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Just a taste
Martin Polak, young Scilon of Tottenham Court Road

STC is an Anonymous archivist and awesome investigative enturbulator from Loldon. Much to the dismay of Scilon Limeys (Slimeys?) STC cranked up a web site at, and proceeded to obtain photographs and dox for every Scilon in Britain.

His collection is astonishing and hilarious, as most of the photos are of Scilons at play, or doing goofy things in their leisure time with their fellow cultists. Along with the photos, STC has learned all kinds of weird, embarrassing and personal stuff about these Scilons that they themselves have posted at various "social media" sites on the web. In many cases, a fair number of Admins of Failbook, MySpace, and various other such sites, have passed along Scientologist-related materials when they have encountered it, even those materials secured to "Friends Only" or "Just Me."

STC has taken a particular interest in the younger Scilons who had attended the notorious "Greenfields" boarding school and indoctrination center.

Because it is England, the Scilons there are foaming at the mouth even more than usual, as they make feeble gestures to sue STC.

update - Monday, 15 March 2010. The moralfag mods are WWP have strated censoring stc's leaks - they break the Chanology Code of Conduct, or something. For leaks, see stc'c Twitter page - Source of info is

Moar UK based leaks

/brum/ - - Brimingham leaks. (Note the Babywalker video - a walking, talking baby soliciting donations for $cientology - /hapi/ - - Leaks from Scientology Edinbugh. Also see


Gallery of especially gruesome or absurd English Scilons

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