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A batty old stoner who tells dirty jokes that you're not smart enough to understand.


Wilson is also responsible for a number of insane and/or unreadable books, including (with Robert Shea) the Illuminatus! trilogy, compiled entirely from crank letters to Playboy magazine. He also claims to have been abducted by aliens, a fact completely unrelated to his extensive history of LSD use. Wilson is affiliated with Discordianism, a made-up religion that's sort of like a cross between Catholicism and bunch of nerds playing Dungeons and Dragons in their basements. He is also responsible for the word/concept "Fnord," an old meme and the first in a long series of dumb words used on the internets.


Most enthralled with the works of Robert Anton Wilson are hundreds of people who love the occult. They often find deeper messages in the deep symbolism of his work. These people can often be found at working high skilled jobs in the main American productive sector, working high skilled jobs, fitting you for shoes to save up money to eat pounds of LSD. LSD is what gives them their powers of insight to see through all the bullshit of western culture, man.


On October 2, 2006, it was announced that Wilson is dying from polio related illnesses. His friends list is now asking you to plz donate to pay for his rent, food, and health care expenses. Wilson is accepting checks and PayPal, but has yet to begin camwhoring like any respectable internets panhandler. dead (since January 11, 2007).

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