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Sarina Valentina is actually a man IRL.

Enjoy your cock!   8====D (_(__)

Alexis AKA Sarina Valentina AKA Mallorie Nasrallah AKA Cock-Cunt
Its wearing fishnets because it works as a fisherman during the winter

Alexis who recently changed her name to Sarina Valentina is a sex monster that, unlike Jeffree Star, Amalea, Electria, Jeffery Dahmer or Chris Crocker, would be something that one could be proud of, if they had the chance to slide their dick up its urethra because it is apparntly the king of the transgenders and because of the shear strength of will it would take. You could never again look in a mirror but at least you'd know you were hardcore!

Most commonly known as a sex monster!! The justification of calling a transvestite "hot" can be accomplished by simply cutting away your genitals. If you have a high degree of difficulty picturing her prior manliness, chances are you too are a cock-wielding tranny and are reflecting some of the unwarranted charity your 'friends' and family have shown you.

she is highly murderable and you'd want to start by mangling its horrible, hormone ruined maggot. do make weapon selection wisely once you have confirmed you have stumbled upon a tranny (never use something that can be traced back to you). Though you can justify this happy excuse for bloodletting to yourself, many are likely to disagree with you in regards to her right to live, thus rendering your bloodlust in the eyes of your peers and family members a bit extreme. It is recommended that you bury its body deep and keep no trophies.


  • It likes to take photographs
  • It has threeways
  • No one who has raped it has been able to resist the urge to try and kill it afterwards.
  • When mutilated it regenerates very quickly, that is why it retains it's genitals.

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