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Much like the namefag and the newfag, the samefag is part of the pest infestation that -like termites- are eating away at the infrastructure of virtually every single *chan board.

The samefag is usually an OP who attempts to bump his shitty thread that would otherwise be sliding down the slippery slope to 'next' territory before he can get any sort of a rise out of the peanut gallery, or just a butthurt fag who tries to force his opinion, knowing that we deeply care for their valued opinions

The first kind of faggot will repeatedly post to his own cancer thread in the faint hope that he can perhaps force a shitty meme like Stoop Kid. By continually posting 'encouragement' as if he were another /b/tard, the samefag keeps his thread 'in play' instead of being saged into /b/'s 404 post graveyard.

/b/ is limited to keeping 15 pages worth of active content 'up', after which an old dead or lame dying post will go extinct for evar -or until OP tries to start over.

Lately, spambots started to samefag their shit, now knowing that only the worst type of newfags would ever fall for that.

A prime example of samefag.

Samefags: for great justice

Sometimes an OP samefag will samefag a post that is actually worthy of bumping howevar this member of the species is about as rare as original content on 4chan.

How to Samefag

  1. Post
  2. Post a response disagreeing with your OP
  3. Post a response agreeing with your OP
  4. Find whatever spam is floating around /b/ at this time (any old meme, dial soap, or random advertisement will do)
  5.  ????
  6. PROFIT!

What to do if falsely accused of Samefaggotry



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