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This article is part of a series of articles on Scientology and as such, may expose you to confidential materials on subjects such as R-6, Incident 1, Xenu and Body Thetans. If you do not feel like losing your position on the bridge to total freedom, we advise you turn back now. Additionally did you know that all Scientology courses are freely available on the internet WITHOUT being regged??

NOTICE: This information is provided as a means of protecting Scientology critics from these investigations as there is no legitimate use; only harassment and intimidation. This is for informational purposes only. We will do our best to contact each person as they are discovered and inform them of the crimes they are facilitating. We hope that after hearing the full story they will decide to no longer accept work from the "Church".

Private Investigators

Scientologists (OSA/Sea Organization/otherwise)

SUPER SPECIAL MENTION: Wikipedia's 'justallofthem' aka 'Justanother'; OSABOT (poss. based in California) who edits any articles on Scientology and removes anything that makes them look bad. Instigates edit wars when people undo his edits. Has been involved in at least two major incidents and has not been banned from WP!!! Known to be lurking on alt.religion.scientology and and getting his leads from there. His Yahoo ID is: jnotherguy. More info and photgraph needed URGENTLY!!

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