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RingTailedFox in his natural habitat.

Am i also unreasonable to only want a friend that is unable/incapable to turn on me or hurt me?


—You know you've hit rock bottom when...

RingTailedFox is an Ontario based furfag who claims to have aspergers and attempts to troll other furries, however due to his mental condition he always fails and suffers mass ridicule. And being unable to troll furries truly makes him a disgrace. RTF is most widely known in the furry fandom for his extreme levels of douchbaggary and being a loner.

He has subsequently been b& from most furry-related activities, including being k:lined from the furry IRC network known as FurNet. Even though he has over 9000 alternate nicks and is signed up on every internet wiki ever, RingTailedFox still has no friends. No, seriously. He even whined about this shit on Yahoo! answers. http://answers.yahoo.com/question/index?qid=20060629132841AAwolK0 (inb4 delete). The lulzist part is that is doesn't know why he doesn't have any friends. Because of this he spends his life the only place he feels safe: in his mothers basement on IRC and miscellaneous Wiki sites making useless edits.

Alternate nicks

Due to being hated by everybody, RingTailedFox invents numerous alternate nicks to try and hide his identity, often covering this up by claiming his previous accounts were hacked. Some of his aliases include:

RingTailedFox, John CoonFox, Ringtailed-Fox, Raccoon-Fox, John the Raccoon-Fox, CoonFox, Kit Fox, Kit, RingTail, RF and CF.


[12:36] <Ringtailed-Fox> besides, i find how they insult autistic people, those with aspergers' syndrome (i'm one of them), and black people to be completely inappropriate and offensive


—RingTailedFox about ED - http://de.pastebin.ca/1536021

For a short time, RingTailedFox was a member of #Toronto-Furry but was quickly removed for harassing channel ops and causing a metric shitstorm of drama. Someone in a channel doesn't want to talk to him? THEY MUST BE KICKED!

From http://de.pastebin.ca/1536023:

  1.      14:30:53 | <RingtailedFox> if you don't like me, just say so
  2.       14:31:05 | <Biafra> it's not that
  3.       14:31:13 | <Biafra> believe me it's not
  4.       14:31:20 | <RingtailedFox> please explaion
  5.       14:31:24 | <RingtailedFox> *explain
  6.       14:31:26 | <Biafra> it that I have enough drama IRL
  7.       14:31:33 | <RingtailedFox> same here
  8.       14:31:46 | <RingtailedFox> that's why it angers me even more when i encounter it online. i thought that would be the one place i wouldn't have to deal with it
  9.       14:31:51 | <Biafra> only problem is, I don't want drama online as well
 10.       14:31:58 | <RingtailedFox> nor do i
 11.       14:32:08 | <RingtailedFox> that's why i try to kill it with fire whenever i encounter it.
 12.       14:32:14 | <Biafra> but you want me to kick miles because he won't talk to you
 13.       14:32:32 | <RingtailedFox> and that's wrong... how?
 14.       14:32:57 | <Biafra> that just does the exact opposite in regards to drama
 15.       14:33:13 | <RingtailedFox> i'm an ends-justify-the-means kind of guy
 16.       14:33:28 | <RingtailedFox> if he wants to enter the channel again, he'll have to resolve the long-standing dispute he started.
 17.       14:33:35 | <RingtailedFox> it's called "having them by the balls"
 18.       14:33:53 | <Biafra> it's also called ChanOp abuse
 19.       14:34:04 | <RingtailedFox> not necesarily
 20.       14:34:37 | <RingtailedFox> you could say he was harassing me via PM to leave the channel
 21.       14:37:00 | <Biafra> and if Miles complains to Roarey?
 22.       14:37:09 | <RingtailedFox> i'd back you up
 23.       14:37:21 | <RingtailedFox> two on one
 24.       14:37:22 | <Biafra> look, just... no
 25.       14:37:26 | <RingtailedFox> and roarey even knows about miles' issues, too
 26.       14:37:29 | <RingtailedFox> alright
 27.       14:37:32 | <Biafra> I am not getting in the middle of this
 28.       14:37:41 | <RingtailedFox> don't expect me to help you out with anything in the future then
 29.       14:38:02 | ¬ RingtailedFox ([email protected]) quits: [Quit: ]


<@DanSkunk> Well, my parents think I'm having sex with all the guys that visit me.
<+RingtailedFox> are you?
<@DanSkunk> Yes, except the ones I bury under the quicklime.
<+RingtailedFox> good boy!

Besides being just a normal useless fuck, he extends his level of stupid into such a high capacity that he can't figure out simple IRC commands to stop flooders in his own channels. Even when staff try to talk to him nicely, he's a huge fucking cock. Instead of RTFM'ing, he BAWWWWWWWWWWWWS about it in help channels and then gets slapped around like the fat whore he really is. Read the log here, shit is so cash: Pastebinfavicon.png f272d19df

[23:27] <RingtailedFox> hiya, we have a problem in ##furry. meks and sthrmb are flooding

[23:27] <+Plazma> RingtailedFox, any ops about? [23:27] <RingtailedFox> nope


A few moments of brilliance later...

[23:36] <+nalioth> RingtailedFox: as has been pointed out, YOU are an op in ##furry


—He's not the smartest. Wait. He's not smart at all.

Local Furries

Much lulz were had when he posted on the OntarioFurries forum and went on a rant about how nobody likes him and that everyone should just kill themselves. However this turned around and raped him from behind when he realized that he was greatly outnumbered and members started laughing at him. The aforementioned thread was quickly deleted but thanks to the power of Google Cache, here are pages [[1]] and [[2]].

Sonic The Hedgehog

Is it just me or is it getting hot in here?

RingTailedFox has an obsessional fetish for Sonic The Hedgehog, and regularly contributes to Sonic-themed forums and IRC channels. He runs his own website dedicated to his passion for the character.

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