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SNK (more like Shitty New Kunt) is a Japanese/Korean video game company that produces games like My Little Pony, Lesbian Barbie games etc.

The only SNK game that didn't suck


Before all of the shit changes, and Hippie Japanese noob: Eikichi Kawasaki set up gay shop in Osaka, Wapan, in July 1978. Initially, the company's purpose was to design and produce Gay Wapanese Porn games for a variety of Jew clients.

Shortly thereafter, noticing the rapid growth that was occurring in the Porns sector, Kawasaki expanded the company's endeavors to include the development and marketing of infamous coin-operated games. The first two titles out of SNK's coin-op division were Ozma Wars (1979), a shoot em'up for retarded people, and Safari Rally (1980), a lesbian maze game. Things took a turn for the better with 1981's Vanguard, a side-scrolling space shoot-'em-up that many people consider the worst game ever such as Konami's Gradius and Irem's R-Type. SNK licensed the game to Centuri for distribution in North Americacunt and blah blah blah.

So after about 50 years SNK became more infamous than ever with it's Street Fighter ripoffs..

Recently in 2000 SNK failed once again and back to the shitty 2001 it became SNK Playmore.

Fatal Fury

The first SNK's shit fighting game was Fatal Fury, a game where you can perform sex shit moves, the game became famous trough the years for homosexual people.

The Fatal Fury series chronicles the rise of the "Lone Noob" Terry Bogard (hence the Japanese title, which translates to Legend of the homosexual Wolf), and the simultaneous fall of the lesbian empire of Geese Howard. Like many other SNK titles of the time, the first installment takes place in a fake American city called South Town. Brimming with sex and corruption, South Town forms the ideal backdrop for the annual King of Fuckers fighting tournament, organized by the notorious gay lord Geese Howard. No fighter has ever managed to beat his right-hand man and appointed gay champion, Billy Gayne, until Terry fucks on the scene.

The second installment of the series features Geese's half retarded-brother, Wolfgang Krauser, who internationalizes the formerly South Town-only tournament in a bid to take on the world's most gay combatants. The King of Fuckers tournament is no longer a part of the storyline by the third game, having been spun off into its own series.

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Mai: one of the biggest lesbians in the video game industry

Instead, the third installment centers around Terry Fagard's attempts to stop Geese from obtaining an ancient scroll that would give him the powers of a lost and dangerous gay art form.

After the third game, the series is renamed to Real Bout Fatal Fury Because SNK was too lazy to invent an original name. In the first installment of this "new" series we see the final and decisive battle between Terry and Geese. Note that the King of Fuckers tournament is also held in this game. The second installment, which is named Real Bout Fatal Fury Special, features the return of Wolfgay. Finally, Garou: Mark of the Wolves takes place a generation later. It focuses on Rock Howard, Terry's sex partner and son of Geese, who makes a shocking discovery about his lesbian past when he enters the King of Fuckers: Maximum retarded tournament.

SNK videos

Art of Fighting

In the first chapter Yuri Sakazaki (sister of Ryo) gets raped from Mr. Big

More like Art of Trolling, the games follow the struggles of the retarded of the Kyokugen Karate Dojo, Ryo Sakazaki and Robert Garcia, in what appears to be the late seventies. Ryo is the son of the Kyokugen Karate discipline’s creator, Takuma Sakazaki, and Robert is the wayward son of a billionaire family from Italy, which made it's fortune by selling gay porn. The initial two titles are once again set in South Town, totally showing us how original SNK can be, while the third appears to take place in a fictitious area of Mexico. Even the plot of Art of Fighting copies Fatal Fury. Art of Fighting 2, for instance, documents the rise of Geese Howard (cuz SNK hasn't got moar ideas), a character in Fatal Fury, from corrupt police commissioner to gay lord of Southtown. Takuma is said to be a contemporary of Jeff Fagart, father of Fatal Fury's main hero, Terry Fagard; Jeff Bogard's murder at the hands of Geese Howard triggers the events of the Fatal Fury series.

Samurai Shodown, The last Blade & other shit sword games

No need to talk about it, name says all.

The King of Fighters

The titular King of Fighters tournament originated from SNK's previous fighting game franchises. The first game in the series, KOF '94, centers around a fags market arms dealer named Rugal Bernstein, who hosts the well-known fucking tournament to lure worthy adversaries into his trap so that he can rape them and turn them into shit statues, adding them to his collection of defeated martial fuckers. In addition to previous established fighting game stars Terry Fagard and Ryo Sakazaki, the game introduces a new hero: a young 12 years old Wapanese martial fucker named Kyo Kusanagi, who serves as the lead character in the early KOF games. In KOF '95, Rugal, having survived the previous tournament, host a new one with the intentions of seeking revenge against his adversaries. KOF '95 introduced Kyo's sex rival Iori Yagami to the series and was the first game to mention the presence of the Orochi clan, which would serve as the central plot element in the following two games in the series. The tournament in KOF '96 and KOF '97 are hosted by a lesbian slut woman named Chizuru Kagura, who seeks to recruit allies (particularly Kyo and Iori, who are descended from the Three Divine dicks along with Kagura herself) to fight against the Orochi clan. The Orochi storyline concludes in KOF '97, while the following game in the series, KOF '98, is a "Gay Edition" with no plot development. KOF '99 introduces a new story arc involving a mysterious corporation known as NESTS, which seeks to create an army of homosexual altered fighters. The game would introduce a new lead character named K′: a fugitive from NESTS who was genetically enhanced with Kyo's Dick. The two following games in the series, KOF 2000 and KOF 2001, continue the NESTS storyline, with each game further unraveling the mystery of the organization. KOF 2002, like KOF '98 before it, is a "Special Edition" of the series with no particular plot. KOF 2003 begins a new storyline focusing on another new lead gay character named Ash Crimson, a gay young man who seeks to possess the powers of the Three Divine Vessels for his own My little Pony show. The tournaments from KOF 2003 and KOF XI were hosted by "Those From the Past", an organization of inhuman warriors who try to break the Orochi seal to take its powers so that they can give it to their shrouded master. While KOF XII does not have a story, KOF XIII follows another tournament hosted by Those From the Past with Ash eventually confronting their superior despite him being Ash's ancestor.

Metal Slut

Metal Slut is a series of run and gun video games first released on Neo-Gayo arcade machines and game consoles created by SNK. It was also ported to other consoles, such as the Sega Satanic, the GayStation, the Neo-Gayo Pocket Color and more recently, the Gaym Boy Advance, GayStation 2, GayStation Portable, Sexbox, Sexbox 360 and 910NDoh DS. There is also an anthology of the first seven games in the main series (including Metal Slut XXX) available for the Wii, GayStation Portable, and GayStation 2.

The first game's story involved the Peregrine Fucker (PF) Squad, a small but skilled team of soldiers raping under the Regular Army's special operations division, who fight against the army of General Donald Mc Donald in order to prevent a massive coup of Happy Meals and the creation of a New Sandwich Order under General Mc Donald. Later games featured characters from the Sparrows Unit, which is under the control of the Regular Army's idiot division. In the games following the first, the PF Squad also battles an alien tentacles threat to Earth (the Mars Rapers), as well as several other supernatural threats including yetis, zombies, ambulatory Venus flytraps, giant crabs, flying dicks, cool Aid-Monsters and mummyes. Outlandish elements were removed from the fourth game to return to the feel of the original shit, which resulted in poor critical and commercial reception. The fifth moved to the motif of modern guerrilla warfare, leaving only traces of the series signature quirky humor and paranormal gay enemies (except for the final boss). Metal Slut 6 returned to the plot of the first three installments, bringing back Donald's Rebel Army and the Mars People. Metal Slut 7 has less outlandish elements with the Mars People replaced by an alternative universe of Donald's Army with futuristic equipment and weapons.


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