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the mastermind

Sanguinarius, both the site and the person, have been a near constant in the vampire community since the early 90's. Back then, it was mostly loser basement dwellers and creepy middle aged men in trench coats flashing school children. Things haven't changed much through the years, except for the fact that the vampire community has become more "teen friendly". This can be thanks in great detail to Sanguinarius, or Sangi for short.

The webmistress herself fluctuates her alliances monthly. You'll think her alliances lie with MemoryandDream at one moment, and the next it will be revealed that she is in cahoots with Todd Hoyt. She has proven to be a back biter and player in the vampire community, manipulating people to raise her own status and stroke her ego, just like all the other community heads.

The Site

The site is a source of astounding idiocy, not necessarily from Sangi, but from the general public. She posts articles and anecdotes from members of the vampire community. From these writings one is left to affirm that most of these people really are illiterate high school drop outs who make their living working windows at Burger King. The level of deluded and psychotic behavior depicted in these writings pales to the fear you feel when you realize that there are actually people out there who are doing this.

While most of the writing is from posturing faggoths who most likely will fold up their cape and grow up, there are quite a few articles that are from actually adults. This is a call to action: we must not let these people breed!!

The Members


The Vampire Community Message Board is a place for sociopaths to gather and lament how they want to rip peoples throats out or eat kittens. No, really.

Also, you'll find descriptions of teenagers' "mysterious awakenings", like this:

Alrighty guess I will start with the most rest "episode" I had. I had to go to the hospital, I couldn't breath well, my body ached like I had the flu, I was nausiated severely, I had this incredible thirst and hunger I couldn't satisfy for anything which actually happens alot... I had no fever though. but the hospital diagnosed me with pnuemonia, gave me an antibiotic and sent me home.

The next day I have a waive of nausia and I went to the bathroom (sorry but its a part of the story that cant be left out) I am sitting on the pot and thinking wow I can hear my roomate talking plain as day all the way in here. Then I caught a sharp pain in my stomach like i had never felt before so I leaned foward a little and my head had the oddest feeling that I cant even explain in the least excpt to say that ... well imagine how it would feel if someone could reach in and grab your soul and imagine what it would be like to feel it pulling away from you... thats what it felt like i guess...

Anyways I don't recall anything else until my roomate was waking me up and I was trying to figure out where I was and how I got there... embarrassingly I was laying in front of the toilet with my butt stuck up in the air... thats when I realized I was having some major charlie horses in both my calves and I shreiked out in pain... still not realizing the extent of pain I was about to be in thanks to the fall itself.

My roomate said my lip looked a little red to come in the kitchen so she could acess the damage.
So I got up and did as instructed and as soon as I hit the kitchen she slapped a paper towel on my mouth and said I was bleeding but not badly. A few seconds later she removed the paper towel and gasped because I had knocked out 2 teeth in the front... not my very front teeth but the ones between my front teeth and my canines... my gums were badly busted up and so was my lip... I slept for the next week exept for the hours of 2am and 5 am when I have trouble sleeping.

I have severe miagranes to the point that I cant even walk. Severe sensitivity to light that has only developed in the last 2 or 3 years and within this last year my day vision has decreased majorly and I cannot make out hardly a thing at a distance while my night vision has become better.

My heart rate has become alot faster which they also pointed out at the hospital that night that my heartbeat was way too fast. I used to NEVER get sick and I do mean never! I have allways been very healthy, but yeah the last couple years has changed that.

I do crave blood although never have I drank it that I can remember. But yet I have to fight these almost...toxicating urges when I see or smell blood... my sense of smell has become soooo sensitive that its almost scary...

I have also gone through major physical changes which I can prove by pictures... Even my eye color has changed from a deep blue to now it is greenish brown... I am 26 but yeah 2 years ago I could go anywhere and by alchohal or cigs and never got carded, but not I get carded everywhere... Its like I look younger than I used to if that makes any sense at all.

A hallmark sign of the members of this board is, besides attributing every common cold they get to their powers of being a vampire, that they are hardly able to spell their own names (which usually consist of a combination of the words "dark", "vamp", "Cullen", "blood", "demon" and anything you might find in crappy goth poetry), let alone the ridiculous words they all use to describe how special and wonderful they are.

When faced with proven logic or even opinions differing from their own the mods will attack and ass rape anyone in their path, simply because they can.

Last Thursday screen shots of these discussions and more surfaced on /x/. Brix were shat.

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