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Ruby Dragon Entertainment is a Hungarian video game community operated by a lolcow who goes by the name Zrokky (Powerword: Csaba Zorn). Specializing in subpar RPG Maker 2000 titles, Zrokky has been relentlessly trolled for years and his obnoxious personality has helped keep RPG enthusiasts in a perpetual state of disgust.

The Games

Dragon Blade Online - Episode #17 - Drawing spongebobu!

Dragon Blade 1

State of the art graphics engine.
The slime is always watching.
Name Description
Vivienne Tomboy soldier magic princess, to appease the neckbeards.
Otaru Double-sworder assigned to kill Vivienne, but falls in love instead. Special abilities include a combo system stolen from FF6.
Zordiek Professional cow merchant assigned to kill both Vivienne and Otaru. His secret power is losing EXP.
Curtis Token thief who also happens to play baseball. Like all thieves, he uses an axe and white magic.
Darkrain Pyromaniac under the control of Zordiek the cow merchant.
Nigger As expected, Nigger kidnaps Vivienne for rape, fulfilling the necessary quota of nigger-rape.
Rageoon (Mark Volfield) Final boss. Stalks Vivienne in the forest at night and molests her to acquire crystals. Comes from another world and controls an army of minions dedicated to molesting Vivienne further. Impossible to defeat.
Max The ruby dragon. Serves no purpose.
An epic battle to the death.


After Vivienne and Otaru get their asses kicked in some war, they return home to have Rageoon rape the shit out of Vivienne and steal her crystals. After that he disappears through a portal and the rest of the game is spent tending to Vivienne's butthurt by chasing after him. Along the way Vivienne gets raped again by Zordiek. After she gets raped, Nigger kidnaps her and rapes her again. Otaru plays a game of football in an attempt to win game of Dragon Ball which will somehow stops Vivienne from getting raped again. During the football game they meet up with Curtis just to find out that Dragon Ball doesn't even exist. Something happens and Max pops up out of nowhere to give them a Dragon Blade. Eventually they catch up with Rageoon who somehow found his way to Vivienne's dad's house. Here you will fight the same enemy 100 times and then fight Rageoon 3 times. If you win, Vivienne will no longer be raped. You can't win.

Dragon Blade 2

In heaven, lakes are suspended in mid air.
What the actual fuck?
Name Desription
Amy Lyanne Jailbait main character. Accidentally kills people by means of tripping on a rock and knocking them off a cliff.
Kyno Volfield Son of the first game's final boss. Acts like a complete douchebag to Amy who won't stop following him around.
Amy's Pigeon Forces itself to be vored by Kyno for teh lulz.
Nina Lean Another whiny bitch who belongs in the kitchen. All she's good for is finding booby traps.
Marwin "Kristan" Runnoh Fuck-up of an airship captain. Fights with spears and uses medicinal herbs to heal HP. Also throws "fire wall bottles" at shit to pretend he can use magic.
Karina Holon Angel slut from Zrokky's Heaven. Heals a tiny amount of HP and is otherwise useless. Forms a love triangle with Kyno and Amy, and after taking the dick agrees to resurrect Kyno as a fallen angel, which is actually a curse and exactly what you'd expect from a spiteful bitch.
Scott Butthurt failure of a NPC. Bullied by Kyno because it's funny to watch him bawww.
Darkrain Necromancer who stirs a bunch of shit. Gives Scott powers and turns him into the final boss for no fucking reason.
Undead Rageoon The final boss from the first game with half of his face missing. Doesn't do shit but warn everyone to stop picking on poor Scotty.
Airen Rageoon, this time as a cross-dresser. Uses a fucking boomerang that doesn't deal any damage.
Caty Complete non-entity. Scott kills her off in a drug-induced hallucination. Uses weak fire magic.
Warning: Sprite overload.


Amy and Kyno work as mercenaries who meet up with Scott in a hotel room, who does a bunch of coke and lights a table on fire. The hotel kicks them out and they all end up sleeping on a bench. Afterwards they meet up with a ship captain named Erika for an assignment. While in route, Scott gets coked out again and Kyno nails him to the wall right before their ship gets raided by pirates. After killing the pirates, they stop for repairs. While they're waiting, the group explores the island and finds out about a hidden treasure on the island called the "Dragon Blade." The next day they find themselves at an airport so naturally they burn down an airship and loot it because Zrokky feels the need to make his characters seem like badasses to disguise his own aching vagina. Darkrain then sends a telepathic message and informs everyone that the Dragon Blade is on the ship, because that was the easiest way to advance the story without thinking of something that would actually make sense.

After that Amy and Marwin get their own airship fucked up by pirates, so they wind up in a town to steal bird food. Why bird food? Who fucking knows, it is what it is. Meanwhile, Kyno meets up with Karina and they go on a fishing trip. The two wind up getting caught by Amy who has a bawww moment over her lover being with another woman.

Amy had her ass kicked so hard that Marwin arrives with a tranny named Airen and they smear a plant on her face. Darkrain finds and attempts to rape Kyno, however much like Zrokky he suffers from impotence and is unable to achieve an erection without the help of supplements. Later on, Nina and Marwin find out that Airen is actually Kyno's dad. Afterwords they meet up with Scott and Caty in a haunted house. They all find an airship and Kyno gets killed. While dead, Kyno has multiple rounds of wild sex with Karina in heaven and Karina agrees to resurrect him as a fallen angel. Amy had the idea of showing up with the Dragon Blade to resurrect Kyno herself, so she finds Rageoon (Airen not dressed in drag) dressed up as a green slime and gets brutally molested for her efforts. Scott, still wound up on coke (yet again), steals the Dragon Blade and runs off into a portal. Everyone chases him down, fights him, and wins. The moral of the story is everyone gets raped and Zrokky likely fapped to his own storyline for months.

Bonus areas
Area Description
Dragon World Fight the same dragon 100 times.
Secret Base Fight acid slime, a super powered type of slime.
Whisperer Palace Go to heaven and fight ghosts.
Mirror World Subplot where Amy finds Karina and bitchslaps her for stealing her man.

Dragon Blade 3

Kinda reminds me of Street Fighter 2010.
That's one hell of an attic.
Name Description
Arlen Cross Self hating, slime fetish emo bitch who killed her own sister over Morec. When not cutting or fapping over goo, can be spotted picking plants.
Yuna Cross Arlen's undead sister, brought back to life to brew potions which make Arlen even more batshit insane than she already is.
Avari Deloth Another cutting emo slut who instigates the all important love triangle, because what Dragon Blade game would be complete without some ffm action.
Darkrain Official rapist kidnapper of this installment.
Scott's Shadow Helps Darkrain with the rape, still butthurt over the last game.
Morec Volfield Final boss, descendant of Rageoon and Kyno, and proud carrier of the douchebag gene. Uses a sword to travel between space and time, because that's what forged steel does.


Arlen had a childhood crush on Morec. Instead of the expected child rape scene, Arlen gets emo when Morec goes back to his home planet instead. It is believed that Zrokky was upset over being mocked by his community and was projecting his emo shit into this new game. Her sister Yuna tries to get Arlen to stop cutting herself but gets killed for her efforts. Fast forward a few years and Arlen has a slime masturbation fetish, it was later discovered that Zrokky wrote this part of the game while inserting slugs in his rectum. Out of nowhere Morec jumps from of a portal and rooms up with Arlen. One of Morec's secret lovers, Avari, appears with an item to send Morec home, but it's in five pieces that need to be recovered. Darkrain shows up and kidnaps Arlen and throws her in a rape dungeon. Now the quest is about chasing another rape victim and fighting armies of slime in predictable Zrokky style. Yuna, who was resurrected, sends Morec and Avari to go find the last item fragment while she sits around dealing with her cramps. Once Arlen realizes what just happened she slaps the shit out of Yuna and runs off to chase down Morec like the clingy bitch she is. Along the way, Arlen gets tricked by Avari into drinking a potion that fucks her shit up. Rumor has it that Zrokky attempted the same thing on his woman because she wouldn't have sex with him until he bathed, and that's just asking too much from someone who masturbates with snails. Yuna catches up with the bunch and beats Avari to death in a blind menstrual rage. Meanwhile, Arlen, empowered by potion, goes on a rampage and fucks up Darkrain and then goes on to kill her lover Morec. Arlen immediately regrets this, starts crying, then Yuna comes around in her PMS stupor and takes the blame for everything. The game ends at this point because Zrokky couldn't be bothered to finish the story.

Dragon Blade 4

Possible trap.
Name Details
Mark Volfield (Young Rageoon) Captain of a spaceship sent back in time by his girlfriend after it blows the fuck up.
Evelyn 16 year old love interest.
Kana Austistic jailbait, not playable because he never even finished the game.
Ayoki Evelyn's slime fetish father, fights with a fucking shovel.
Needs moar arrows.


Sometime in the future, Mark takes his wife on a spaceship for their honeymoon. For reasons unknown, the spaceship gets bombed and Mark finds out his wife is actually an angel. She then teleports him to the distant past. The first thing Mark does is hook up with some 16 year old emo slut who brings him home to meet her daddy. Instead of whooping his ass for being a time traveling pedophile, the father takes Mark to some dark mines where they molest each other with slime. The jailbait whore then winds up in an arranged marriage with some other dude, which Mark interrupts to pursue his dreams of underage pussy slime fetish incest. The game ends at this point.

Battle System

Zrokky has made numerous improvements to Dragon Blade's custom battle system throughout each incarnation. Each time a new feature is added, an angel loses its wings.

Custom battle system in a nutshell.

Dragon Blade ONline

Quality MMORPG.

After having realized his single player games had reached a point that could only be defined as rock bottom, it was time for Zrokky to move on to pillaging the world of MMORPGs. There is absolutely nothing noteworthy about any of his three miserable attempts, other than all games being populated by the same small group of 12 year old fanboys. Each attempt features graphics inferior to that of a first generation NES game while making the only gameplay element being that you are to follow recipes to accomplish things.

Some argue that the most entertaining aspect of any of these games is discovering new ways to get banned.

Zrokky's Custom RPGMaker

RPGMaker restricts the amount of faggotry one can spew, irritating Zrokky to the point he set out to create his own alternative. It wasn't long before his lack of programming skills became the biggest issue, Zrokky was unable to master advanced 3D effects such as texture transparencies. After he inevitably threw in the towel, a group of fans took of over, and the project is still hopelessly stalled.

The "3D" RPG Maker features graphics stolen from RPG Maker and is anything but 3D.

The majestic and demonic Csaba Zorn

Csaba Zorn.

Zrokky is a known mid-20s manchild with a penchant for slime, brutalizing his own native language, banning dozens of people at a time, furry fandom, and spending his entire fucking life devoted to making the worst abominations of games in the history of mankind. Throughout the last ten years Zrokky has been working to grow the largest e-peen in the Hungarian Homebrew RPG world, and as a result earned the label of a psychopathic schitzophrenic sick fuck balding furfag who can go to hell for his crimes against nature.

Moon Dragon Entertainment

The story begins in 2004 when Zrokky posted his demo for Dragon Blade 1 on the forums of an RPGMaker team known as Moon Dragon. Moon Dragon was known for their hit game Amnézia, and if you mention to Zrokky how good that game was he will immediately start flapping his arms and pounding away at the keyboard until he finds the banhammer. Upon posting his demo, the userbase of Moon Dragon completely decimated him and ousted him as a talentless hack. Complaints ranged from the ridiculously unbalanced enemy progression, and Zrokky's complete rape of the Hungarian language by including obscure German slang that only he understood.

On other forums they flamed my games some ten pages long and they call it opinion.


—Please don't use opinions qq.

The butthurt was so intense that after being so anally ravaged, he made his own forum and started to work on building his personal army of 12 year olds who can't tell the difference between a good or bad game. The forum was dubbed SGForum (possibly for Super Gay) and to this day Zrokky is still irate about the criticism and beating he received over his first demo. Like a typical sperg, he blames the admin and not the userbase.

Ruby Dragon Forums

Over time his userbase grew, however with new faces came the inevitable criticism. Zrokky took it upon himself to ban the fuck out of anyone who disagreed with him. One particular duo, Juju and her boyfriend Puli, completely smashed Zrokky in a sissy internet slapfight. They were promptly banned, and Zrokky spent the next few months spreading lies and slander about the couple to anyone who would listen (see: 12 year olds). Another user named Karki was banned for leaking the DB3 beta copy - as if anyone other than Zrokky actually gave a fuck.

Forum post celebration party!.

Eventually Zrokky got tired of the stress of running an internet forum. He was losing his hair, becoming impotent, and stopped eating. He decided to take a break and let two of his friends, Glarion and Sirius, run the boards for him. After Zrokky left the scene, the new admins unbanned Juju and Puli, as well as a plethora of other members who were previously banned.

Without giving a damn, they let in members that were banned earlier, swearings began, and the idiot standard and they approved registrations without looking at them (including bots.)


—Please don't use bad words qq.

Once Zrokky returned, he threw a fit, banned the admins, and blamed them for ruining his precious forum. There was a massive revolt, everyone was cussing up a storm, and Zrokky decided the only way to solve this was to delete fucking everything. All the users gave Zrokky a collective middle finger and started their own forum known as RDE2.


RDE2 grew quickly and this upset Zrokky the manchild so much that he decided to relaunch his forum, with the sole purpose of waging a gay internet war against RDE2.

On the other hand, they didn't even ask me if I approve of RDE2. What they did was take it arbitrarily. So this isn't an excuse that they didn't know whether there'll ever be RDE and then that means we can take it... This only in fairy tales...


—Please don't start another forum qq.

Somehow, Zrokky's forum managed to grow in size and the endless stream of staged assaults against RDE2 became too much for the admins to handle, so they closed down the site. Some argue that it was just too much of a headache to have to deal with the constant belligerent spamming his child-warriors brought to the table.

To this day, Zrokky's pitiful forum remains the king of Hungarian RPG discussion, and has served to pound the entire community into submission and chase away anyone with actual talent.

IRL Meetings

Zrokky has on a few occasions organized IRL meetings for his forum members, all of which have lead to OTI drama.

Ruby Dragon Community Meeting, 2012.12.31 - BUÉK / Happy new year! ^^;

On one of these meetings, a forum user by the name of Laonyr told Zrokky's girlfriend she should drink more, let loose, and have a good time. This did not bode well with Zrokky, and a fight broke out. By the time everyone got home from the party, Zrokky had banned everyone involved. An admin by the name of Zols took Laonyr's side of the argument, a huge mistake. Zrokky achieved maximum butthurt, labeled everyone "Zols' Fans" and banned half the forum.

Malik who agreed with me too, traveled 300 km just to meet with us. And Zrokky banned him on Christmas only because he wrote down his opinion which was similar to mine. Zrokky doesn't have a heart...


—Zols, on the Xmas ban spree.

The banished users joined another forum to share their expirience, so Zrokky registered there as a sock account to defend his side of the story. When Zrokky's sock couldn't win the hearts of everyone there, he began an endless shitflood spree until the forum closed their doors.

Zrokky treats people fucking unfairly and disgustingly. Bans you, then in a topic behind your back that you cannot see (tries to) alter the truth, twists your words and sets himself as God whose word is sacred, no-one can refute it. Actually, this is what's happened not too early. I had a friend, Lao, who frequented these meetings too. While drunk, he mentioned to Zrokky's girlfriend that she should be partying more, drink. Which even the girl acknowledged was fair enough. Zrokky however snapped, he hated him since then and banned him with all kinds of stupid reasons, calling him "arrogant". Naturally. I took a stand against it, and I also had enough that if you don't act like a 13 year old and don't spam the stupid yellow faces, but be yourself, then Zrokky will not like you.



—Zols, breaking it down.

The funniest was when he put "shit" in badword filter to be rewritten with "poopy drops".

So anyway, I gave a detailed explanation (since I know he lives in happylife dreamworld and that's what he likes) that what the fuck he's thinking, after all that he banned my friend with bullshit reasons like this, what does he even expect (because this is about the same level as if I banned his girlfriend because I maybe don't like her face), and the other bullshit that was going on in that forum, and about 6-7 people agreed with me from there, that this oppression shouldn't be that one can't be oneself, since this fake modesty is pointless, this way one can't converse normally.


—Zols, breaking it down further.

I asked him that we talk this over on msn, maybe he would get what problem half of the forum (and half the world?) has with him, but he refused. Then deleted my account, altered everything behind my back in an invisible topic again, of course the others were intelligent and didn't let this, since they knew that he only knows two sides of the story and can't do more than generalize. But then he banned some members in Christmas and labelled them "Zols fans" and the topic has calmed down since they're afraid of being banned, but like the community however.


—Failed negotiations.

Further attempts to negotiate with Zrokky have proven unsuccessful. Either agree with him, or you're banished from his fantasy world.


Someone named Árgyus went public on Zrokky's nonsense, using a lesser known rival forum to speak out. Within a day, Zrokky registered an account and accused him of being a sockpuppet of someone who trolled him from long ago. This was quickly derailed by gay forum drama when admins got into an argument about a dog. Árgyus and the admin who lost the dog debate went on to make their own gay forum.

Árgyus got into an argument with one of Zrokky's white knights named Endymion. Eventually however they would come to an agreement that Zrokky sucks ass when he implements new forums rules:

  • All posts minimum 18 words.
  • Must have 1000 posts to make an off-topic post.
  • All new user posts are screened by Zrokky.
  • User of the Month poll where Zrokky deletes the thread if he doesn't like the winner.

Endymion was banned from the forum despite being an active user for years for speaking out against these ass backwards rules.

Zrokky doesn't admit his fault and he's demolishing his forum thanks to this. For me, this isn't a problem, I keep in touch with friends in other places, this is going to be a problem for him instead.


—Endymion, last words.

My latest ill-wisher's IP addresse: If anyone can cause him harm through this, don't hesitate to do it, it would be of great help.


—Zrokky's default response to everything.

A bunch of users migrated to Árgyus's forum. Later on, Zrokky would reemerge into the scene by joining to once again accuse Árgyus of being a sockpuppet, this time he intimidated a twelve year old girl to spam his paranoid bullshit for him.

Ah, this must be szencsa again. He was having fun with this earlier, that he came with his immature hate and constantly rated my games 1. Now as he turned up again, suddenly another three 1 ratings appeared.. Guest ratings are not reliable since they're based on IP, dynamic IPs can vote more then once.


—Zrokky, seeing Szencsa everywhere.

He would later on write her numerous letters about frightening trolls and flamers. These are in no way extremely creepy.

Hey, I see Sir Árgyus has attack you as well.

Just a friendly warning, if you wouldn't know, Árgyus, he's banned from RDE, because he's an exceptionally malicious shit stirring kid. Earlier he made himeself known by the name of szencsa and constantly tried to do us harm. He made websites of us and comes to our site a million times only to talk shit to me.

Recently, he changed name to Sir Árgyus and now plays the good guy, as if he wants good, but in reality he flames us in the background all the same and tries to turn more people against us, or do us harm in any way. He was one the biggest on too and started threads about me of all sorts, before they were banned and his and his enthusiastic friends' imprecations were deleted, who today are on the hunrpgmaker webstie.

He's gotten in touch with our earlier banned members and nicely recoloured the reason of their bans in a way, that always I came out to be the big bad unjust man, and they are but good people, who wouldn't have hurt a fly. And they try to sell these stories to others, so that they would come to hate us.

And alas this isn't everything. For years, he's been stirring shit up and we can't get rid of him. Makes videos, troll sites, registered a thousand times to us in different names and made trouble. Now, however, he came up with the idea to get in an "educated friendly big face" costume and make friends with our members, so he could divide them.

And there's still more shit stirrings other then this, but of course he doesn't admit this with his current name, instead he tries to offer the impression of a good, helpful man. Now for instance he, if I see it well, besieges you, tries to make friends with your environment!

A good advice, block that man and delete all of his comments. Don't even bother to talk to him, because he doesn't deserve it after what he's been doing the past years. If you see that he tries to seduce someone else, then tell them too what Árgyus, or in his more famous name: szencsa does.

Greetings: Zrokky


Sorry for bothering you with this again, but I feel I should warn you about this stuff too. Dunno if you're in contact with Szenszej, but recently the following happened:

He got in touch with Endymion and his band who possibly filled his head with those "evil" stories about us, because after a week he deleted everything from us, then asked for account deletion. Didn't tell why, he only said he no longer wishes to be here. Then he registered to Árgyus's forum and now he's a member there.

Yesterday evening Árgyus and his army "attacked" our forum again, left 4 flaming comments. Every comment was signed as Szencsa, so not on their real name, but an alias. Luckily I'm not stupid either and could identify some of them.

From the 4 comments: -one was written by Symon Glorian (creator of VVH who's been defaming us from the beginning) -one was written by árgyus (szencsa) -and one by szenszej

The comment was: "Forró vizet a kopaszra!"

I'd like to warn you that szenszej's taken Árgyus's side too and now he's privately trolling us too. Before our eyes, he acts normal, he doesn't publicly hates us on the other forum and where I can see it, but he sent the quoted message that night too.

Either he was manipulated against us or was our hater from the beginning and only joined our community from behind a mask. If he's been against us from the start, then it's possible that he only came here to make friends with the RDE members and when he gained their trust, to fill their heads with our "bad deeds". That's why I'm saying to warn you that he's abnormal.

About Endymion and his friends: After they were banned they went nuts and joined the side of the flamers. I also know that they tried to turn some of our members. It might be possible that they too try to get in touch with our members try to turn them against us.

Thought it's better if you know these too. :unsure:

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I should get in contact with his parents somehow and tell them what's going on, then perhaps he'd stop for a while or something. On the Internet he knows well that nobody can do anything against him and since he can change name anytime he can do anything, he can always start clean. Perhaps that's why he's such an asshole <_<


—How he wants to deal with Árgyus


In early 2013 Zrokky registered for the only Hungarian furry forum and immediately shifted gears to turbofag mode. Here's the logs, translated to English.

Heeeey hello, greetings everybody!!!

Wassup around here? Doing furry stuff? Well then I'd introduce myself: I'm Zrokee, hello! Though if world's end's not happening I'll register here and get to know you, hope you don't mind.

Of myself I can write what the majority of the furries can: I Love music, manga, anime, movies, cartoons, animals, nature, etc, I love almost everything connected to furry, started in childhood and doesn't want to stop and the likes of that. :)

I've grown up in the country, now I'm a guy from Budapest at the level of a child while I feel myself old. About my name, I've just made it up. My style is somewhat mixed, I love interesting things, like to try myself in many things, especially in IT. Somehow I was always annoyed by humanity, so even as a child I wanted friends that are like what I saw in cartoons with animal characters. I stumbled upon the first furry art accidentally on a cd, which charmed be so much that when I've got Internet I jumped immediately in.

My fursona's an interesting cross between a fox because that's what I resemble the most, and a dragon, since I can choose.

Imagine me somewhere between the two till I dazzle you with my mind-spinning art skills. :)

In short, briefly this is it, I'll listen to your questions instead, because to listen is gold and I'm poor.

As to be expected on any internet forum, it doesn't take long for Zrokky to find some gay love.

Caleb: Zrokee, I believe that you have an over-developed humor and secretly long for company of the same gender, but unlike that others, I don't bloody care about your sexual identity... ...aside that I fuck you pregnant in a dark ally :D

Zrokee: Caleb! I still have to disappoint you, if I were gay I would have introduced myself this way: Hello li'l furry dudes! How are you doing? Give me a warm welcome! If I were a jerk, then: Hey! Sup? How's it going? I'm the newcomer! Na! Thing is I'm here because I came and ...fuck you! These are furniggers! I'm getting the hell outta here! Mommy I'm going to disco at the weekend gimme money!

Caleb: A huge sum of fags registered here and none of them introduced themselves this way...

Zrokky proclaimed this exchange an internet victory for himself and moved on to his next victim.

Jarkore: Hey there Zrokke, welcome to the forums, etc, when do we bang party?

Zrokee: Jarkore! Hold your horses! For further misunderstandings I'd like to state that I'm hetero, poor Caleb's still on the infirmary because of me. :) It'd be wise to keep in mind that around here you don't react to some jokes as heteros elsewhere. X)

Jarkore: Maybe you're misunderstanding, it wasn't an offer or something like that, but a simple joke referring to the forum's majority of "different" members xD

Zrokee: Ja of course you're joking... then if you see my muscular stallion body, manly chin, wild glance and I'll have to immediately call the dog catcher to get you off of me. XD

Jarkore: Come to the meeting with reins X3

Zrokee: Ha! I'm not afraid of you! You'll be disappointed anyway! X)

And what turbofag spree is complete without the glorified attention whoring ragequit?

Well, the timing's perfect, now everyone's going to think that I'm offended, luckily I'm not like that I had great fun with Caleb. :)

Dear females and males! I think there's no point delaying this really surprising discovery, according to which in the past 10 days I came to the world-trembling truth that I don't belong in here... pause... I've been feeling it for days. What can I say you're kind, you're cute, I like you. Huhh. This cutsy talk makes my teeth rot. But I feel I don't belong in here because I'm intolerable, I make fun of everything, but I didn't want to hurt you. I'm digging my own grave. :)

I know you think that all this had fucking no point, he came here for 4-5 days acted like a douche then he scrams, and we wrote to him like stupids. why the hell did he come here in the first place? It was definitely worth a try, I didn't regret it, I hope neither do you.

So what do you say if we say our farewells friendly, I pack up and go? Waving long. :) Not because of you, I just feel like I couldn't fit in. Then we'll meet someday on dA or FA when my drawing skills are better. Hm? Heh, this one didn't last long either, did he? :)

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Slime Fetish

Zrokky is known to achieve full erection at the site of anything gooey, including but not limited to:

Character development.
  • Snot.
  • Oysters.
  • Snails.
  • Semen.
  • The perspiration that forms under his armpits.
  • The outer rim of his toilet bowl.
  • Green Slime ripped directly from Dragon Quest.
  • Star Ocean characters.

Fap Fap Fap

I came.

How to Troll Zrokky

Always remind him that his games look like shit.
  • Praise Amnézia in front of him.
  • Ask about how to contact Zols or any of his banned members.
  • Ask him when his next bullshit game is coming out.
  • Tell him "Forró vizet a kopaszra!" - this means "hot water to the bald" - Árgyus's pals all sent him this message once.

Did You Know?


The Life & Times of Zrokky About missing Pics
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Ruby Dragon Drawings About missing Pics
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Ruby Dragon Comic (English Translation) About missing Pics
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