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One sexy bitch.

Satanhatesyu a.k.a. Alin S. (real name, Elani Bloom) is a sick fuck of the lowest order. A basement dweller who still lives with her parents, she is a self-proclaimed nazi whose favorite hobby is collecting stuffed animals. No doubt a part of the The Cancer That Is Killing /b/, Satanhatesyu also a transsexual furry who has also sucked off a dog to boot. Big surprise. Not only does it fuck animals, it has admitted to putting condoms on the tails of it's stuffed animals, and fucking them. What. The. Fuck

She likes a LONG list of shitty emo music such as Linkin Park, My Chemical Romance, Panic! At The Disco, AND Tokio Hotel.

Interestingly enough, when you plug her username into Google, it informs you that [1] two results were omitted from the webpage due to child pornography. We can only pray to FSM that it did not feature satanhatesyu's former loli self.

Lol Wut?

...While I'm not a supporter of the Aryan race.. I do beleve in my own supremicy. I do follow under Hitler. And I do support Genocide. But none of this is of any concerne to you. Why? Becasue you don't know me. 1: I've never been in a phisical fight. 2: I personaly did'nt do anything with Aufschwitz. (SP?) 3: I've never thrown a racial slurr at the respecting person. Now also let me say that SOMONE is a BIG pussy.. Because come one.. Quit hiding beind an ANON name! I don't apreciate being attacked and VIOLATED in a community. Being accused of hating EVERYONE a nazi SHULD hate is pretty stupid. I take things in order. I've been in the LGBT community since befor I had Nazi feelings. So that goes first. I'm very scelictive on who I hate. I Do have friends with Hispanic heritage.. And One of my best friends is a Jew. Think I care? No. Because she's a friend. I'm probly one of the most peaceful and flexable Nazi's you've ever met...


—Satanhatesyu, On shit that doesn't make sense

/b/ is not your Friend!

It seems that satanhatesyu does not understand Rule #1 and 2...And thus Anonymous unleashed its wrath upon the unsuspecting weeaboo...

Synapse: I am really a gay man inside, so I broke up with my internet girlfriend. She told me that if I broke up with her, she'd become an hero. BAWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!!
...It is recommended that you read the comments for an extra dose of lulz!


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