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Same Face Syndrome is a debilitating affliction observable both OTI and IRL suffered by artists and the exceedingly vain.


The Artistic

SFS when contracted by artists renders them incapable of expanding their limited repertoire resulting in every piece of work produced by them bearing the same appearance. Notable examples include Steve Dillon, Rob Liefeld and somewhere in the region of 7/8ths of the deviantArt userbase.

The Vain

The proliferation of digital cameras and mobile telephones, coupled with the massive expansion in social media outlets, has given many an opportunity to 'share themselves' with the wider world. A number of these persons having gone to the trouble of making themselves look 'good' will aquire Likes (or the site specific equivalent) and become inadvertantly snared by the syndrome; usually under the false premise that "if it ain't broke, don't fix it", failing to comprehend that the opinion of a person who appreciates those with the appearance of an orange-skinned prostitute and/or Boy Band™ reject is ultimately worthless.


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