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Sannse (formerly Lisa, now Sannse Carter Cushway) was initially a featured member of the Wikipedia's 2005 Arbitration Committee, running from January to July. During a raid by ED on Uncyclopedia, she admitted a desire to 'hassle' Zombiebaron and denied Isarra's request to touch her.

Moving over to Wikia, she quickly imported her favourite pornographic parody content onto the site while deleting others' 'inappropriate' images, lest they disrupt the project's central purpose.

Expressing an interest in depression, she overcame the challenge by consuming an adequate mixture of dairy and grains. The crumbs are then used to feed the countries of Laos and Cambodia, and her aquarium of fishlemurs.

She now embroiders Bling for cash for mo' magical lithium carbonates.

I am doing what's right, and eating pie.


—Sannse, eating pie all day erry day


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