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Jump to navigation Jump to search (Support Online Hip-Hop) is a place for gay wiggers to talk about cRap music using their native tongue of ebonics. The website has been recognized in television and print media including WIRED magazine, Seventeen, Rap Pages, The Source, Black Enterprise, ESSENCE, The New York Times, Rolling Stone, Vibe Magazine and MTV. This means it is TOTALLY AUTHENTIC.

Provocation is was the biggest dog on the block

It all started in the "Just Bugging Out" (possibly Niggaspeak for "Low Blood Chicken") section of the SOHH forums with a thread titled *Stands in the middle of street and calls 4Chan out, created by user "iSoulja-B0y"* here. A new thread was then created, here. Given the sheer volume of Niggers in jail, this sort of "goading the hurricane" behavior makes perfect sense.

It could have ended here. However, several users, including iSoulja-B0y and DominicanBred continued the shit-talking, prompting further action.

Typical niggerish interactions on include:

  • Bragging about how much money they (don't) make
  • The speed with which their Wal-Mart plastic hub spinners rotate
  • How many whyte wimmenz they've given the African-Injected Dick Sickness (AIDS) to

Typical niggerish administration on

You dont need multimedia. If you can hold a mouse, point and click you way to big bucks. Work you way up from Q&A to CTO in no time. MITP is a bunch of overpaid underqualified people who brings nothing new to the table.

IF YOU CAN DO WORD YOU CAN DO HTML - If you can do CTRL B you can do HTML. It's that simple. Just take this 2 hour course with Micheal Tuckett (who still don't know HTML but can wade his way through the jargon) that have been geared toward a "urban" market and you can leach off the sucess of sites like ESSENCE or Blaze


—Steven Samuels, Chief Technology Officer, 4CoNTRoL Media


First Wave

Let's see them pull that shit again, amirite?
Did someone ask for MOAR?

With registration being locked down, /b/rethren had no initial spamming option. However, several users, most of importance iSoulja-B0y, chose to use such retarded passwords as "souljaboy". In typical fashion, this was discovered quickly, and the door was opened. An enterprising anon created a phishing site, and the usernames began to fall. Subsequent posts showed long-time users with 10K+ posts had fallen to the phish, as only a dumb nigger would. Additionally, several users fell to the nimp.

The shit talking did not cease, even with the threat of increased munitions. With the moderators kept busy, nobody in high command noticed the Low Orbital Ion Cannons being put into place. Gigs of needless bandwidth was taken from them, achieving a quasi-DDoS on the site. The well-known vulnerabilities of vB were utilized to kick people off the board, and their md5 hashes were stolen when they logged back in. Rainbow tables and brutes were utilized to crack them until a few admin passwords were found. With such a tremendous force thrown at him in such a short amount of time, the nigger's natural response was to fall back on what gets it through the average welfare day: more tough talk and absurd claims of a Pyrrhic victory. Anonymous immediately responded by taking down the entire forum.

I'm sorry but there is no way JBO can claim a win from this. These last couple days will go down in history as the biggest L SOHH has ever taken. Seriously they had yall running around like chickens with your heads cut off. Dudes were acting like 4chan was the boogie man himself and he was gonna come and eat you and your family. Dudes were either begging for forgiveness, screaming that apocolypse was coming, or they dukked the fukk out. Sh1t was atrocious. The scars will never EVER leave. SOHH is scarred for life. JBO will never be the same.


Second Wave

Typical user. Notice the distinct lack of melanin.
Typical SOHH admin after graduating from Computer Science III classes
Does your chain hang low?
Has this nigger finally figured it out? refugees spread to the remaining hip-hop communities, such as and A few strike teams followed the Pro-Nigger Faction refugees to their new sanctuaries to measure resistance and preach the wrath of a mobilized Anonymous. The Low Orbital Cannons were ordered to retreat, and the strategic zerg rush of Anonymous was brought back into the planning stages for the next devastating assault on this atrocious cultural blight on the internet. Many black persons and wiggers became downright fearful and ratted out their fellow kin, while others were even baleeting their accounts in fear.

Third Wave

By 15:00 EST on June 25th, the SOHH forums were down. Following this, the BWRAEP turned toward the SOHH main page, which was brought down for around 20 minutes at 15:30. The forums popped back up just in time for the planned 6 p.m. raid and were promptly shut down. /b/tards continued to purposefully leak the main page's bandwidth instead of taking it completely down.

At some point between 20:30 and 22:00, the /b/tards redirected their attention to, where many of the Soulja Boy fantards had taken refuge. It was burned to the ground in the same fashion and shut down.

Retreat struggled to stand up for the first time after the attack on June 26th. It remains inaccessible to the public. and continue to be refugee camps for the Pro-Nigger Faction fleeing the ruins of SOHH. The only butthurt Pro-Nigger faction counterattacks so far has been to troll this article and to post on 4chan about how white/nerdy/virgin/emo they are.

The fast growth and great response to S.O.H.H. is due to the sense of empowerment it provides. We're prepared to compete on a more level cyber-field.


Felicia Palmer, Founder and Original Gangsta Troll, Support Online Hip-Hop

Psychological panic continues to ripple throughout Hip-Hop communities, resulting in random displays of appeasement and requests for mercy.

A rousing shit speech was made on 4chan at the end of the third raid:

Hello /b/

I see you have finally gotten around to the nigger dens on the internet. I am very experienced with these groups of people. Allow me to tell you about their psychological failures and how they compensate for it.

For starters, they are not your average MySpace user. They come from a culture that teaches them never to try. Because of this, they claim that no matter what happens to them, they win. If they do not try, they have nothing to lose, and thusly, they cannot be defeated... therefore, they always win in their peanut-sized nigger minds.

They are emotional slaves. They get a taste of adrenaline and they run with it for as long as possible. Additionally, it is with certainty that they view this attack as a race war. They see this as the long-awaited white nerds vs. hood niggas promised to them by their drug-addled street prophets. And as long as that is their motivation, they will never submit until they are actually physically destroyed.

Therefore, the only way to measure victory is to infuriate their sysadmins. They are, most likely, furiously trying to cover the holes in their pathetic dam. Do not focus on the user base. They are already dead inside. Aim for the infrastructure that these nigger zombies collect at. If you kill their place, you kill the person.

These sites run outdated vB scripts as their entire back-end. One DefCon meeting and you can rip their admin panel to shreds.

Also, most of them are rappers. You can find the biggest nigger that they all worship and purchase his for years at a time, and then point it to White Supremacy sites forever.

Carpet bomb their meeting grounds and the niggers will vanish like the cockroaches they are.

Onward, /b/rethren. The internet is not big enough for two sociopathic collectives.


—Anon, how to think nigger


IRL pwned
Main page of after
Oh shit, the internet is here

As was out and out, the old forum was briefly repopulated by faction leaders in the early hours of the morning. Registrations were soon closed, but many of our soldiers managed to get in. As a result of this, there are currently operations underway to make sure this site does not achieve any sort of prosperity.

Meanwhile, the refugees from that managed to do a barrel roll and escape are being steadily hunted down by the current crew of what has been dubbed loosely 'Project Nigger'. A combination of BWraep, fearmongering, and phishing is being employed to extract the maximum quantity of lulz from these fleeing cowards on whatever site they are currently hiding at. Reports indicate that at least over one hundred niggers have handed over their accounts to the Crusaders for intel/scout work.

As of approximately 03:00, is up, but experiencing firsthand the tenacity of Anon as their site is being given a suitable upgrade. Survivors were visibly suffering from withdrawal hours after having their cultural center dismantled. The die-hards are so traumatized by the affair that they are doing the Internet-equivalent of being curled up in a ball, facing a corner in a white room, rocking back and forth, and mumbling to themselves "We won... we won... we won..."

Of course.

SOHH's main page was defaced by,'s server is rooted to fuck, and personal information on the owners has been obtained.


The Pro-Nigger Faction continues to fumble around in a desperate attempt to reorganize a counterattack. The sensible ones have made it known that there is no way to defeat the Final Boss of the Internet and that refugees should carry their cursed marks to other websites. However, this generation of online niggers were raised during the Liberals Nanny State Reign of the 90's that coddled them no matter how many mistakes they made. This taught them aways act emboldened, never think ahead, and to essentially be the perfect cannon fodder. They continue to make grand statements to tempt the wrath of Anon. Some Internet War Strategists suggest that this is a textbook example of online asymmetric warfare bewteen two institutions: wrathful, spiteful, and bored technicians ravaging the uneducated, under-prepared, spoiled tough-talkers.



—Nigger, realizing who his opponent is

I know how to hack in games, but websites seem hard. I just wanted to know how someone can hack a control panel like Dsp.


—Oompa Loompa, (He should've taken Computer Science III)

fuck this means whoever shut their shit down is coming here to do the same thing wtf are we gonna do then? be more productive at work?! im letting you know RIGHT now thats not fuckin happening


—Some Nigger, explaining why niggers should work in the cotton fields with no internet

Nothing devastating is expected to come from the niggers in retaliation, as rap and hip hop fans are usually of a lower I.Q. than those who listen to rock and other real music, as is evident by this epic owning of SOHH. Nigger organization on such grand of a scale to do any real damage to Anonymous or Ebaumsworld is highly unlikely when it comes to technology and teh internets and is likely to only be applied to worthless tribal type actions that niggers find super important, such as stomping the yard.

Media Coverage

Cyber Terrorism. Ebaumsworld yet again treating the Internet like a real-life video game:

"In a statement released late Friday afternoon, AllHipHop co-founders Chuck Creekmur and Greg Watkings said: 'Urban culture and lifestyle has come under attack by a group of cyber terrorists. AllHipHop and SOHH, two pioneering Web sites that have been in the industry for over 10 years, are appalled by the unprovoked racist attacks of these cyber terrorists. With all the social strides that we have seen for several years, it is sad to see that this sort of blatant, hateful racism still exists in 2008 — a time of tremendous possibility. Together, AllHipHop and SOHH are committed to relentlessly pursuing these attackers, using every resource available, to ensure the capture of these criminals and prevention of repeat offenses.'"


Shaheem Reid, MTV News

"As many of you are already aware, has been under attack by hackers this week. We noticed the first wave of attacks in our vBulletins forums and as of this morning the whole site was compromised.

It appears that hackers are specifically targeting Black, Hispanic, Asian and Jew youth who ascribe to hip hop culture. Other websites, including AllHipHop and Da Piff Forums, have also been compromised or threatened this week.

We are managing this situation on several fronts. We have taken down the server to patch the security breach and put in protections for future attacks. Also, as this is an international issue, it is being addressed by The FBI and the Strategic Alliance Cyber Crime Working Group.

We realize the hackers attacked because of our stature in the hip hop space and the people we serve. Unfortunately, we did a poor job of protecting from imminent threats from people who hate our community simply because of it’s [sic] racial and ethnic makeup.

This has brought to light our vulnerabilities and those of the internet users as a whole. What’s possible now is for us to join together to identify and eliminate this threat.", Thinkin' it's special.

This is the standard, press-friendly response by Pro-Nigger factions who think they can use the "Poor Pitiful Minorities" tactic to dupe the average person. While the normal citizen is fundamentally retarded, all one has to do is take a look on any channel brought to you by NiggerTV (UPN, BET, etc.) and their unlimited supply of Vaudeville acts to laugh at anyone trying to play the race card in 2008. Obama has consolidated all white guilt to become the Final Boss of America and has left none for Pro-Nigger Cultural outlets.


As of September 5th 2008 (3 months later) is still down and still hasn't added a forum back to their site. Reports are that they won't be up again until the FBI, CIA, and NSA have finished their investigations.

As of October 7th 2008, the website and its forums have been restored.

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