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Soi soi soi soi soi



ROFLCOPTER is not amused.
IRL Failcopter

See also roflwaffle, lollerskates. Notable YTMND roflcopters: [1] [2] [3] [4] (others). Furthermore, robblecopter. A roflcopter is not only a new inventive way for nubz to "roll on the floor laughing" while not moving their ass out of their damn chairs, but also a new form of flight. It has often been argued that rolling on the floor laughing will not in fact make you fly, but keep dreaming you fat fucks.

The ROFLcopter is an important part of the defense of LOLrville. Along with the LMAOplane, TTYLnukes, and Anons armed with AFK47s and MMK16s, the ROFLcopter is used as a mobile troop carrier and anti-Tankcat weapons platform.


A meme was started last thursday when some guys started making jokes about ROFL Clapton, the singer of hit single Sunshine of Your LOL!

Most people not from the internet don't know about the roflcopter:

Myself: roflcopter
Other:  what......? WTF?
Myself: don't worry about it
Other:  like... spinning on the floor?????
Myself: you can't comprehend the roflcopter
Myself: your feeble psyche would shatter under the weight of such a revelation
Other:  it sounds like you spinning on the floor you like having sex 
Myself: it's not
Myself: stop saying that

World of Warcraft

"Roflcopter" is not a legal name on World of Warcraft, and anybody using it runs the risk of being suspended for doing so. It is also the pet name for the copter that only engineers can make.


Apparently, some luser(s) actually made a flash game, with state-of-the-art ASCII graphics, a whopping two colors, and really shitty background music [5]. The only reason anybody plays this game is it is the first thing that pops up on Google. [6]. It is suspected that the high score list is entirely populated by furries and/or 16-year-old girls.


"Roflcopter" is a deadly awesome way to perform sex. So awesome, it can only be learned through oral argumenting. (This shit will make you ROFL)


The "Roflcopter" was believed at first to be the sound of some fat kid laying on the floor rotating in circles laughing, Upon further research it is found that said object makes a whirring sound, reminiscent of a helicopter. As demonstrated with "SOI, SOI, SOI, SOI, SOI" [7]


It has been estimated that the Roflcopter has been the cause of over 9000 deaths of cameljockeys and niggers. The "soi soi soi soi soi" sound the Roflcopter makes you shit yourself like tubgirl and fap to loli for 14 years until your genitals fall off for great justice.

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