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Typical Lj-favicon.png sf_drama user
Artist's interpretation of Lj-favicon.png sf_drama dogpile

Lj-favicon.png sf_drama is the off-topic LiveJournal community for Stupid free. Founded by Animal Dreams in August of 2007, the community quickly became a place for people to show off their n00dz and old meme knowledge. Currently it's a place for fat, ugly hags to gather and out-outrage each other. The community consists of hoarders and cat ladies who have absolutely no social skills nor IRL backbones, so they police livejournal in an effort to stomp out all instances of fun and free speech. Studies have shown that Lj-favicon.png sf_drama consists of the following: 60% fat chicks (most of which claim to be lesbians/bisexual/feminists) 20% FTM transsexuals, 10% even fatter chicks, 5% MTF transsexuals, and 5% unfunny trolls. A good rule of thumb is that everyone on Lj-favicon.png sf_drama either has a vagina or wants one. Since most Lj-favicon.png sf_drama users are fat, ugly shut ins, if you're lucky -- and there's a good chance you will be -- those proclaiming you to be the bigot to end all bigots will show you this is serious business by selecting a My Little Pony with an angry face, a Disney character, Harry Potter and friends, or a character from their favourite anime scowling as their userpic.

Another typical Lj-favicon.png sf_drama user

The major difference between Lj-favicon.png stupid_free and Lj-favicon.png sf_drama is that the latter is totally cool with breaking LJ's TOS, by linking to friends-locked posts and personal journals. Also, Lj-favicon.png sf_drama accepts posts that would be deemed fail even by Lj-favicon.png stupid_free's ridiculously lax standards. As a result, the quality of posts at Lj-favicon.png stupid_free has improved somewhat, while Lj-favicon.png sf_drama is inundated with random bullshit.

General info

After the drama between Animal Dreams and Mengus went down, the community went through several rapid changes of modship before settling on batshit bipolar goth Lj-favicon.png lucretia_lenore, pitbull-fucker Lj-favicon.png bellasmommy, and conservative LJ mom Lj-favicon.png merlyn4401.

Content is about 50% drama and 50% old-style e/n posts.

Update - 01/07/2011: After multiple epic and legendary wanks, our dearest Lj-favicon.png sf_drama is left in the hands of the lone Lj-favicon.png madwitch. For about a week now, she has been declaring that she will be dropping out and replacing herself with new mods. Multiple posts she has stated she will make a mod post to discuss nominations.

It hasn't happened.

Many members are declaring it will be the end of the community.

Wish, and ye shall receive.


You can join the Lj-favicon.png sf_drama users on irc.starchat.net #sf_drama. E-celebrities like minthoney occasionally show up, so don't miss it. #sf_drama has also been known to host a version of LJ internet court.

Theme days

Yea, gone are the days of most what you see here. Pic Posts and Frinkles have fallen to the wayside, and macros are sparse. They will remain in honor of the Glory Days.

Members are too busy fapping to the injustices of the world and tearing one another apart for using cunt, whore, faggot and other insults that you are TOO WHITE AND TOO STRAIGHT AND TOO HETERONORMATIVE TO TALK ABOUT.

You sound white. Are you white, bitch?

Macro Mondays Post a shit MS Paint version of a meme everyone's heard at least 100 times!

But don't let it feature death or a prostitute, or making fun of faggots.

Off-Topic Tuesday

Post questions that would belong in your personal journal, except you don't have enough friends to get any responses!

Bonus points will be given if you off-topic about the retard you smashed the teeth of on the sidewalk for the lulz the day before.

Pic Post Wednesdays Camwhore your brains out!

Thank God this shit is done with. No one wants to see a bunch of faggots diddling themselves, or retards drooling on things, or niggers.

Frinkle Fursday Post a bunch of stupid fantard versions of a decent meme that got overplayed!



Lj-favicon.png sf_drama has become a rabid liberal playground, where any and every word is offensive by the standards of community members. Considering more than 75% of all posts now feature glorious subjects like rape or murder, the PC Brigade stands at the ready for one person to step out of line. Once you say anything they denote is racist, sexist or any other -ist, the post will break out into a fanatical melee of repeated debate that happened already two posts prior. If readers are lucky.

What sf_drama does whenever something goes against their fuckin' libtard social justices!!!

Day One

We start here with a post titled Grudgewank, courtesy of Lj-favicon.png californianight

Proving the community hivemind through example, californianight raged against Lj-favicon.png hotcoffeems for deciding she was a Negro after discovering she had a Negro for a relative like five fucking generations ago. Declaring that a white person with fair hair and eyes simply cannot tout their black power privileges, sf_drama should come to back up californianight on her quest to bring down the man.

However, it just didn't happen that way, and it only served to enrage the Negro & Company populace, leading to massive generalizations about the white race. Because in sf_dramaland, racism is only that which is against all races but whitey.

Lj-favicon.png itrytobeamused

Why did you edit out things that would have been worthy of criticizing her for to instead do some disgusting racial identity policing

Lj-favicon.png californianight

not surprised a white woman is hypersensitive about another white woman being allowed to pretend to be a person of color

While defending her statements through unnecessary amounts of editing and raging angry black woman rage, californianight takes the thread with itrytobeamused as a call to arms. Repeatedly through the post, she attempted to bait itrytobeamused by insulting her by her hair color and pale skin.

Meanwhile, elsewhere in the post, a new meme is born.

  • "You sound white."

But don't worry, everyone! It's going to be okay, because white people deserve it. So smd.

Multiple members call racial pohleecing. This provokes the untalent of sf_drama's anon to go forth and screenshot multiple locked entries and post them over to insanejournal, found right here.

Flouncing commences. The Social Justice Team activates their power of disappearing, baaaaaahleeting all their entries in the community. Good thing they flounced, because that was against the rules anyway!

Among the fallen are:

  • vulgarcriminal
  • qweerdo
  • flewellyn
  • some serial deletist that people will always refer to her as s_v. sally_mclennane was her last name. Is her last name. fuck knows

Also, always remember if you're a black man walking into a racism war, you stfd and stfu because all you're doing is fucking mansplainin'.

Day Two

And then Lj-favicon.png stupify comes on the scene. Submitting a post exclusively about ohnotheydidnt going on about Lady Gaga and her Illuminati Agenda, once Lj-favicon.png madwitch approved the post, she promptly editted to restir the mother fucking pot as she is another angry black woman (or so they say, but she sounds white), you don't know her, SHE CAN DO WHAT SHE WANTS

It was successful.

Day Three

Day Four

Day Five

Day Six

Lj-favicon.png morphine arrives to advise us that something terrible has happened. Lj-favicon.png juliet316 failed Trolling 101 and decided to hit up a gypsy chick with multitudes of dead gypsy images. When Lj-favicon.png graspthethorn revealed the screenshot and IP of the anonfail attack, others came forward to advise that juliet316 was, in fact, the evil-doer.

Despite multiple sources citing apparently undocked images, juliet316 stuck to her guns and screamed before flouncing. The links in the master post say so much. Good job, shithead. gb24chon.

All participants were involved somewhere along the way since day one.

After The Days of Trauma

Step out of line and prepare for a flooded inbox

Thus far, Lj-favicon.png sf_drama has turned into a cesspool of Social Justice. White, straight, hetertomanormativenta people, especially men, are not allowed to have opinions on anything. Cis males, whateverthefuck that means.

Basically, the community remains one of srs bsns, with hippies running about. Members clearly have nothing better to do with their time other than to fap and slap.

a reasonable nigra with something to say to Lj-favicon.png sf_drama

Members will often cry that allies attempting to speak on behalf of marginalized groups are being bad allies and should go DIAF, without realizing who might take offense to being told to DIAF because their mother/cat/father/cousin happened to have DIAF. The community seeks to sap all entertainment from human speech by finding everything cause to state someone is a racist, sexist, homophobe, arachnophobe, basically anything-phobe. If anyone of a "marginalized group" dare speak out to say that these individuals are being ridiculous, they too are told to shut up and are clearly lying.

There are no girls on the internet. In Lj-favicon.png sf_drama, there are no colorededed peoples on the internet that would dare disagree with their batshit logic.

She doesn't agree therefore she must be lying about her experiences

Members continue to rage about triggers not being placed on posts and more than half the active member population claims to be a victim of how they greet girls in Japan. It is tempting for many sane members to tell them to turn off the goddamn computer and go to a mother fucking shrink. Psychos.

Members repeat how important it is not to blame victims, and to always believe every "survivor" who comes forward with stories of rape and sexual assault, yet they only believe and support those who agree with them. If you come forward with a personal tragedy of your own and use it as your basis for disagreeing with them, you are a liar and you're making up your story. The only appropriate opinion to take away from your experiences in life are their opinions. Otherwise you're a sexist, bigot, slut shamer, victim blamer, homophobe, etc.

Sf_drama Nevar Forgets

Some users get triggered just by seeing formerly flamed users post anything

Thanks to the wonderful feature that is livejournal notes, a feature that only those with little enough dignity to purchase paid accounts can take advantage of, no offender is ever safe anywhere else on livejournal. The feature allows paid users to write notes that appear by usernames of people if you want to remember something about them. This was probably created to help you remember real names, things you have in common with a user, and other positive things. Instead, SFD users are treating it like their own private rap sheets for even the most petty infractions.

A user says, "I don't get why white people can't say nigga," and suddenly they have dozens of users with lj notes on them calling them racists. From here on out, everywhere they post, sfd members will see the note and call them out on completely irrelevant comments. If you want to participate in any popular community after getting on their bad side you better get a new account. They will start massive amounts of unprovoked drama and have you grudge banned from communities with no justification behind it.

sf_drama All*Stars

After the "Cool Kidz" ran off during the Liberalz Hunt 2011, a new array of stars have shown up! So awesome to know who the people that aren't our future are.

Lj-favicon.png sjaustin -- Lj-favicon.png butterbuns -- Lj-favicon.png sunhawk -- Lj-favicon.png fucku -- Lj-favicon.png nesmith -- Lj-favicon.png alexandraerin -- Lj-favicon.png bloodparade -- Lj-favicon.png lost_garnet -- Lj-favicon.png winterfox -- Lj-favicon.png boomstick -- more new cool kids to come


From time to time, there are real displays of how much Lj-favicon.png sf_drama is the shining light of liberated thinking across the world of livejournal.

Such as when when Lj-favicon.png beardedtroll responded to wankercripple Lj-favicon.png gisei_nashi_ni at this sauce:

Ah, sf_drama. That glorious, hateful clique of confirmation-biased blind Internet wankers who're spending their days whipping each other into incestous, foam-mouthed rages over the least transgression of their self-drawn, self-validated lines in the sand. Truly they are the measure of all that is good and decent on the Internet in general and LiveJournal in particular. Truly they are their brothers' keepers, and truly they do see the specks in their brothers' eyes. Glory be!


—keepin it reel bitches.

the rest of the world trying to comprehend the blithering retards of Lj-favicon.png sf_drama
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