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David Boothroyd, known on Wikipedia as "Sam Blacketer" and a long list of sockpuppets, is Wikipedia's second Essjay. Not content as a Labour Party councilor for London's City of Westminster's Westbourne ward, he used multiple sock puppets to get himself elected to the Wikipedia Supreme Court. It is widely suspected that he did it for the lulz because eighteen months worth of Wiki Supreme Court cases had to be reviewed for fraud.

Good ol' Sammy's favorite article was that of Conservative Party leader David Cameron, which he tried to make more neutral to reflect the fact that conservatives are evil. He loves to monkey with British politicians via their WP biographies.

After the toilet exploded, Boothroyd also had his own article purged from Wikipedia for some phony "BLP" reason, even though it was there for over four years. Because it was embarrassing, of course. In addition to being a Wikipedo and Labour Party councilor, Boothroyd is the head of research at Indigo Public Affairs, "a company specializing in urban regeneration schemes and lobbying for planning consent." He's also the author of the book Politico's Guide to the History of British Political Parties, published in 2001.

Fun facts

  • His account "Fys" was blocked and unblocked a total of twelve times.
  • His account "Dbiv" was also blocked and unblocked a total of twelve times.
  • His account "DavidBoothroyd" was blocked and unblocked twice.
  • He was blocked and unblocked a total of 26 times, a record for a Wiki Supreme Court member!

The Wikipedia Whitewash

Despite having an article on David Boothroyd since 2005, Wikipedia suddenly saw fit to nuke the article within 24 hours of Sam Blacketer's duplicity coming to light, and salted the article to prevent recreation:

Why? Because not only is the cabal embarrassed, they ACTUALLY PLANNED TO REINSTATE HIM AS AN ADMIN. And failed. For your viewing pleasure, here is the "final" version of the Wikipedia article.

He begged pathetically again in 2010, and the gentle golden rains fell in his mouth. Since then, he's kept to himself, and is still fucking with Wikipedia bios of UK politicians he doesn't like. Nice job if you can get it!

See also

  • Fae – Another British Wikipedian with multiple past accounts who rose through the ranks. And was rank.

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