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Riley; sporting his best look and a product placement.

Riley34470 (YouTube Favicon.png RileyNRA), AKA Michael Eugene Riley, or Pillow Fucker for short, is a horny bottom boy who is going down in the anals of internet history as the first Indian faggot to lose his arrows over being ruined by the hate tribe: Anonymous. In a distant past, Riley made his debut when prehistoric transgender faggot GayDiamond roamed the land searching for the remains of Matthew Shepherd's maggoty corpse.

Blessed with a ridiculously kosher jewnose and a delusion of grandeur that would make Kanye West unable to let you finish, the veracity of Riley's lack of social skills is exemplified by early forum posts he made envying the accomplishments of other people's fathers, because the only accomplishment his father was responsible for is dying of a cancerous tumor.

Wearing his trusty war bonnet, Michael Riley hit the ground running on the Ocala Town forum, where he posted under the username TheUntetheredSoul, made obvious by his jew-nosed tiki statue profile icon.

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The warning his neighbor gave him fell on deaf ears, and a giant nose

A Lolcow Under The Radar

Riley stains some shorts with his comeuppance.
Looking for a gard cock.

Riley, or Chief Worksnomore, as his friends call him; went beyond the call of duty to transcend the definition of antisocial. He won the title of big nosed Jew through his nonstop complaining about taxation and the government's unfair persecution of fellow Indians, while being unemployed and collecting welfare from the same institution he aptly despised. This delicious hypocrisy is a recurring theme in the Michael Riley universe, as well as autofellatio, which is only proverbial, as he's limited by a stout chode. The way Riley gravitates contempt toward himself is often imitated but never replicated by trolls everywhere.

Don't make me put you name address, and pics of you home here.You stupid *** dinosaur, your computer may get a virus on this message board be careful.. I hear there is one out there on this message board. Or at least that's what my "queer" computer software is telling me. It starts at about 45.00 an hour to have you puter worked on so be careful how you use your computer Just some friendly advice. I've warned a few about it, it your not one, **** off.


—Riley34470 on being butthurt


Being part Native American , albeit a small part, it is a shame you diminish the Otoe Indian Tribe using thier name, Riley please go back to mer2000.


— pilotbob


Dang...I thought you died.




You have yet to explain why You and your camera were outside the courthouse.You do state however, that your taxes payed for it, appearantly your not employed right now. Why don't you spend your time doing something useful for our community such as volunteering your spare time a local soup kithen or boys and girls club.




Don't worry bout trying to hate on me in this local forum. I deal with Haters on an International basis on all my sites and you people are small time. The video's out there mission accomplished.


—Riley showing off his e-fame


You must have Brittney Spears disorder!




The more you run my name down it increases my exposure.I love it! More hate comments!!!! Please :-)


—Riley34470 asking for it.


Most of us have been able to see his "true colors" for a very long time. Perhaps his last statement should drive him to some introspection where he will discover the root cause of his situation.The problem is that our society has taught him to believe that there is no personal responsibility and he can ALWAYS find someone else to blame for his current situation.



Ostracized by the members of the Ocala town forum, he migrated to the land of Jewtube despite his genetic predisposition to cancer, where he encountered Gaydiamond and an army of cyberterrorists who were not pleased with Chief Worksnomore interfering with the burning of Gaydiamond's trailer, and proceeded to take Riley's land away and rape his people.

Pillow Faggotry

You're lucky I even performed for you bastards.
Riley's archived profile tells us he's an Action Sex aficionado.

Anonymous used the spider expertise of Google to reveal Riley's trail of tears. His clever screenname Riley34470 turned out to be a concoction of his last name and zip code, which was conveniently linked to an embarrassing profile. Riley denied this closet faggotry at first, right before deleting the profile, but not before wholeheartedly embracing it and calling Anonymous a gang of faceless cowards. After a second examination, Anonymous Pilgrims feathered their way into Riley's Xtube profile and found a video of him getting it on with a pillow with the song "I Wanna Sex You Up" playing in the background. Srsly. Some argue that pillow fucking is simply Riley's way of showing the man he's not a coward, as it takes a brave Indian faggot superstar to humiliate himself merely for other's amusement.

<video type="dailymotion" id="xbnfag" width="640" height="480" desc="While Riley has a zero-tolerance policy for vagina, pillows are fair game. frame="true" position="center" allowfullscreen="true"/>

Edit Tits

Typical Application.

Being a well-known faggot indian superstar also means having a well-known speech impediment. Riley unintentionally coined the phrase "Edit Tits" while making a video response. Some argue that not being granted enough government handouts and unemployment checks prevented Riley from lerning2grammar. Nevertheless, this argument is void because his father Dennis left him at least 100 casinos once he choked on the cancerous tumor that was his son's dick raping his throat after being mistaken for a cushion.

<video type="dailymotion" id="xbnn8v" width="640" height="480" desc="Being glad that someone made a video about him, he would later go on to file frivolous DMCA claims to get it deleted" frame="true" position="center" allowfullscreen="true"/>

The Demise of Dennis


Dennis Eugene Riley was Riley's illegitimate father. Unlike his parasitic son, he had a business crafting and selling bongo drums. According to Riley he passed away from a cancerous tumor, but scholarly Anons have developed many alternate theories of equal hilarity.

Throat Rape

The first theory is the familiar Throatrape Theory. Dennis was sound asleep in his teepee as Chief Worksnomore waddled drunkenly into his den. Unable to find his pillow, Riley found the next best thing. The allure of Dennis' drooling mouth excited Riley as it seeped onto his dear pillow. Riley viewed this as a potential quasi-threesome, with a touch of incest, and satisfied himself by profusely raping the shit out of his father's throat. Dennis was unable escape the clutches of his pillow fucking son, and perished in a horrorsome nightmare where he repeatedly choked on a baby carrot laced in ranch dressing.

Disappointing Situation

The Disappointing Situation theory insists that Dennis took his own life after becoming excessively disappoint with his son. Evidence supporting this theory has been collected in other real-world conditions. This theory implies Dennis was an honorable man and died to preserve the dignity of his tribe, regrettably leaving his son with no more than two of his casinos.


Troll's Remorse

Unlike the Disappointing Situation theory, the Troll's Remorse theory states that Dennis was an evil, heartless man who beat Riley from a young age all the way into adulthood. Apart from not leaving Riley any casinos in the will, the bastard also sexually molested little Riley when he was a babby, but this had no severe mental impact on Riley, because even as a toddler he enjoyed sodomy and any white fabric that represented a common pillow. As his faggy son grew older, Dennis perceived the causality of Riley's increasingly faggy behavior to the abusive acts of rape he was subjected to, even though they were probably helpful preventative medicine, and decided to end his life by arrowing himself through the temple out of guilt.


Man's Best Friend

Riley, being the original human being he is, once owned a dog by the exotic name of Dawga. Luckily for Dawga, it was poisoned shortly after Dennis' death, and was never raped again. There are also rumors that Riley has a cat. The cat's name and virginity can not be confirmed at this point in time. <video type="dailymotion" id="xbnnhd" width="640" height="480" desc="This memorial plucked the heartstrings of many men, women, and children" frame="true" position="center" allowfullscreen="true"/>


As of 2010, Dawga was replaced by Doza.

Ms. Kitty is thrilled upon hearing about the death of Doza.

On April 4th, 2010, Riley posted on Twitter that Doza was found dead of an unknown cause on the side of the road. File:DOZADIED.jpg


Riley's newest replacement is a black puppy with a surprisingly normal name.

Bets are currently being placed on when and how Max will meet his demise.


Not even the ghost of Dennis can break the invincible Riley

Riley's passive aggressive behavior is a good indication of his butthurt. He often files illegal copyright claims on parody videos and remixes that use his huge-nosed likeness, after announcing that they don't bother him at all. Trolling Riley is easier than denying a nigger equal opportunity employment, because he just doesn’t know when to quit. He’ll stay in a stickam room full of lulzers so he can appear as an internet tough guy who has better things to do than be bothered by, say, all the people on the internet calling him a pillow fucking faggot.

While lacking true rage in response, Riley’s facials are similar to those of a public speaker who gets an itch in his asshole during a presentation, or a gigolo eating pussy from the fish market. Ironically, both are things Riley wouldn’t be caught dead doing, because he’s a gay jobless Indian pillow fucker with no social skills. The essence of his butthurt is so potent that even Youtube mods trolled Riley into oblivion, making no mystery out of why he refers to himself as a bottom boy.

Original Message

From: "[email protected]" <[email protected]>
Date: Thu, 17 Jan 2008 08:21:45 -0800 (PST)


I have been flagging these altered Videos of me that say I'm a pedophile.
I demand they be taken down NOW.

1-17-08 Notification of Claimed Copyright Infringement (Digital Millennium Copyright Act, 17 U.S.C. § 512.)

1. Name of copyright holder: Michael Riley

2. Name of person authorized to act on behalf of copyright holder: Michael Riley

These are my copyrighted personal videos that I have made for My Youtube account with other works such as Happy Thursday, Random Blog, etc. These are posted on my Account at as my personal blogs.

A vigilant Harry from Youtube quickly responded:

Original Message

From: Copyright Service <[email protected]>
To: [email protected]
Sent: Thursday, February 7, 2008 5:46:36 PM
Subject: Re: [C#237849811] DMCA Counter Notification - from: MindDuel - re: Riley34470 Productions


Dear Rick,

We received the attached counter-notification in response to a complaint you filed with us. As described in the United States Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) 17 U.S.C. 512, by this email, we're providing you with the counter-notification and await your notice (in not more than 10 days) that you've filed an action seeking a court order to restrain the counter-notifier's allegedly infringing activity. Such notice should be submitted by replying to this email. If we don't receive notice from you, we will reinstate the material to YouTube.

If you have any questions, please contact [email protected]

Sincerely, Harry

Rick was not pleased, he wrote his e-pal Harry an threatening email:

Original Message

The content that I flagged is my content and uses my trademarked name riley34470. Also the counter-complaintant is a 17 year of kid who is using my name, likness and videos for his personal fun to bully and harrass me. He alters and reposts my personal videos to You Tube. He has been calling my home and threatening me.

The counter information he provided is false. I have tried the phone number and the caller denies being the counter-complaintant. The Address provided does not exist. This is a serious matter and it is in the best interest of all for these videos to remain offline as they violate my rights and personal safety as well as privacy.

There will be no working with my attorney. This is my copyrighted material and if YOUTUBE reinstates it I WILL SUE YOUTUBE.

THE information that you have provided me for this party is a 17 year old boy who gave me fake contact information. If you reinstate that video I will file an injunction against YOUTUBE and sue you for damages. YOUTUBES pockest are much deeper than a 17 year on kid playing games.

Please judge yourself accordingly.


And was subsequently B&.

Original Message

Re: Account Disabled: Inappropriate Content
From: "[email protected]" <[email protected]>
To: YouTube Service <[email protected]>

I dont' understand why I was suspended? I have been fighting youtube to keep vids of me offline. What part of my video was inappropriate, yet you let people call me a pedophile on here. I plan on sueing so I will need the correct information of the people that you are allowing infor on me to be used.

Michael Riley.

That will help me to help him more because I'm not rich or anything, live in a small apartment and I'm short on my own rent because of the money we paid to fix his toilet which was leaking into his bedroom, which was very disgusting.


— Riley, financing his up and coming lolsuit against ED

Brb Doxed

With his name, address, and pictures of his home on the internet, Riley drinks his 40oz knowing he can't afford the $45 an hour service fee for his soon to be virus-infected puter

One fine day, Riley was comfortably fagging it up in his Stickam chatroom talking about the paparazzi. Playing the role bestowed upon them, the paparazzi scrambled, snapped some pictures of his soon-to-be-foreclosed residence, and called his phone for an interview. Suddenly his phone began having technical difficulties and could not be reached. Sympathizing with the abominable pillow fucker, the paparazzi ordered Riley some all-topping Pizza and chocolate pie. He fed the dessert course to Dawga while pondering how somebody can get the dox of a man who only posted his first name, last name, and zip code on every website he ever visited.

Eventually, everybody involved in the shitstorm had their greedy Indian beating hands on Riley's dox, including some IRL enemies who held their own unique butthurt grudges, notably; a knuckle dragging whore who Riley refers to as Squirrel, and his own mother; who holds the same personality traits as the latter but doesn't shower. The drama between these rednecks resulted in Riley putting on his moccasins and venturing on his way to Amarillo in order to escape an arrest warrant for possession of narcotics, and then fleeing again to Oklahoma after he ran into George and Shirlanne, two more IRL trolls who came buckets at the sight of Pillowfucker's dox.

hey there. How are u? I wanted to give u a heads up ur mom called and said that she found a pill bottle w a note in it under ur bed and they turned it in to ur po in florida and supposley ur po turned it in to the nuarcotics repartment and now u have a felony warrent. i wanted u to know what they are up to.


White Knight on faggotry

Oh yeah, it's that crazy ass mother or so called mother. All she was for me was an incubater, other than that, she's a useless flap of skin that doesn't shower


—Riley pwning his mom

Go directly to Jail – do not pass Go, do not collect $200


—Riley's probation officer

Brb Hacked

I like very much [how] we communicate in private here.



Niggerhat hacker Rebekkah pops a cap in Riley's bandwidth, looking suave like shampoo

After a year of complaining to the Youtube editors, he recovered his suspended Riley34470 account and created a new account: Riley34470FL. These two accounts would become vital to his growing fame and popularity, mainly because they were hacked within a day by his sister arch nemesis Bekkah, who took computer science III after she discovered that Riley was going to buy her social security number and sell it to illegal immigrants. Bekkah would go on to litter his login information across the internets, along with his uncrackable master passphrase:




In response to his seven passwords being strewn about like sacred arrowheads, Anonymous immediately proceeded to raid and pillage his MySpace, Facebook, and YouTube, documenting the entire process and releasing it in a convenient package for the masses to download. After countless spoilers and trade secrets were revealed, the rape brought upon Riley was too strong even for his gaping bottom boy asshole, and he receded like his tiny penor into a vegetative state. Unfortunately for the internet, this only lasted two weeks. Potato nose created another Yahoo and Youtube account, claiming that he is “hacker-proof” since 2007.

Hey I got hacked somehow! How can I get ahold of youtube! They got my email and everything


—Riley on being hacker-proof.

It's probably Rebekkah. She's been studying computer code. It's a felony to hack. Change your passwords right away my love.


Gaydiamond on hax0rs.

He couldn't have done it it without Le Shizzle!

Riley deviates from Fagstone's theory to reach his own bold assertion.

I think it's that Jawsus boy hacking me


—Riley the Unhackable.

Fun Pack 2009

Regardless of who took Chief Worksnomore's land, the result was a godly compilation of lulz, goatse, and jenkem. During their tour of duty, fearless anons traveled afar to distant IP addresses, fighting for their god given right to colonize Riley's Internets. The first muskets aimed at the village of Myspace.



[Collapse GalleryExpand Gallery]


I put on my hide and feather hat About missing Pics
[Collapse GalleryExpand Gallery]
Improving tech allows Riley to become aroused while Fagstone is gargling his tiny dick.

I love bidding my time on Youtube and watching all these haters, just vanquish away. Technology is there enemy, always has been as tech improves in the next year are two they will really be locked out.


Gaydiamond being intuitive

Not Hacked

Even though most of Riley's personal websites and passwords were leaked and raped, two managed to survive.

Riley's Secondlife avatar.

Little is known about Riley's Secondlife account other than the fact it wasn't hacked. He is also in contact with Fagstone on it seeing as they both play. You can help by crashing his sim with extreme predjucide by flooding it with pillow cubes.


Even though Riley's Stickam wasn't hacked, he was given the banhammer after a certain individual took the opportunity to spread his ass cheeks in Riley's chatroom while he was featured.

Ickeriss bans Riley by showing his asshole.
You recently banned my account. I have had that account since 2007 and it was banned because of someone showing their behind on my chat room. why was i suspended. I tried to record it so I could sent it to your admin, but you just took it down with out provocation or even a warning. Please reinstate my account and punish the guy who did the actual violation.


— Riley attempting to get his Stickam back

Fortunately for the internet, he never got his account back.

Damage Control

While the hackpack was distributed to all sectors of the internet, Riley thought long and hard about what could be done to extinguish the firestorm of lulz and hysteria manifested at his expense. He decided to do the smart thing, and to this very day denies having his accounts compromised. Abiding by this fallacious thinking, the blame is to be placed squarely on him, for revealing the contents of his private life to the public's weary, freckle-less eye.

Rotato34470.gifI've never been hacked.

Thanx 4 the luv tho!Rotato34470.gif


— RileyNRA on doing it wrong

To paraphrase, the self-proclaimed public figure Michael Riley enlightened the internet of his redneck trailer trash drama. He screencapped his own e-mails and PMs, along with his hacked profiles, leaked his passwords all over the internet, and then complained about it on the one account he had left before voluntarily surrendering it to the Internet Hate Machine. It makes about as much sense as fucking a pillow and calling your mother an incubator, but that's never stopped him before. A large amount of data were accumulated and organized into a list of trivial facts.


YouTube Reactions

The typical reaction.
Unfortunately for Chief Worksnomore, his relentless blocking spree didn't stop others from voicing their opinion.
Riley chillin' out maxin' relaxing all cool and molesting some children outside of the school.

His nose was punched in when he tried to raep kids.




he thinks everyone is a sockpuppet because he can't imagine more than one person might think he is wrong. He blocked my account from leaving him messages, I bet he leaves a few for me though.




Oh god I lol'd hard.




Riley34470 you should stop making attemps of trying to win an argument with minors thus causeing you to look more like a fuck bag then you already are take this advice and jump infront of a train and save humanity




Riley is a pillow fucking faggot.




did they have nice pillows in the year 2065????, lol, you wont post my last comment because its the truth and "it" will get mad, lol, riley im proud of you your only a half blocking comment fag these days and let me know when we can wrestle in our tidy whiteys and put it on the internet, lol


— MsMargiesAssPains


Riley fucks pillows.




That's what he doesn't understand. Some people think that this youtube drama crap is exactly that, and to participate in it is undignified. He thinks that making a video makes him better than others. What a moron.




Riley, WHY are your pubic hairs all over your pillow? Why do your pillows smell of crotch rot?


— GDTransformer3


hes back from the suspension pokeball




oh yeah...our old friend is back. BRB securing my pillows




I shat bricks.



White Knighting and Brown Nosing

Every once a blue moon, Riley will attempt to "warn" people about the dangers of the internet. In one of his warnings, he even goes as far as to warn Darksidered992 about "Kick a Ginger Day" in a possible attempt to get the trolls away from him as well as another video telling people not to worry if they have a page on ED written about them.

Riley ignores the trolls while acknowledging them.
It should also be noted that Riley puts breaking news stories in his tags in order for his videos to appear more often.

Current Whereabouts

Like every other Native American, Riley is a vagrant with no permanent residence. ITT Tech alumni rekindle hope in their lives looking at his education level and social class. However, their flame of hope is short lived because Riley is financially supported by the government and his big-nosed tribe of teepee tipping Jews. He currently resides in Oklahoma having gay sex with his brother and other interested tops he encounters via Craigslist. The sodomy is usually done on his family's ranch, and includes his grandmother, grandfather, and any other farm animals living on the premises.

Current Videos by Riley

Recent Drama

ED page denial

Sometime last Thursday Riley was called by some Anons via Skype where he admitted that everything on this page was fabricated including his infamous pillow humping video. This call would later ignite a massive shitstorm...

When Riley met Fatty

IHM, confirmed for Brawl.

Riley was enjoying his April rainstick when he caught wind of a morbidly obese mallgoth. Like all natives, he was able to use his spirit powers to communicate with the beached porpoise as she lumbered along. The two bartered dox and set course for revenge. Riley tended to the injured creature, who carried a lingering hatred for her hunter, a troll who harpooned her and helped flip her shit turn upside down. Coincidentally, Riley already had a bulky collection of voodoo dolls against this pilgrim for a sequence of prank calls he made to his residence. As a result, the pillowfucker and his animal companion aimed to destroy this troll in order to show the internet that gard cock seeking faggots and 400 ton whales are people too. They accomplished this by releasing inaccurate dox, and the unholy alliance was terminated prematurely when Riley killed the fat flopping cunt and used all her remains for building his next teepee. What ultimately resulted was a series of lulzy voicemails from Riley himself.

Skype/YouTube Trolling

That little white speck on top of that chicken shit is chicken shit


—Riley, speaking drunkaneese.

The payload of old whale fat Riley recieved resulted in a shitstorm of trolling on Skype and later on YouTube as brave anons tried to get Riley to stfu once and for all.

Go here for the complete collection.

The Riley Factor About missing Pics
[Collapse GalleryExpand Gallery]

Gallery of Injun

Pillowfucker Fanart and Shoops

[Collapse GalleryExpand Gallery]

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