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—Mikami, on Sakujo-ing

He does.

Sakujo is Japanese for eliminating or deleting. The phrase “SAKUJO” originated from the dastardly homosexual anime Death Note, an anime about killing people by writing their names in a diary. This is commonly used by weeaboos as a substitute to the words “destroy” or “remove” such as SAKUJO FUCKING EVERYTHING. Other variations include SAKUJO~, Sakujo’d, Sakujo’ing, Sakujogasm, SKAJUZU and, most importantly, sack a Jew.


Mikami in action.

The term originated from the second half of Death Note when the main character, Light, gave the Death Note to Teru Mikami, an e-lawyer. Like half of the leading male characters in the series, Mikami is a mentally unstable maniac who hailed Light as a god. After being given the Death Note, Mikami took his duty of killing criminals seriously and wrote names in the book every day. It was through this that victims whose names that Mikami has written died of a heart attack. This is Mikami’s answer to Light’s infamous catchphrase “Just as planned”.

While writing names in the book, Mikami would make the scene dramatic by constantly repeating “sakujo” after every name written. Strangely enough, while writing, Mikami used exaggerated pen strokes followed by trails of light almost as if writing was an intense process. All this physical activity leaves him panting during some episodes, leading many to believe that sakujo’ing is an orgasmic experience.

In the final episode of the series, Mikami took his batshit insane tendencies even farther by proving to the world how much he loved to Sakujo. Because of his strange affection for killing people via Death Note many believed that he was crazy. This was only to be proven right in the last episode of the series in which he stabs himself in the heart. With a pen. Blood sprayed everywhere as he sakujo’d himself.


Mikami sakujo's for the last time.

Ever since it has gained popularity, Sakujo gained a number of variations. For example, it can be used as a verb such as “Sakujo that ho” or, in past tense, “You mean like how I sakujo’d you¬r mom last night?” Ideally, sakujo is to be used perfectly in ALL CAPS. This proves to be very useful on IRC when you are abusing your ops as shown below.

/kick NICK Sakujo
Good, but lacking.
Now with oomph, but lacking proper form

It should also be noted, that a devoted otaku took sakujo’ing to a higher level by murdering people in Belgium and leaving notes claiming to be Kira next to the victims. He sakujo’d for the lulz.

Sakujo in Action

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