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SALJ was the LiveJournal fan community for the Toronto-based Christian deathcore band Stairs Aren't Lost. It had many members who were favourite targets of LJ Abuse and eventually the entire community was banned. It was previously centered around discussion of upcoming shows and albums, up until the announcement of Mosh's cystic fibrosis, effectively ending the band and causing much distress in fans, to the point that several of them cut themselves (see self injury.)

It is unknown exactly what happened but there were many Internet celebrity casualties, most of whom have returned either under new usernames or by finding loopholes in the Terms of Service, thus allowing them to keep their original usernames. Many others were not suspended due to having a previously clean slate as far as LJ Abuse was concerned.

Despite rumours to the contrary it most certainly was not the LiveJournal Something Awful community.


All saljers are secret furries.

SALJers (or goons) are LiveJournal users who are also active members of the innovative comedy community

The majority of saljers spend most of their time telling each other how funny they are on the LiveJournal. Saljers become very offended when told they are not funny, or at the very least, not much funnier than anyone else on the internet.

A saljer claims to abhor catchprases and old memes, but uses them at every opportunity in an effort to demonstrate internet irony.

The strongest feature of saljers is the ability to act as a group. Their other super power is longevity through prolonged immaturity.

While they are a rarity, several saljers exist who have risen above the mediocrity and are an asset to LiveJournal, demonstrating true talent and genius.

  • LJDrama and Salj had a mutual drama connection for a short period of time, usually involving Saljers trolling with their endless Sock journals. This collaboration ended once Salj drama became an old meme and it was clear that the majority of Saljers were one-trick ponies.
  • There have been bitter feelings between the two groups ever since. Members of the ljdrama clique feel as if they have jumped the shark since the golden days of Salj. In the brief periods the site has managed to stay online since then, the quality of drama has been lackluster. In turn, Saljers are butt-hurt over the realization that they have nothing new to offer LiveJournal outside of Asperger's Syndrome.
  • The hermetic kabbalists of #salj predicted 2005 as being the year of SALJ's revitalization. The first of the omens proving this to be indisputably true came at the beginning of the year when it was announced that Movable Type creator Six Apart was buying out Livejournal (see: Livejournal Buyout). Six Apart + LJ = SALJ, showing that SALJ's inevitable triumph over the Internets is near.

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SALJ Temper Tantrum

A SALJ Temper Tantrum is when a current or former member of Ruxpin's cock squad throws a baby tantrum because someone on the internet didn't kiss their ass.

Examples: Voysu/thedestructor

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