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Screenshot of Rissie's blag
Screenshot of some random commHOLY SHIT LOOKIT THEM TABS
This was in a directory named 'locked' on rissie.net
she is though
Bio from rissie.net

Lj-favicon.png Rissie is a recently outed alleged faker on LiveJournal. For several months, Rissie claimed to be a pregnant law student with an extremely aggressive, extremely invasive form of lung cancer.

Rissie first developed cancer after losing an lj argument about breastfeeding. She also developed law school in the same manner.

After several flame wars with her and a tip from another disgruntled ljer, Lj-favicon.png surprisesex started collecting screen shots of her comments and documented her inconsistencies. She made an epic post to SF Drama, and there was a report posted to Fake LJ deaths.

She currently goes uses Lj-favicon.png obliteration. Her real name is Sarah Scott.


Ok rissie let's end this little charade right now. You can go off and have your baby (which is the one thing you've said I believe) and when you come back you can make a new journal and hopefully be a better faker in the future. Hint: not pissing off people who are smarter than you is a good start. Now, let's not bother with the stalker nonsense, either. If you don't want people to read something, don't post it publicly. It's that simple.




Lj-favicon.png Rissie made many impossible or extremely unlikely claims:

  • Graduated community college in '06, but by '07 she claimed to be in her second year of law school
  • Got a BA at community college, but according to her blog still needed to finish her undergrad degree (see screenshot)
  • Her blog said she was attending community college while her lj profile said she was attending Rutger's
  • Claimed to have small-cell lung cancer, which would make her a medical miracle - the sixth pregnant woman with small-cell
  • Despite having a cancer rarely found in those under 50 that was extremely aggressive with a 5% survival rate after 5 years, her doctors were positive she'd recover
  • Receiving radiation while pregnant
  • Had pneumonia in January
  • Had an emergency c-section in February
  • Had her lobectomy immediately after her c-section - however, the pictures she posted from after her lobectomy showed her holding her baby on her chest, in a birthing bed rather than an operating bed, with absolutely no breathing equipment by her bed
  • Had a lobectomy after the birth - unfortunately her type of cancer isn't treated with surgery because of how quickly it metastasizes


While in the hospital having her lung partially removed and her baby fully removed, Rissie was able to delete her website, rissie.net; put up a fake bandwidth error page in which she spelled "bandwidth" without the D; and report Lj-favicon.png surprisesex to the LJ Abuse Team for a DMCA violation. Surprisesex was suspended, but her account was reinstated after Rissie declined to pursue her e-lawsuit. As a result of her successful counter-notification, surprisesex now has rights to use all images from her post.

After coming back from her courageous surgeries, Rissie made an equally epic post, blaming a never-before-mentioned sister, whom she was close enough to give all of her passwords to, but not close enough to mention on her site or her journal, for her domain's disappearance and the DMCA. She then stole someone else's birthing pictures and posted them as her own, although the pictures lacked breathing equipment and without responding to requests for scans of her medical records on Lj-favicon.png sf_drama.

Rissie addressed Surprisesex's main points:

  • Graduating with a BA in the spring of '06, then entering law school in fall of the same year, will make you a second-year law student in the fall of '07
  • Gloucester Community College offers BAs
  • The school also has/had a partnership with Rutgers

When people didn't buy her story, Rissie deleted the pictures off of rissie.net and once again has gone into hiding. Opinions are divided on the debate, with some retards wrongly pointing out that Rissie could refute some of Surprisesex's assertions, and others pointing out that an innocent user wouldn't go to such efforts to disprove a baseless slander without actually disproving anything. Regardless, everyone expects a fake death in the future.


Rissie's bff Lj-favicon.png murderbystars now informs us that rissie was actually hacked several months ago!!!!!! By a hacker who continued lj arguments, divulged personal information, and had rissie's hospital photos. Of course she was!

Born Again as Sarah Kelly Scott

Now that her Rissie site and online identity is tainted, she uses the new LJ handle Lj-favicon.png obliteration. She actively trolls in the parenting group Parenting101. She has made at least one unsubstantiated report to CPS for a family that blogs in that group. Many of her blogs on ehow.com focus on reporting families to CPS.

She claims to have been abused by her parents. That would explain why she no longer lives in the lot behind their house. Given her demonstrated willing to lie, it would not be surprising if her claims of abuse are just another ploy for sympathy.

She is currently a stay at home mom trying to make a buck as a writer. If you want to pay her to write something for you please contact her at [email protected]

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