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Police.gif Encyclopedia Dramatica does not recommend swatting EVER. If you do it and get caught we will laugh at you and most likely create an article about how much of a dumb fuck you are.

Good luck anyway.

While you're trying to hide your cp, this guy will be burying a hollowpoint in your ass.
Oh shi...death from above.

"SWATting," or "Swatting," is basically the definition of serious business. It is a method of pwning others IRL, but at the same time it is most often attempted by people whom, generally speaking, can't get anything done. Most Swatting attempts go nowhere and if you don't know what you're doing you could end up with visit from the partyvan yourself.

The point of a SWAT attempt is to troll a local police forces' 1337, lethal, super cereal SWAT (Special Weapons And Tactics) team into becoming your personal army and send them into action by directing them to raid your unsuspecting target's home. This hopefully results in all manner of drama and lulz featuring helicopters with blinding searchlights waking up the entire neighborhood, a blockade of armored personnel carriers surrounding the victim's house, tear gas and flashbang grenades getting lobbed through their (closed) windows, a front door smashed to pieces after being leveled with a battering ram, followed by dozen or more heavily armed IRL tough guys in body armour with itchy trigger fingers and snarling attack dogs and, ultimately, the victim's death after a sudden move. If they are lucky enough to make it out of this sticky situation alive somehow, they will end up eternally shunned and mocked by their family, the neighbours and your peers.

tl;dr: A SWAT raid is typically executed via caller ID spoofing in conjunction with a little social engineering to convince the authorities to raid the target's home. A SWAT raid executed properly is the ultimate in using an IRL personal army to do your bidding and will either end in tears, über pwnage or death...or all three.

It has become much more prevalent tactic of /i/nsurgents in the last few years or so, primarily due to the recent influx of faggots whom believe they're the new 1337 trollgods of the interwebs.

Security Measures

It should be noted that whilst your dog curtains may well be your best and first line of defense against the steroidal hackers of the Internet Hate Machine, buying a dog will not help you when a SWAT team rappels through you bedroom window. Fido is no match for a .50 cal Browning Machine Gun.



Typical swatting victim.
Typical swatter, Lynx.
Uh huh huh huh, he said twat.
Sometimes counterstrike gets too real

Although it doesn't really require any extreme technical proficiency to pull it off, most who attempt it either are too inexperienced, incapable of convincing the authorities, or just prone to bitching out at any sign of trouble. So, many Swatting attempts go nowhere...but don't feel too safe.

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