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Sam Rassenfoss, so grateful to be an American!
Sam Rassenfoss loved OAR and children.
Screencap of his admission

Samuel Allen Rassenfoss aka Sam Assenfloss is a pwnt pedo christfag who was busted at age 18, early in his life of pederasty. On August 6, 2006, one of his dorm-mates at the University of Missouri, a person known only to the Internet as JustKoders, found kiddie porn in an iTunes library that popped up since on the same wireless network.

Happily, said dorm-mate used 4/7chan, and posted the image to the right: a screencap of what appeared to be a shared iTunes folder. The ensuing powerword usage had to be seen to be believed. In an incredible display of hypocrisy, a 7chan member decided that he no longer liked kidporn any more and reported him to the FBI. 4chan decided that they didn't want to catch anyone, deemed it un-lulzworthy and the admins deleted the thread.

7chan did the rest of the work in a mad dash, aided with the posting of Rassenfoss's Facebook to dig up as much information on the pedo as possible, so as to ruin his shit. An AIM chatroom was set up and the 4chan Party Van (temporarily renamed the "Sammy Van") was dispatched. Sam's phone number was posted. Eventually a Facebook group of his entire family was discovered. They even went so far as to have people download the files to check that they really were child porn and not misnamed. "Excuse me while I change ISPs then take a sledgehammer to my HDD", to quote one /b/tard.

He also worked at a camp with kids. With small children. Unsupervised of course.

Chat Log

This is what happens at camp with Sam Rassenfoss.

Here is a snippet of the AIM chatroom /b/tards amusing themselves:

pizzaenergy: Pedos should burn in an incenerator
KAWAGUY90: we have to worry about the kids.....
KAWAGUY90: its not about fucking with his life.....
Kimi Hisakawa: RIGHT.
Kimi Hisakawa: :-D
Gary Yogurt: i'm more concerned about the dave matthews thing
SandyEggo911: YEAH
d1sgruntl3dto4st: im glad we found a good reason to ruin peopl
KAWAGUY90: we can thank me for that
d1sgruntl3dto4st: other than just for the hell of it
KAWAGUY90: but, in the mean time
Kimi Hisakawa: Gary Yogurt (12:44:59 AM): i'm more concerned about the dave matthews thing <--- FUKKEN LOL
pizzaenergy: I can see him saying: "It's ok. We can undress here. We're both guys. We can change together"
KAWAGUY90: lets just ruin this kids, i mean, save the kids
Filibuster God: Kimi Hisakawa: Gary Yogurt (12:44:59 AM): i'm more concerned about the dave matthews thing < --- lol too
d1sgruntl3dto4st: i lol'd
Broodstar112: LAWL
d1sgruntl3dto4st: im so happy to be here

Journal entries from Sam

From his moving church mission trip to Mexico - shame on Nick D. !

Now this was an eventful day, to say the least. In the morning we drove to this little town in the Mountains called Huachichil. Padre Mario (from our Hacienda) said the Mass there. The devotion these people have and just the Spanish Mass itself, are truly beautiful things. .... After we left, we just chilled in Arteaga for the rest of the day.... On a more somber note, that evening 6 guys almost got sent home for alcohol and breaking curfew. Ultimately they only sent one guy (Nick D.) home, but it was certainly scary for those guys.


From his fappy summer job as a kids counselor:

So for the 4th of July, I basically have come upon a realization. We as Americans are so extremely lucky. This week at camp we have a group of children from ages 4-14 who are from Sudan. They have come fairly recently from the Darfur region and are not familiar with America and they know little or no english. Although I have some trouble because of the language barrier they are good kids. I have grown to appreciate how lucky I am to be alive, much less in a great country like America. Maybe I needed a wake-up call on that sort of thing


These past few weeks working with kids have really made me think about my future. The whole thing was a little scary at first but lately as it has gone on I have grown to love it. I have just thought how needed teachers are and from my own experiences. I think it would be good to have an impact on someones life in the more impressionable years and particularly working with elementary school age kids could do that. Just thoughts...


Updates - 2006

Night of 8-29-06: Robert from the ground floor across the hall from Sam Rassenfoss found the taped picture on the door, and turned it in to the campus police. After giving them information and evidence, the cops returned later that night to confiscate Sam's laptop.

Morning of 8-30-06: 2006-00018761 08/29/06 18:27:00 911 HITT ST Columbia , MO, 65201 Computer Crime PORNOGRAPHY CHILD POSSESSION OR CONTROL OF MATERIAL Open - Active Date/Time Occurred 08/29/06 16:45:00- 08/29/06 16:45:00 (Link appears dead)

Sam has been expelled from the University of Missouri, Columbia and the Police have filed a report on the matter. What happens next is unknown.

Updates - 2015

Sam Assenfloss is currently a registered sex offender (charge: CP) living dying alone in Texas. He was sentenced to the minimum, five years in prison (We as Americans are so extremely lucky!!11!!). He will be a registered sex offender forever and ever with repeated annual anal verification.

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