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Rose & Camellia is a lulz worthy Japanese internets flash game where the objective is to bitch-slap your way to the top of a noble family. Its story is typical of female melo-drama and thus very lulz inducing and as it is from a Japanese site the English translation is suitably Engrish, overly dramatic and generally funneh. Play this slice of internets goodness here. It also has awesome 8-bit, Victorian style music.


Set in Victorian Era Japan, you, a young low-born woman who's noble husband has died, are under attack from his high-born female relatives who would rather be slapped than see you inherit his fortune. Lulz ensue as you slap your way from the first daughter to the end boss. This is one of the most pointless but ultimately lulz-ridden internets games evar.

"...This is the elegant art of feminine conflict."

Happy Slapping ("WIN!")

This person skips the hilarity of the story but the ingame madness is just as funneh.

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