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Mother of God, they're gonna kill this guy...


—Anonymous /b/tard

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The lowdown, for newfags of course.

It all started on January 20th 2010, when an image was posted on a popular Internet image board depicting a severed dog's head being held. Never ones to ignore a potential internet rape victim, Anonymous were soon on the case. Hordes of unemployed Internet Detectives poured over data to find the true identity of this abomination, with many of these kids leaving their parents' houses for the first time to visit Sasuke. Police reports were filed, media outlets informed and hordes of animal lovers frothed at the mouth, baying for blood. The web is quite tangled, but the Internet is sure of two things: first, that someone took a picture of themselves holding Shadow's severed head before posting it to be cool oti, and everyone involved is a complete faggot. The media has revealed that it was in fact WolfieBlackheart who decapitated the dog.

The Image


In the foreground is an outstretched arm holding a severed dog's head. The background depicts a filthy wall and what appears to be a pantry door. Nothing more is visible. Later, another image of some emo faggot flexing his muscles and generally acting like a cunt surfaced. The name Sasuke is shooped to the right of the subject, proving just what a weeaboo fag he is. In the background of this second image is what appears to be the same wall and pantry (and a large, unusually full bag of dog kibble) of the previous photograph.

In the spirit of the Dusty the Cat affair, moralfags all over the Internet began attempting to find the culprit of this horrendous crime. Results quickly emerged, confirming Sasuke's real name as Mark, and his friends as Raz, Mikey and Wolfie. Wolfie is thought to have taken the notorious photo.

N.B. Mark has, so far, been completely unrelated to anything else. It appears he's just some random who got his photo taken at Wolfie's house.

Anonymous' Actions

News of the incident spread like wildfire, and in no time at all /b/ was on the case with its intelligent individuals. Meanwhile, /k/, /tg/, /sp/ and a bunch of other boards got involved as well, and pretty soon moar information began to pour in. EXIF data of the people involved were discovered, and Anonymous began calling and texting their phones to procure information.

Eventually the faithful crusaders organized on IRC. Anonymous moved their asses to the #longcat channel on the Freenode IRC network and shit began to happen.

In the process of exchanging the information, M. Night Shyalaman jumped in with a super plot twist: Raz, who is moar of a sickfuck than Cory Williamson, had been in the channel the whole time, under the name 'razor_'! After EVERYONE IN THE FUCKING CHANNEL accused razor_ of trolling, razor_ provided his story:

 [03:17] <razor_> EVERYONE SHUT UP FOR A SET
 [03:18] <razor_> SEC
 [03:18] <razor_> <RAZ
 [03:18] <razor_> ok
 [03:18] <razor_> i r raz
 [03:18] <razor_> no one killd the fucking dog
 [03:18] <razor_> a truck running thro my fucking neighborhood ran him over
 [03:19] <razor_> i tryd to save him
 [03:19] <razor_> but he died on the way to the vet
 [03:23] <razor_> im the dogs caretaker
 [03:23] <razor_> he was a stray
 [03:23] <razor_> i took him in
 [03:26] <razor_> i hate my friends for defiling the body
 [03:27] <razor_> they beheded it
 [03:27] <razor_> dog died in a car accident
 [03:28] <razor_> they just messd wif the body

The rest of the Anonymous users in the channel continued bombarding razor_ with accusations, threats and delicate reminders that the internet is serious business. razor_ promptly left the channel to go play World of Warcraft, leaving the others to decide if anything she had said was true.

A Reddit post was made in the r/WTF subreddit, which accumulated 112 upvotes in 6 hours. Members of the Reddit community, who are significantly more mentally developed than the average Anonymous user and can actually express themselves coherently, offered their support in the capture of the criminal.

First Email To Media

File:Wolfie decapidog comparison.jpg
Indisputable evidence that the decapidog image was taken in Wolfie's house.

An Anonymous user will be emailing over 182 news stations, talk show hosts, radio stations, and so forth after being supplied with a list from another Anonymous user.

The following is the email proliferated to the media:

What those are are links to the compilation that I have made (which I have given to people in the IRC chat). Within that are many links, including a link to download the audio clip which is one of the biggest pieces of evidence we have against these people. Any chat samples are from the IRC chat, where "razor_" was confirmed to be Christina, A.K.A "raz". She is one of the girls involved, and was confirmed to be her from I.P addresses as well as area codes, and information she said which only Christina would know.

There are also some graphic pictures, and we'd like to note the details on the tiling and walls match up, and so forth.

Everything is explained in further detail within these files I am attaching (formatted for both the Windows and Mac systems, so you can read either way).

These megaupload links here are the SAME thing that would be included in the Attached File, so just pick one out of the four and you will have all the information we have gathered. --The reasoning these kids are possibly linked to the twilight series is from looking on their sites, they are huge fans and from what we have been told these kids thought they were part of the

Thank you for your time, and hopefully these people can be brought to justice!

A rumor going along with this is that these kids are very into Twilight, rumors say that in some wicked role plays based off the Twilight series, in which Vampires fight werewolves, a kid, role playing a vampire, must kill a dog (the "werewolf") Evidence from the kids myspaces, facebooks, twitters, and so forth conclude that they are very into the Twilight series, but isn't yet concluded.


Phone Call to Raz

An Anon user contacted Raz by phone and had a lengthy conversation, which he recorded using Audacity. What follows is the audio of the conversation and an analysis.

You are not inclined towards self restraint
  • Shaky voice when asked about recording, too quick to point out legality. Why worry about being recorded if, as she said in later statements, that other people defiled the dogs corpse? Conclusion: Has something to hide.
  • When asked who did it, answered quickly and vaguely, changed subject slightly to shift questioning to questioner, blows off the subject by mentioning the origin site and saying "It doesn't matter." Conclusion: Lying
  • "You really wanna know, you really wanna know who did it?! Some guy going fifty hit it and the dog went flying across the road and it died" This makes no sense, as the only damage on the dog's head is at the neck, there is no malformation to the dog's skull. Also, overly aggressive answer, overly defensive when no aggression is shown on the questioner's part. Conclusion: Lying, yet again.
  • "We were requesting euthanasia because the dog was spazzing out in my front yard." This contradicts with previous statement about car killing the dog. Also, voice becomes soft and shaky, Conclusion: Lying, for the third time.
  • Tries to turn herself into the victim midway through the conversation when talking about Jason. Conclusion: Attempting to redirect the conversation away from the dog, lying.
  • Can't seem to decide if it was Wolfie or Jason at fault. Conclusion: Mixing up stories in an attempt to pedal out of the subject.
  • From 1:35 to 2:15 is very unconvincing, pretends to try to recall the name of the OP (Op was anonymous), magically recalls it as "Jason", explains that he got pissed at a "photoshopped" picture her friend got (why is she so sure it's shooped?) and has put shit on her computer. Lies.
  • Again tries to throw off the questioner by asking who he is, knowing he is anon, then tries to veer off topic into the realm of who has called her. Conclusion: Another attempt at a redirection, somewhat succeeded, but only for a moment. More proof of lying.

Thus, it can be concluded she is lying about the subject, she knows more.

Phone Call/Texts to Wolfie

Anon: Why was the head cut off and who took the pictures and stuff?

Wolfie: The detective and attorney say i can't answer any questions like that. Sorry bud -Lost puppy

Anon: Can you tell me any bit of info?

Wolfie: Detective said i shouldn't even talk to any anon's or trolls. Sorry but can't do -Lost puppy

Anon: I'm basically trying to just get info I can possibly get.

Wolfie: Its kinda good to see so many stick up for a fellow canine. I'm not mad. I'm just confused as to why i'm being 
accused of his murder -Lost puppy

Anon: People who claim to know you say you're crazy.

Wolfie: Lol. I hardly associate with anyone out of my pack. Prob just some kids i rejected -Lost puppy

Anon: And you also apparently have a collection of dog remains....?

Wolfie: I don't kill anything but deer cause i'm a wolf. Ah. Crazy humans -Lost puppy

In other texts, she constantly goes on about some police report that are apparently posted all over the internet.

IM Convo with Mikey

File:Mike before school.jpg
Mike once again confirms that Chelsey is the culprit

One lucky Anon user had an extended personal conversation with Mikey. In it, Mikey agrees completely with Ariel: Chelsea, Wolfie and Raz killed the dog. This is crucial evidence.

At 2:44 am CST, an Anon was following the Myspace links in the dox section, looking for fapworthy material. None was found but the Mikey in question was found to be online. The Anon added Mikey as a friend with a message about the dog incident. Surprisingly, Mikey accepted and an interesting conversation was had.

Some things were cleared up, if Mikey is to be believed. He indicated that Raz, Chelsey and Wolfie were in league and in fact a separate entity from Mikey and his girlfriend. Mikey indicated that they hadn't talked for a month. Upon looking through Myspace comments, it can be confirmed that the last communication via Myspace was Nov. 18th, 2009; fitting Mikey's story.

Also, stemming from that conversation, the location in the dog head picture is supposedly Wolfie's house. When inquiring for more information on Raz, Chelsey and Wolfie, Mikey made it known that the police were right outside Mikey's house, and had been there all night. The Anon left it at that.

The dog was taken 6 days ago (either the 14th or the 15th.)

An Anon claims their boyfriend's mom is in fact a cop from Texas. He claims she filed a report using information from ihavethevidi's compilation, as well as derpderpderp's compilation (which was just a homo-copy of ihavethevidi's original). There has been no confirmation as of yet that this is genuine or that a report has truly been filed.

Yet Another Twist!

File:Wolfie says mike has autism.jpg
"Mikey has autism and is paranoid" says Wolfie Blackheart

Raz called the Anon going by the name Ender, who she spoke to in the previous phone conversation. By this stage, the majority of Anonymous were set on the theory that Raz, Chelsey and Wolfie were the culprits in the crime. Several attempts to contact the police department, PETA and the school had been made already.

When Ender returned from his phone call (which was not on mic), he posted a shocking revelation (if it's not sock puppet bullshit) to /an/:

You guys can say "recording or it didnt happen" or whatever the fuck you want, but this phone call happened..

The story from raz: Mikey took in Shadow as a stray, the weather was getting cold and Mikey brought Shadow over to raz to watch the dog so it could stay warm. Shadow jumped Raz's fence, after attempting to retireve it, raz stopped caring and let the dog run around and she left. Raz then receives a call from her grandmother that Shadow had been hit by the truck that is 6 or 7 houses down from razs house. When Raz gets home the dog has a crush traichia, broken leg, and was in shock.

Raz and Chelsey had the dog loaded in her backseat and were taking it to a person who heals animals when the dog died in the backseat. The dogs body was left in the care of a friend and they were going to prep it for burial when the CORPSE MUTILATION happened.

The pic was sent from a friend whose name Raz would not give me (She confirmed it was either her chelsey or wolfies phone) and sent to Mike. CHELSEY WOLFIE AND RAZ DID NOT SEND THIS PIC

Mike then forwarded it to JASON CROYSDILL (SP on the lastname) formerly Jason has been the one TROLLING US and also was "guiding" niggertroll yesterday. Raz said jason was running around telling everyone that the girls did it and Jason was the main troll in the thread yesterday. He is the inital OP.

JASON CROYSDILL Knows more, and he is our new target for info /b/rothers


Ender's announcement sparked a new wave of controversy, as it meant everyone was once again completely fucking unsure of who the target was. A new suspect was also been introduced, 'Jason Croysdill' who had previously been completely ignored.

Responses to the revelation varied wildly. Some argue that Raz is still guilty as all hell and is just trying to shift the blame onto Jason as a scapegoat. Others say that Raz was innocent from the start, and Mike and Jason are conspiring against her. The latter are clearly fucking idiots because Raz's bullshit story to Ender doesn't explain why Raz didn't want her voice recorded in the original phone call or why she was adamant that the photo was shooped a day before saying that the photo was taken by her enemies using her girlfriends phone.

NOTE: Ender's reliability as a source had come into question due to his relationship with Raz and the fact that he had at least one conversation with her which was not recorded, where he himself admitted to not telling Anonymous everything which was discussed. In the paragraph quoted above, the four points in CAPS were the exact points that Raz had been consistently trying to weave into anon's collective consciousness, through her own trolling on IRC, as in the recorded phone call, and potentially surreptitiously through sockpuppets and white knights like Ender:

  • CORPSE MUTILATION - She makes this point at every opportunity. No good evidence for or against.
  • CHELSEY WOLFIE AND RAZ DID NOT SEND THIS PIC - This point is important. They didn't do it gaiz, ok? It woz sum1 else, let's get them!!
  • JASON CROYSDILL - The same Jason she tried to pin it on in the first phone call, in the laughably fake 30 seconds from 1:35 where she pretends to recall the "Oh Pete's" (O P) phone number and name. She seems to be particularly set on diverting attention to Jason because, as according to all sources, he's the one who posted the picture in the OP and unleashed Anon on her dyke ass to begin with.
  • TROLLING US - "Oh noes, Jason is trolling US, anon.... let's get him guyzz!"
  • JASON CROYSDILL - His name is repeated again in caps. She obviously dislikes him somewhat, and would apparently be pleased to see him to cop the shitstorm that has come about as a result of her own evil doing. Why would she care about letting someone else take the flack? After all, she's the kind of person who chops dogs heads off, and whose lesbian lover gushes about being cruel and cool in a pathetic Myspace love poem.

Contact with John Marshall High Principal

After several attempts, an Anon got through to the principal of John Marshall high, the school which most of the suspects attend.

Called again and got through to a teacher who then put me through to what I think is the principle told him every thing and he said he is gonna deal with it soon as the school takes this very seriously and that he may bring local law enforcement in to it.


—Valiant Anon

We thank Anonymous for his utter dedication to the cause.

Wolfie's Ex-Roommate Speaks

A user named 'furikuriking' entered the #deaddog IRC channel on Freenode. He informed us that he lives in the San Antonio region and, even better, said he roomed with Wolfie around April of 2009 and had contact with many of the other suspects. This makes him a very good source. Here is what he had to say...

<furikuriking> I dont personally know Wolfie, just that she can be a lil weird, but thats alot of
people i know
<furikuriking> uhm, i roomed with wolfie
 [ When asked if wolfie would be capable of beheading a dog ]
<furikuriking> I wouldnt doubt that wolfie isnt capable of doing it, but idk the other 2 girls are
capable of
<furikuriking> Ariel's case is reliable
<furikuriking> She hasnt lied to me ever, as far as i know
<furikuriking> but Wolfie is a good kid, just not completely right in the head
<furikuriking> last I saw it was some friends, I havent been to her house
<furikuriking> I think this whole thing is just a plight of sabotage to ruin Wolfie's and Mikey's life
<furikuriking> cause Wolfie and Ariel are good friends
<furikuriking> I have never met the other 2 girls
<furikuriking> so idk exactly
 [ When asked if wolfie routinely sticks deer legs in her mouth ]
<furikuriking> LOL, She does have a lycan complex
<furikuriking> I saw it posted on 4Chan, and then I asked Ariel's cousin if that was true and he said 
"Yeah :'("
<furikuriking> thats a possibility, im friends with Wolfie, so if she didnt do it I would like to
clear her, lol
<furikuriking> well... a minor friend, but still friiends
<furikuriking> ill be your source that Mikey is still in high school
 [ When asked about Wolfie's age ]
<furikuriking> 15ish
<furikuriking> 15 or 17 *rubs chin in curiousity*
<furikuriking> i dont think she goes to school
<furikuriking> she is a lesbian
<furikuriking> im pretty sure she is a drop out
<furikuriking> nah, she isnt into drugs, or alcohol
<furikuriking> i know that for sure

Of course, we do not have proof that furikuriking is who he says he is. His words should therefore not be taken as fact. He also claims to have roomed with Wolfie right after saying that he does not personally know her.

Furikuri is most likely a whiteknight for the killers. His comment posted to Ariel:

"I have been reading everything.... they just need something to do with their time other than fap.... did you know you everyone made it to encyclopediadramatica?

This shit is seriously fucked, but at least its not all against you and Mikey anymore. I wish you luck... i could do what I can in Castroville, but its not much"


A Colleague of the Suspects Speaks


We had a chat log with somebody claiming to have known Raz, Chelsey and Mikey in the past, but wasn't in the group. This person also saw Wolfie on several occasions. This person was proved to be 100% legit. Because the person wishes to remain anonymous, we will call her Susan.

Susan told us in IRC that Christina and Chelsey used to be very normal people before they met the likes of Wolfie. Raz used to be talkative and quirky, but after encountering Wolfie is encouraged to show off her cuts, saying that it 'felt good', and shoving needles through her skin in front of people.

Susan also said that Chelsey only began to hang around with the group a few years ago, chopping off her blonde locks and dyeing it a hideous shade of crimson. Chelsey is also apparently a chronic liar.

Mikey was 'very strange' being 'tall and lanky, slouching over and having a very strange voice' (this can be seen in NTs blurry pic and was evident on his deleted Youtube vids. He also used to do things like shove a rusty nail all the way up his nose.

Christina started to act like a dog, apparently scratching herself behind the ears and chewing on chew toys. When she was scolded she whined like a dog 'awrrooooooo'. Raz also turned into a massive furfag, evidence of which can be seen in the 'Raz gallery', all from her Myspace.

This all happened after Raz met Wolfie, who apparently wears a tail 24/7 (This tail can be seen in some of her photobucket pictures). Wolfie is a high-school dropout who attended William Taft school in San Antonio.

Susan also verified that Christina smoked weed and drank a lot. She was 'a pretty rough bitch', which correlated with claims that she has attacked Mikey in the past. Clearly by being violent she isn't smoking that weed properly. Mikey had self-esteem issues and may have been autistic.

All of them were part of the 'fag/weaboo' group and were outcasts generally, as if we didn't already fucking know that. This information is being treated as opinion, but factual opinion, Susan is legitimate but her real name will remain a secret and will remain that way, which is unfortunate really.

NiggerTroll Reveals Story - Media Agrees

Niggertroll made a post on /an/ saying he had, essentially, solved the case. This has been confirmed by a Dumfuckistani newspaper here.

Use scrollbar to see the full image

NiggerTroll reveals everything.

A summary of the points made here follows:

  • Dog belonged to Mikey's neighbour originally, Mikey picks it up and takes it as his own. This is Shadow.
  • Mikey's mother does not approve of him keeping Shadow. He gives it to Wolfie to take care of, as she is a breeder.
  • Someone's computer breaks, shit happens, Raz, Chelsey and Wolfie end up at Raz's house having fun. Wolfie asks the others back to her house to "get something", when they find out that Shadow has jumped the fence, wandered into the street and got hit by a car.
  • Shadow's legs were clipped by the car -- they were probably broken. Raz, Chelsey and Wolfie heard the dog yelp and went outside to find that the dog had limped into Wolfie's yard again. (EDITOR'S NOTE: If the dog's legs were broken ('legs' in plural meaning at least two) I find it very unlikely that the dog would be able to move at all.) (ANIMAL RESCUE WORKER'S NOTE: Cats and dogs who have suffered a spinal cord injury (crushed legs optional) will frequently pull themselves to their owner's homes using only their front legs. Sometimes they bleed to death on the way, sometimes they die of their injuries soon after, sometimes they live long happy lives as cripples, and sometimes sick fucks break out the taxidermy knives.)
  • Wolfie, like the spastic bitch she is, decides to put the dog down, even though it's clearly no where near death. (NT says at this point that Wolfie has been diagnosed with mental issues.) Raz panics and asks some unnamed person to come help with the dog as the entire situation is fucked up. When unnamed person arrives, Wolfie says to them "gtfo" so they go back to Raz's place (WTF?)
  • This is the point where Wolfie gets out her fucking SWORD and and chops the poor dog's head off. Chelsey takes a pic of the skull while Raz masturbates in a corner. Wolfie is a sick fuck and apparently has a collection of dog remains, so it is thought that she has Shadow's corpse and/or skull in this collection.
  • Also, apparently Wolfie was speaking as Raz on IRC the other day. This means that any evidence that we thought was given by Raz was actually given by Wolfie, and therefore it's all a lie.

Of course, many users were initially skeptical of Niggertroll's findings. However, a fledgling Anon who IRC'd in the great deity's presence stepped up to defend his heroics.

As Niggertroll typed, I felt a surge of righteous energy through my monitor. I clung to my cock as he unveiled his findings, and so overcome was I by the truth and justice before me that I reached for my keyboard, tears of emotion streaming down my face. But I found myself unable to so much as grace a key, until Niggertroll had finished typing. It was if, dare I say, that righteous spiritual forces of truth and justice had possessed my very body. I stood up, shaking with emotion, and stumbled out into the thundering rain- I fell to my knees in overwhelmed and all consuming awe, and as I looked searchingly to the heavens, rain lashing against my face, my lips could only form 4 humble words: "I believe in Niggertroll".


Chat with zade_

Here's the link to an interesting interview with zade_ FBI'd


File:Ariel myspace guilt.png
Admission of guilt by Ariel

(Unconfirmed) reports are already surfacing of the buttfucking Anon are inflicting upon Mark. With usual Anon tactics in mind, however, we can be pretty fucking sure this has gone down, or is at least about to...

  • His address has been uncovered but is as yet not publicly available (UPDATE: an address was posted . Those in the know have proceeded to pizzabomb and mormonbomb his address.
  • Attempts are being made to contact his school
  • 2 local media networks are apparently covering
  • Police have apparently filed a report

After a short while of /an/ gawping and /b/ cuntisms, a new /an/ thread appeared filled partial win and a heap of fail. The win came in the form of a few cranky Britfags but, most importantly, the gallant NIGGERTROLL (NT). The most serious business was locating the house where the events took place. The suspect pool was narrowed down to three Michael Krafts of a possible age in San Antonio: a jock, an emo and a MASSIVE FUCKING BEANER. Everybody was lost for a good hour, but then people pulled through as NT visited the area where jock suspect lived. Eventually, NT visited the house of the emo Michael Kraft, to find that it was indeed the Michael Kraft from the epileptic paradox of Myspace. NT speaks of his experiences here:

<Niggertroll> Anyhow this mike guy
<Niggertroll> Was flipping shit
<Niggertroll> When I showed up
<Niggertroll> He was figiting and would not look me in the eye
<Niggertroll> His mother kept trying to speak for him
<Niggertroll> Even when I did not bring anything to do with the dog up
<Niggertroll> Maybe. I did not see any signs of matching interior
 [ When questioned about why he didn't record the conversatoin ]
<Niggertroll> I couldnt
<Niggertroll> They did not want me to
<Niggertroll> I asked if I could record
<Niggertroll> Upstairs had a small balcony and two bedrooms
<Niggertroll> I did not see a basement, and I doubt cheap government KB homes have basement
<Niggertroll> The only one they agreed to take was at the very end when they had pretty much pushed
me out.
<Niggertroll> Floor was white carpet
<Niggertroll> The walls had blue paint over them.
 [ When someone mentioned that the flooring could have been changed ]
<Niggertroll> maybe. The living room was a shared kitchen
<Niggertroll> Yes
<Niggertroll> Against the stairs was a bowl and a bag of food and what looked like a blanket bed
 [ When asked if the bag of food was orange (like the one in the Sasuke pic) ]
<Niggertroll> No
<Niggertroll> Yellow.
 [ In response to discussion about who the culprit was ]
<Niggertroll> Honestly I think it was Chelsea
<Niggertroll> I think it was at her house
<Niggertroll> and Mike took pictures
 [ When asked why he thought Chelsea was the culprit ]
 <Niggertroll> I tried to talk to her
 <Niggertroll> and refused when I brought it up
 <Niggertroll> Like I said , Mike, I do not know about him, He would not look at me and refused to
take a picture

Ariel, Michael Kraft's underage raep clam, posted a status saying that it was her fault, and through courage and wit, contact was made via Myspace. After much lollygagging, Ariel, who may also go under the pseudonyms 'Chelsea Langham' (highly unlikely, Chelsea appears to be a completely different emo) and 'Sperm Depository' blamed a 'Christina Ramos' (who has so far been going under the nickname Raz or razor).

Yeah... her name is Chris. Mikey's ex best friend. Ever since he got with me she just snapped and shit. She hates the living hell out of me. All because he stopped talking to her or some shit. I'll explain the rest when I get on the comp. (myspace mobile)




. . . Twilight cult?? BULLSHIIITTT wooowww, what the fuck are people smoking? Mikey loves dogs. He'd not ever kill one. His dog is alive and well unlike the one chelsey langley and christina ramos killed.




I met Mikey's friend Chris a while ago, she always talked shit about me, like prejudging and shit. Well, Mikey had gotten mad about that. So he told her something and she got all butthurt and then started talking more shit. Anyway, she must feel as if I took Mikey away from her but Mikey had told me a while ago that when she gets drunk she hurts him, like, stabbing him, breaking his face into glass, etc. I mean, what girlfriend would want that for her boyfriend right? Well, he told her that he didnt wanna hang with her anymore. So she soon began starting shit. Her gf sent him that picure when we had gotten off the phone just yesterday. he called me hyperventalating telling me what had happened, he took it as a thread. She keeps telling him that she wants to KILL HIM, and shit. it wasnt him. at all. He loves dogs. He thinks what she did was sick and twisted. And she may to try to kill someone nexy i dont know but other people that are friends of hers claim it was photoshopped. I personally dont know about that but It was Chris, not Mikey.



— Ariel

So, at 2AM GMT, the prime suspect seemed to be Christine Ramos, AKA Raz, who if you remembered from before, seemed nervous and contradictory over the phone.

No one had any doubt the worst was yet to come.

Identity of the Dog

File:Death threat.png
Mike claims to have received death threats from Chelsea

sum IRL recon by Niggertroll

This video surfaced on Youtube, and it was speculated that it depicts the dog in question before death. However this was found to not to be the case after some IRL recon by Niggertroll, who had approached the door of Mike and was greeted by this very dog, in which he took the crappy pix provided.

For great justice!

The headless dog is another dog, and was claimed by Mike to be a stray dog named Shadow that he had previously rescued/taken care of before and someone had stolen it. NOTE: This conflicts with Raz's story, as she claims that she was the caretaker of Shadow.

On Digg, a User identified the dog as his own, and posted a picture he dates to Dec. 2nd. The dogs was originally named Rigsby.


Note the similar facial features.
The image of Shadow on the right has been colour-corrected and the blood has been shooped off his face.

It has been confirmed through many sources that Shadow's real name is Rigsby. As well as the fact that the original owner of the dog has come into contact with media sources, and anonymous. This can be read in the first mysanantonio article.

Media Coverage

ACS Investigates Photo of Headless Dog - My San Antonio

Anonymous Internet users of the inflammatory sort, otherwise known as “trolls,” are descending upon and disseminating a photograph that appears to depict someone displaying the bloody, severed head of a dog.


—My San Antonio

Prodded by a rumor that the dog decapitators are San Antonio youths, the Police Department and Animal Care Services are investigating the photograph, ACS spokeswoman Lisa Norwood said.


—My San Antonio

Among [the rumors]: The Alamo City teenagers are embroiled in a bizarre role-playing game that emulates “Twilight,” a series of novels and films that depicts vampires and werewolves in battle, and the youths deem the headless dog a vanquished werewolf.


—My San Antonio

Self Described Wolf Woman Severs Head

She believes she is a wolf — technically, a werewolf — and so she wears a tail. She also wears a harness in case someone special wants to drag her around.


—My San Antonio

“I severed the head, boiled the head,” Wolfie said. “People make the mistake of hacking the spine, which will fracture the skull.”


—My San Antonio

lolmg wolfie on channel 5 news

PETA Joins the Action

On the morning of the 21st a clever anon mailed PETA (People engaging in terrorism for animals), to which they replied and said they are now looking into the case, this will no doubt lead to much lulz and butthurt.

File:Peta first email.jpg
First email, requesting details of culprits.
File:Peta second email.jpg
Second email. Confusion over guilty party, requesting clarification.
E-mail explaining inconsistencies in Raz's stories.

The IRS Joins the Action

After noticing that Wolfie had a dog-breeding business, one loyal Anon contacted the IRS and provided Wolfie's details, also mentioning that the business may have had some dealings under the table. The aim here is to get the IRS to examine the business, audit it and generally piss them off to help Anonymous on their quest for lulz.

the irs have started an investigation. took her myspace and gaia account links, and are running her number for an address. also they are contacting the school for moar info.



To contact the IRS about this whole affair, call 210-616-0067.

Alternative Theories

  • Accidental
The dog was hit by a truck, and decapitated post-mortem. If true, it would explain why person holding the head has such little blood on their hands. This is the theory that Christina (Raz) claimed was true, both in the phone call to the Anonymous user and in the #longchat IRC channel, where she used the nick 'razor_'. 'Raz' declared that her 'friends' were responsible for the post-mortem decapitation.
The validity of this theory should be called into question as it was set forth by Raz, a suspect in the crime.
  • Friends
The friends decapitated the dog to punish Mike and Ariel. The picture was definitely taken inside Wolfie's house. Ariel's MySpace messages support this theory, as they mention that Raz "hates the living shit out of" Ariel.
The validity of this theory should be called into question as it was set forth by Ariel, a suspect in the crime.
HOWEVER, Mike himself has also backed this theory. Apparently Raz got his dog. Please see the section above, which deals with the IM conversation with Mike.
  • Conspiracy Against Raz



That neatly sums it up. Its is clear thats the ZOG global conspiracy has targeted her.
  • Ron Mexico
After failing to win the Superbowl, Michael Vick restarted his dog battles in order to piss off PETA.
  • Twilight
The kids are all vampires/werewolves, and killed the dog because they thought it was from a werewolf rival clan. Or a hollow dog with candy inside.
  • Huge Guy Theory
You know how big of a guy it would have to be to do this? HUGE, Like 300 or 350 pounds easy...
It was the work of communist scientists. Soviet Scientists keeps decapitated dog head alive.
  • Grassy Knoll
There was a second shooter in the grassy knoll, which accounts for the blowback of the skull.

Weeaboo Faggots to the rescue

A Facebook group supporting this furry bitch (link in external links)called "We Love Wolfie Blackheart" surfaced on January 28, 2010.

The users of which had claimed Wolfie is innocent based on only her words. They bawww about how she is hated because she is different. Only a short while thereafter their main leader Taichi quit due to butthurt because Wolfie wouldn't join their faggotry. Still remaining are Shiro, Kiwi, Roozu, Joey BlondeWolf2, and Mico Lupus.


Cheech The Epic Mexican

Every story must have a hero and some men are just moar equal than others. A Mexican neighbor of Wolfie Blackheart's who anon has identified as the nickname Cheech is was renowned for asking the crucial question; "How could she get away with murder? I mean enough is enough!"

Belated e-detective work discovered that the concerned gentleman was Arturo Adame, a retired member of the U.S. Air Force and served in Operation: Desert Storm. He died months after being immortalized by Anon to be forgotten and never discovered despite his name being flashed on the screen during the interview.

Good night sweet prince

Wolfie Blackheart Aftermath

After many incessant calls, heavily breathed death threats; Wolfie is presumed to be hiding from anonymous. “They ordered a blind man's stick thingy and a whole bunch of kids' CDs,” she said, “kids' fitness CDs.” - Wolfie Blackheart

On February 17 Wolfie requests the ED page to be taken down. She tells the IRC that she will apologize to the family. This is a disgrace, and true apologies need no ulterior motives to be given. When questioned directly about the sheriffs daughter she ignored. Several anons also tried to groom her & extract noodz.


[Collapse GalleryExpand Gallery]
[Collapse GalleryExpand Gallery]


People Directly Involved


Real name: Michael Kraft

AIM: monkkkeyboy16
Yahoo: [email protected] we have a fuckin' email people
School: John Marshall High School, San Antonio, Texas
School website:
CS:Source Handle: monkkeyboy
Birthday: December 7, 1989
Xbox Live Gamertag: MonkKeyBoy18
Phone #: (210) 684-6395

This is an extract from Mikey's MySpace page:

Heroes: Wolfie BlackHeart,Stevie,KATIê,rissy,Christina,Sasuke, and sky . RAWR my best friends no order . 
"Wolfie BlackHeart"  she helps me out of hard times you can always trust her cause i do so should you 
she is a best friend, sis, wolf pup cause she has always been loyal, trustworthy, respectful, friendly, 
helpful, faithful, warmhearted:], thats why she is a best friend, sis to me i have known her for 4 yrs 
now i will help in any battles if needed any who i make stuff out of wood and give it to her stuff=
wooden weapons with her name burned on each thing i make for her but yea i will make weapons for any 
one just tell me and i will make it but thats going off track im just saying all my best friends are 
fighters and me and all my best friends will always keep fighting for what we believe in. Christina
or for short Chris. me and Chris go far she has been the the [sic] best budd sence freshman year and i trust 
her all my best friends i trust but she has been there through my break ups if some one screws me over 
she is the one to fear as for all my friends but i tell Chris everything shes the closest friend that 
i have ever had if it wernt for Chris i would most likely be dead by now she knows alot about me and i 
knows alot about her we watch each others back so...Blake R. Blake he has been there for me and i have 
been there for him through thick and thin weave always had sum badass great times ive known him since 
Elrod Elementary skool we will always be the best of brothers hes a great fighter also like a strong 
peaceful panda bear i guess


Real name: Ariel Westmeyer
Location: Pipe Creek, Texas
Age: 16
Comment posted on her friends Myspace(

Mikey's girlfriend. She's taking Mikey's side in all this.


Taken from Wolfies Youtube background.
Real Name: Sarah Rodriguez
Birthday: August 5, 1991
Myspace:  <<< Confirmed via coolcorey
Gaia Account:
pic on FA: (tying her into furfaggotry)
Email: [email protected] (Cool it with the spam)
Other Photobucket:
School: Taft High School, San Antonio, Texas
Phone: (210)-853-7313
Report Illegal Breeding Business: (210)616-0067 (Troll by reporting to IRS)
Address:  9612 Ivy Bend, San Antonio TX, 78250  <<< 100% confirmed!
SAPD Case Number: 00058044
SAPD Number: 210-207-7273

Interesting Quotes:

"My family breeds Wolf/dog hybrids and we have to take pics of the intercourse to show to the 
clientele dat our canines were bred to a certain individual, so that they know its legit"

To a comment to her friends in response to him informing her about /b/:
"Jan 21 2010 2:32 AM
I was at my friends and she showed it to me. although it was under the /an/ section. (My first time
on the site)I was like wtf? lmao! Yeah I would. Hopefully one will try and jump me. Ha, hope he has a 
gun cause I'm always packin. ;P"

Call to Wolfie:


File:Christina the cunt.jpg
Taken from Raz's myspace
Real name: Christina Ramos (also known as Raz or razor, 
and alleged lesbian lover of Chelsey)
School: John Marshall High School
Address: 110 Hays St., San Antonio TX 78202(Unconfirmed)

If Ariel is to be believed, Raz is the dog killer (along with Chelsea/Chelsey) 
and the main culprit. Ariel has clearly stated that Raz killed the dog, and Raz 
has threatened to kill Mikey. 
Refer to Ariel's quotes above for more info.

Raz is currently dating Chelsey.


The image of Sasuke that sparked the hunt
Real name: Mark

Phone: 210-440-7886 (Confirmed)

Possibly had falling out with Mike as he is not located on his myspace
Pic used to identify connection as he is in the house where the dogs head pic was 
taken (Shirtless Guy from picture)
Wolfie giving a bj. You can tell by the chain around her neck and her boobs. Found on Wolfie's email account

Chelsey (Phyr)

File:Chelsey recent.jpg
A recent pic of Chelsey.
Real name: Chelsey Langley
DOB: September 10, 1991
Eye Color: Blue/Green
Height: 5'1
Weight: 112 lbs
Modelling Website:
RECENT Modelling Website:

The IM with Mikey shed some much needed 
light on this troll.  Apparently, the awful 
image originated from her phone.  She is with Raz (Christina Ramos.)  She 
was there/involved in the killing of the dog.

Goes under the name "Chelsey Raye" when modeling.

Originally, 'Chelsey' was thought to be another name for Ariel, until Ariel 
accused Chelsey Langley and Christina Ramos (Raz) of killing a dog. 
Nigger Troll had a short conversation via text messaging with a number 
thought to belong to Ariel. 
After asking if it was Chelsea, she replied saying that she was. It is unknown whether Ariel lied or if the source's number was incorrect and it was Chelsey. or if  Please contribute any information you have on Chelsey.

Mom's facebook:
Dad's facebook:

Chelsey is currently dating Raz.  


Real name: Blake Rodriguez
Info: Similar shitty scuffed up house. Possible brother of Sarah "Wolfie" Rodriquez

Related to Wolfie -- most likely brother.

Sources and Helpers


The Informant
Real name: Jason Croysdill
MySpace: "Jerry Vengeance" Myspace was deleted. A blogpost by OP 
can be found in external links. 

Accused by Raz to have been the alleged OP of the original 
pic on the image board. In which she said he posted for the lulz at their expense.

Original Post:
"ok so these two crazy bitches in San Antonio TX named chelsey and wolfie cut 
off a dogs head and posted it on myspace lol. pic related"

It is possible that Jason came into the possession of this photo through myspace after the culprits 
had sent the pic to Mike, who then sent it to his GF (ariel) via myspace.  In which case, 
Jason would've posted the pic on the net to publicly humiliate Raz, Chelsey, and Wolfie(Sarah).


Real name: Chance Leon Jones
Phone number (unconfirmed): 210-584-1114
Work number (unconfirmed); 210-647-2700
Address (unconfirmed): 6553 Wurzback Rd 78240 building #41
Work address (unconfirmed): 5601 Bandera Rd, #111, San Antonio, TX

Chance is Jason's roommate. He is taking Raz's side and saying that the dog was run over 
and all mutilation was done post-mortem. He also claims to have collaborated with Jason 
as OP.


Real name: Nick (surname unknown)
Location: Castroville, TX
Age: 19

Nick claims he was Wolfie's roommate around April of 2009. He supplied much information 
on both her personality and her relationships with the others. He is a friend of Ariel (Girlfriend to Mikey) 
and is likely a white knight for the killers. He is NOT A SUSPECT.

Susan (Real name withheld)

Real name: Wishes to remain anonymous. We will call her 'Susan'.

Susan claims to have been an associate of Raz, Chelsey and other people who are closely involved, 
before they went retarded. She provided evidence in #deaddog. See above for details.

This is completely unconfirmed, but Susan did prove that they were legitimately linked to some 
of the persons involved

NiggerTroll (NT)

Real name: unknown

NiggerTroll is a member of Anon and one of our detective on the streets. He has personally driven 
to several of the suspects' houses to talk to them, and as such has been immensely helpful. 
Praise should be rained down up him and he should be revered as a god.


Important Addresses / Locations

I. Wolfie's House: 9612 Ivy Bend San Antonio, Texas 78250

II.Ingram Park Mall: 6301 NW Loop 410,San Antonio, TX 78238 (They often hang at the Starbucks)

III.Wolfie's Family's Funeral Home: Hillcrest Funeral 1281 Bandera Rd San Antonio, TX 78228 (210) 431-9820

IV.Mikey's Workplace: Six Flags Fiesta Texas (Martin Bozer, Park President), 17000 IH-10 West, San Antonio, TX 78257, 210-697-5050

V. John Marshall High School (Chelsey attends, Raz used to) 8000 Lobo Lane, San Antonio, TX, 78240

VI.Wolfie's former school: William H. Taft High School at 11600 FM 471 W, San Antonio, TX 78253

Useful Contacts

Credit to Ridik_u for finding these.

Mayor Julián Castro (210) 207-7060 (210) 207-7060
[email protected]

District 1 Mary Alice P. Cisneros (210) 207-7279
Mary Alice P. Cisneros [email protected]

District 2 Ivy R. Taylor (210) 207-7278 e-mail District 2 
Ivy R. Taylor [email protected]

District 3 Jennifer V. Ramos (210) 207-7064 e-mail District 3 
Jennifer V. Ramos [email protected]

District 4 Philip A. Cortez (210) 207-7281 e-mail District 4 
Philip A. Cortez [email protected]

District 5 David Medina, Jr. (210) 207-7043 e-mail District 5 
David Medina, Jr. [email protected]

District 6 Ray Lopez (210) 207-7065 e-mail District 6 
Ray Lopez [email protected]

District 7 Justin Rodriguez (210) 207-7044 e-mail District 7 
Justin Rodriguez [email protected]

District 8 W. Reed Williams (210) 207-7086 e-mail District 8 
W. Reed Williams [email protected]

District 9 Elisa Chan (210) 207-7325 e-mail District 9 
Elisa Chan [email protected]

District 10 John G. Clamp (210) 207-7276 e-mail District 10
John G. Clamp [email protected]
•Fox’s main number 888-369-4762 888-369-4762.
•[email protected]
•Kathy Ardleigh, Sen. Politics Producer o Phone: 212-301-3186 212-301-3186
•Thom Bird, Fox News Sen. Producer o Phone: 212-301-3250 212-301-3250
•Ian Rae, Exec. VP News o Phone: 212-301-8552 212-301-8552
•John Moody, Sen VP News o Phone: 212-301-8560 212-301-8560
•Brian Lewis, Executive Vice President of Corporate Communications o *Phone: 212-301-3331 212-301-3331
•Irena Briganti, Vice President of Media Relations o Phone: 212-301-3608 212-301-3608
•Brian Knoblock, International Editor o Phone: 212-301-5486 212-301-5486
•Kim Schiller Hume, Wash DC Bureau Chief o Phone: 202-824-6389 202-824-6389
•Ken LaCorte, Los Angeles Bureau Chief o Phone: 310-571-2000 310-571-2000
•Justin Schmidt, Chicago Bureau Chief o Phone: 312-494-0428 312-494-0428
•Brit Hume, Managing Editor o Phone: 202-824-6470 202-824-6470
•David Asman, Fox News Host o Phone: 212-301-3944 212-301-3944
•Shepard Smith, Fox Report Host o Phone: 212-301-3711 212-301-3711
•Bill O’Reilly, O’Reilly Factor Host o Phone: 212-301-3320 212-301-3320
•Jane Skinner, News Anchor o Phone: 212-301-5023 212-301-5023
•John Moody, Sen VP News o Phone: 212-301-8560 212-301-8560
•David Asman, Fox News Host o Phone: 212-301-3944 212-301-3944
•Shepard Smith, Fox Report Host o Phone: 212-301-3711 212-301-3711
•Fox News NY – 212-301-3xxx (direct lines to a real person or news desk)
•Fox News DC – 202-824-64xx (direct lines to a real person or news desk) 212-301-3300 212-301-3300
•Breaking News Desk 212-301-3301 212-301-3301 Control Room (Live Broadcasts

Original Image Exif Data

JFIF_APP1 : Exif
Main Information
Make : Samsung Electronics
Model : SGH-A867
Orientation : left-hand side
XResolution : 72/1
YResolution : 72/1
ResolutionUnit : Inch
Software : A867UCHJ3-0000000000
YCbCrPositioning : centered
ExifInfoOffset : 218
PrintIM IFD : 16Bytes
Print Image Matching Info
Version : 0300
Sub Information
ExposureProgram : Program Normal
ExifVersion : 0220
DateTimeOriginal : 2010:01:19 20:23:56
DateTimeDigitized : 2010:01:19 20:23:56
ComponentConfiguration : YCbCr
ShutterSpeedValue : 1/4Sec
MeteringMode : Average
FlashPixVersion : 0100
ColorSpace : sRGB
ExifImageWidth : 640
ExifImageHeight : 480
ExifInteroperabilityOffset : 476
FileSource : DSC
SceneType : A directly photographed image
CustomRendered : Custom process
ExposureMode : Auto
WhiteBalance : Auto
ExifR : R98
Version : 0100
Thumbnail Information
Compression : OLDJPEG
XResolution : 72/1
YResolution : 72/1
ResolutionUnit : Inch
JPEGInterchangeFormat : 600
JPEGInterchangeFormatLength : 10048

San Antonio Express-News

These images are from a picture taken of the San Antonio Express-News print newspaper that is circulated around San Antonio. Date of the newspaper: January 27, 2010. Credit to Anonymous

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