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What a victim-blaming rapist and murderer looks like.
Disgusting fan art of this murderer.

Rodney Rodell Reed is a 51-year-old African Americunt serial rapist, murderer, pathological liar, paedophile and failed serial killer from Texas who currently resides on death row for the brutal 1996 rape and murder of 19-year-old white thot, Stacey Lee Stites. Currently scheduled for execution on November 20, 2019, Rodney is notable for the fact that he's spent the past two decades blaming everything on his victim, her fiancé and the police while stubbornly refusing to ever take any responsibility for his own horrific actions.

Despite a mountain of DNA evidence proving his guilt in multiple rapes and a murder, Rodney Reed still continues to get support from retarded liberal celebrities, such as Dr. Phil and Kim Kardashian, who want to see him freed from prison so he'll be free to rape and murder again.

Yeah, I had sex with her, she wanted it.


—Rapin' Rodney

The Murder

Stacey Stites, before meeting Rodney Reed.
Stacey Stites, after meeting Rodney Reed.

The Evidence Against Rodney Reed

Rodney Reed, pictured here in his prison cell.
  • Rodney Reed's semen was found in Stacey Stites' vagina. The certainty of the DNA test was 1 in 3.176 sextillion.
  • Rodney Reed's disgusting nigger-drool was found all over Stacey Stites' titty.
  • Rodney Reed clearly stated to police that he didn't know Stacey Stites.
  • Rodney Reed's DNA was linked to the 1989 rape of 12-year-old Angela Weiss. The certainty of the DNA test was 1 in 5.5 billion.
  • Rodney Reed's DNA was linked to the 1995 rape of Vivian Harbottle. The certainty of the DNA test was 1 in 5.5 billion.

In the interim, the results from the agreed-upon DNA testing came back. Using short tandem repeat (STR) analysis, Reed could not be excluded from DNA profiles developed from the sperm fractions of a vaginal swab and Stites’s panties, and only 1 in 3.176 sextillion (the most conservative statistic) would be expected to have that DNA profile. Suppl.CR(DNA).52. Reed also could not be excluded, using Y-STR analysis, from three vaginal swabs, a rectal swab, Stites’s panties, vaginal-swab sticks, a vaginal sperm-search slide, and extracts of stains found on Stites’s back brace, pants, and a breast swab. Suppl.CR(DNA).53. This additional testing demonstrated that DNA profiles consistent with Reed’s were in even more locations than what the jury knewabout—Stites’s back brace (found in the truck) and her pants (she was wearing).


As to no supposed forensic evidence of sexual assault, that too has been rejected as a theory of innocence. Reed VIII, 739 F.3d at 771–72 (“[T]he evidence that Reed forced himself on Stites and subsequently murdered her is extensive.”). As to the timing inference to be drawn by morphologically intact sperm, that has also been rejected, Reed IV, 271 S.W.3d at 750, and Reed offered learned treatises that supported the trial testimony, see, e.g., Second Amend. Pet. Ex. 36 at 136, ECF No. 137-7; Second Amend. Pet. Ex. 37 at 514, ECF No. 137-7. As to Fennell, whatever might be said about him, it pales in comparison with Reed’s history of violent sexual assault, assaults sharing many similarities with Stites’s murder—many victims were Stites’s age or very near (York, Eipper, Schlueter); many were abused in Bastrop (A.W., Rivas, Harbottle, and Schlueter; the latter two in extremely close proximity to Stites’s work route); a couple were raped or abducted close in time to Stites’s murder (Harbottle and Schlueter; the latter around 3:00 a.m.); many were subjected to anal or attempted anal rape (York, Eipper, A.W., and Rivas); and all but one were subjected to physical violence in addition to rape or attempted rape (York, Eipper, A.W., Rivas, and Schlueter). Ultimately, Reed must have a compelling reason for why his semen was inside a murdered woman. But “[b]ecause Reed’s claim that he had an affair with Stacey Stites does not have credible evidentiary support, his claim of actual innocence is doomed.” Reed VII, 2012 WL 2254217, at *15.


List of Celebrities Who Support Child Rape

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