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last thursday Saddie Julian has been kidnapped by 27 year old Morgan Jones after meeting up at Boise. Saddie Julian was taken to a tent in Palouse Falls State Park and was found by a citizen.

Just look at that sexbomb. I'm talking about the one on the right btw.

What the Police said happened

Saddie Julian and Morgan Jones were two World of Warcraft players who went on a raid together and developed an e-relationship. After a few chats Morgan Jones decided to come all the way from Alabama to Boise (looks like someone is really desperate to fuck a jailbait), where he will meet her and later kidnap her and take her to a fucking tent. fail

What actually happened

Seeing as Saddie Julian and Morgan Jones both were into the game World of Warcraft, it is believed that Morgan Jones tricked Saddie (I think the name is good, she is a sad girl for playing WoW) that he will drive his car and take her on a dungeon raid at Dark Temple. And being a loyal and nerdy WoW player, Saddie agreed and so rode Morgan's epic mount, amirite?? It is also said that Saddie rode Morgan's epic mount because Morgan has a lvl 80 Warlock with a T9 gear that has been enchanted and gives 123 stamina, 123 sprit and 2 EPIC MOUNTS!!! WIN WIN WIN!!! Somewhere in a dark room corner pedobear is luring little nerdy WoW playing girls the same way...


How can a guy who is so pro at WoW and can hook up girls like Saddie get caught?! It's because he is doing it wrong.

If you own a car like this, you can also pick up Saddie

How he is doing it wrong:

So if you are planning on taking a girl on a trip you really should consider how you are going to hide.

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