together. Why? The reason is unknown, but it is said that their relationship ended because of herpes. Then again, a lot of male Negros tend to hit their female companions, and then in the end they get back together. It's a cycle of lulz that keep on rolling.
Some argue that after getting the shit beaten out of you, you would be pretty pissed at the person and even sue them. but Rihanna just likes her men to be dominant and take control of their girl. After a long talk with her family, she decided to break up with Chris Brown and press charges. She testified to his asswhipping in front of a court of law.
Chris Brown pleaded guilty to a felony assault, and has to do six months of community service. I'm sure that there will be more lulz and that he will continue to have more nigger moments, therefore ensuring this place as a dominant male nigger. Also, the niggers at the state pen will love to fuck his tight, little ass.

A obvious shoopdawoop of Rihanna's face


Some think that Chris Brown did not have a nigger moment, but instead was looking for publicity. Considering how retarded Chris is, I wouldn't doubt this. To get moar publicity, Chris Brown sent out an apology via youtube.

Next he'll probably make a song about a douche named Makaveli and pretend to be dead, thus igniting a huge controversy.

After this, Usher, needing a lot of publicity, decided to take this oppurtunity to make a negative comment towards Chris Brown and apologize for it.

Typical nigger fandom reaction to Rihanna getting shooped.

He Can't See The Man in the Mirror

I'm looking at the man in th--BAAAAWWW

At the 2010 BET Awards, Chris Brown was to sing and dance like a minstrel to the songs of Michael Jackson. At first, things seemed to be going off without a hitch, and Brown seemed to be renewing himself for the GOOD things he was known for (something about being a dancer and wearing funny clothing). Then, when a touch ironic song, Man in the Mirror came on the mixtape (which some attribute to a producer making a last-minute change to the line-up), Archive today-ico.png Chris broke the fuck down like a bitch and started BAWing live, on-stage, in front of what is essentially the ENTIRE BLACK MUSIC COMMUNITY. This would also include, but not limited to, his producers, people who lol'd at him, probably his ex-punching bag Rihanna, most of the Jackson family and kids, and assuming anyone still gave a enough of a fuck about him to still invite him, his inspiration for what he does, Ike Turner. Talk about giving up the ghost, amirite?

Rihanna's fourth album

Being a typical woman about the matter, Rihanna is releasing an album dedicated to the incident. The track list has been confirmed, but the record company is picking between Bitches Get Bruises and Hoes Get Hit for the title.

  1. Abuse Me
  2. It Was All My Fault
  3. I Deserved It
  4. Hit Me Baby One More Time
    (Britney Spears cover)
  5. Sorry I Gave You Herpes
  6. Oh Wait, I Had AIDS Too
  7. Call Me When You're In Prison
  8. When You're Choking Me
  9. Make Me Pass Out
  10. Bye-Bye Cellphone (Hello Beating)
  11. I'll Go Make You a Sammich Now
  12. Unfaithful, Part II

Reconciliation with Rihanna

Rihanna, being the trifling whore that she is, got back together with Chris. Some argue that Chris should now finish the job, and then An hero.


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