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Hay guys, I'm a furry! Isn't that WEIRD? MAKE FUN OF ME! Oh, what a huge erection.
Example of how he can be trolled
Bisexual, looking for other bisexuals.
Typical CYD forum post

Sage Freehaven, born July 25, 1981, has been in the furry community/fandom since late 2001. He was the administrator of fchan from February 2005 to June 2005, after which Sage Nadia took over administration duties due to Sage's indulgence of his desire to anally violate dogs on a regular basis.

Sage is a regular poster on 4chan; he is a regular poster on /co/ and /tv/, despite everyone's best efforts to get him to leave; and thinks himself a clever troll on /b/, sometimes going so far as to post his own picture and call for other /b/tards to troll him.

He can often be found on The Raised Tails Cafe channel on FurNet, is a member of the Furry Wrestling Alliance role-playing group, and is a semi-regular source of irritation on WTFux and WTFur/, and the CrushYiffDestroy forums. He is also notorious for his love of the characters Squirrel Girl, Gadget Hackwrench and Minerva Mink.

He is also the founder of the International Order of Gadgephiles, where he posts under his real name, Stephen Todd Stone. Freehaven himself is bisexual and is currently unemployed, still attending community college.


Sage's furry alter-ego is an anthropomorphic wolf with gray fur, brown hair, and green eyes. His three meter-long penises throb when he watches Rescue Rangers.

Cancer on the Chans

What is it with people? Why do they always want to be where nobody wants them? Seriously.

If you see a furry on our glorious paradise, keep yelling at them to GTFO 4CHAN FURFAG. This holy mantra, passed down by generations of Totally Cereal Furry Hunters, will destroy their will to live and banish them back to the luminiferious aether.

Sage Freehaven is also known to spam furfaggotry on /i/ boards, in an attempt to stop raids on fellow furries. Despite his urges to attempt raids on chans, he has kissed Kirtaner's ass to the point where he's become a mod on the /wooo/ board on 420chan. The wrestling board which totally has nothing to do with his gay sexual orientation, or that Furry Wrestling Alliance roleplaying group of his, really.

He's also admin of his own board, along with his sister Sechs Fuckheaven, where he often sucks Eric Schwartz's dick.

It's also important to know that he constantly invites furries from (a furry yiff-porn imageboard) to 420chan, possibly doubling the number of lulzkillers in their /i/ board.


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