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I could've sworn she was 39!

Sandygurl (aka witch20078), whose name well describes her vagina, is a 39 year old Tartlet who, despite what her self-proclaimed age may suggest, draws and types like a retarded 16 year old girl who's high on crack.

Sandygurl's Habits

Much of the inspiration for her artwork comes from watching too many children's cartoons. She would either draw a horribly miscolored picture of a cartoon character from scratch or trace an already existing image and make it an original character. In addition to her obvious lack in artistic talent, she can't spell even if her life depended on it.

Is she a troll? Prolly not. As evidenced by this transcribed chat, Sandygurl is dumb to the point where a heated debate would determine whether or not she is as old as she claims to be.

Retarded Quotes

i am ingore you


—Sandygurl playing the role of the Internet Tough Guy.

back off my site jerk


—Gettin' defensive.

i am old enough to be your mother


—Maybe so, but even five year olds are smarter than you.

stay site i am 2 years old i suck my thumb too you want some of my babyfood you asshole


—Sandygurl, holding her ground.

listening here my kids look at my site. and here you are using bad words on my site. don't used bads words on my site any more. you are a *******.


—Sandygurl's hypocrisy and English mastery know no bounds.

back off she is see someone"


—Sandygurl is error.


When not doodling furries with an amount of skill that could easily be rivaled by a two-year old, Sandygurl enjoys writing short stories and poetry. Though short, these stories are mind-blowingly deep and could possibly give Stephenie Meyer and Tara Gilesbie a run for their money.

Here's an example of her talent:

you fell in a hole

life is like a hole in the floor

when you step through it is dark

you see nothing but dark

when you look down there is water

you keep falling. then you are drown in the water and it is dark

and scary and creepy!

it is so black person!

the hole is big and it is so cold in the hole

This has touched you in the deepest corners of your soul. Don't deny it.

What Other Tarlets Think of Sandygurl

Shut up you idoit. Chibicyndaquil draws better than you. Heck, even :iconchasethehedgehog: draws better than you. YOU HAVE NO TALENT WHAT SO EVER. MY FIVE YEAR OLD COUSIN CAN DRAW BETTER THAN YOU. End of the story, you crazy bitch now GTFO.


—SM00THIE101, speaking the truth.

oh you must be retarded like my housemate Sherie then... she's 41 and traces too and can't spell anything either. I'm so sorry, I shouldn't pick on "special" people, it's so easy to make a mistake, we can't all be an intelligent 23 year old like me.


—kohakuhoshi, being equally stupid like everyone else.

No, I just came along. I just think it's rather stupid to say you're ignoring someone, then starting to argue with them again.


—Msmatched, who actually knows how to type in complete sentences.

how old are you, seriously?


—MagicalEggplant, who has every right to be suspicious.

Drawer's block is usually cleared up by having some talent


—jezko, calling Sandygurl out.

Deanna, Ace Reporter!

Thanks to how deviantART made a fucking mess with the News system, anyone can post shit into it and it doesn't get deleted. This is what happens when Sandy goes near it. Kinda like letting a kid with Down's Syndrome near news recording equipment.

wow ! this is a good news

my daugther meet chemical romance in person . my daugther krystle meet this group in person she was very happy . she loves this group very much .she loves their songs alot.

well here is my news

i love all kinds of music like ozone, backstreetboys, nelly , country . music is my life sometimes.

Sandygurl's chil'rans

Two 16 year old girls and a 13 year old boy have the great misfortune of being Sandygurl's children. They mean the whole world to her so much that she definitely knows how old one of them is.


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