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Posting this image could be considered rude.
Now that's just rude.

Rudely is the best way to describe how you will be treated on the internets unless you are a moderator, a dragon or have perky tits. If someone doesn't realize that you are in one of these groups you can pwn them by banning, saying "Fuck you, I'm a dragon!" or showing them your vagina respectively.

Examples of victims of rudeness

Being rude.

The N00b

Prima: Hi, I'm new here. How do I internets correctly?
Secunda: FOAD!! lolololololololol
Tertia: lol, you r teh n00b and suck cock!
Prima: Please help me, I don't know how to internets!
Secunda: Balls
Prima: What?
Secunda: taht is what yOu love to EAt!!!! hahahahaah
Quaterna: Ya mom

The Emo

Emo suicide.jpg

Secunda: lol, kool one more emo dies
Tertia: :(
Quaterna: Your mom did me a favor ALL NITE LONG!!! ROFL

The Sick Fuck

Prima: My cousin from Spain was staying over in the UK with us to study English further. She was about my age, I remember the last time I saw her was when I was 13 or 14... :...I layed it on all over my cock and rubbed some around and into her asshole, she moaned as my fingers pondered in and around it. This was so fucking dirty. I flipped her onto her front and pushed by helmet on her asshole, Cautiously pushing it onto and in slowly, she tensed up a couple times and groaned, which put me off and made me withdraw... :...So yeah. Did I do wrong? Fucking my cousin? My cousin?!
Secunda: lol, you fucked your cousin you sick fuck
Einsidler: What the fuck? I am definately putting this on ED. Why are so many Newgrounds BBS users into incest?
Quaterna: lol, ur mom
M00katron:M00katron:M00katron:M00katron:M00katron:M00katron:M00katron:M00katron:M00katron:M00katron:M00katron says:

WAH? you wanna the cookie AAH COMMAH!!!! 0.o say what? now to buisness MONKEY TROUBLE LALALALALALALALALALALALAL æ XD 'end'

The one who goes against popular opinion

Prima: I love Linkin Park
Secunda: You suck
Prima: But its my opinion
Secunda: Your opinion is wrong
Tertia: IAWTC
Quaterna: lol, ur mom loved linkin Park ALL NIgtH LOOOONg

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