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What you will see after smoking salvia

Salvia is a legal psychedelic, which means it's for the lulz. Salvia extracts are sold in head shops under various strengths ranging from 10x to over 9000x, but the only thing these numbers really indicate is how much you're going to have to pay for the shit. All extracts of salvia wear off in like 3-5 minutes, making the drug a huge waste of time. Salvia is for losers who can't buy LSD or mushrooms because they are afraid of breaking the law and have no friends.

Salvia divinorum (AKA Diviner's Sage) is still mostly legal in the US and Europe and induces chat logs like the following:

khelair (12:20): that was the highest I've been and the clearest the ah-pon have been
khelair (12:20): next time I'll communicate WITH them instead of just be a cog in their machine Dog.gif
neurophyre (12:20): Emot-LMAO.gif
khelair (12:20): I'm serious Trill tearlaugh.png
khelair (12:22): salvia requires a more freeflowing, looping surface
khelair (12:22): IN MULTIPLE DIMENSIONS Dog.gif
neurophyre (12:22): you should start a salvia farm Trill bigsmile.png
khelair (12:22): fuck THAT I need to start a CUNT Dog.gif
khelair (12:22): er, CULT, even Emot-LMAO.gif


Another one


PROTIP: Chew the leaves instead of smoking and it will last a bit longer. Better yet, sell it all to some 5th graders and buy a real hallucinogen. Or try eat the whole plant, this will result in nothing uber lulz

Saliva (disambiguation for the dyslexic)

Saliva (also referred to as spit, spittle or slobber) is the watery and usually frothy substance produced in the mouths of humans and most other animals. Spit can be used as a lube for anal sex, for a good, fun anal sex experience [1]. Spitting or expectoration is the act of forcibly ejecting saliva or other substances from the mouth, and only in China it is considered socially acceptable, the filthy Asian bastards. Gleeting (also gleeking, gleeping, glitting, gleaking, glicking, glanding, geezing) is the projection of saliva from the submandibular gland upon compression by the tongue [2], whatever the fuck that means. Finally Toxic Saliva is a spell from WoW and is thought to be inspired by the venonmous gobbing of snakes, camels and slobbery dogs [3].



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