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Satyr's avatar
Satyr doing what he does best.
Billy Goat Gruff himself.

Apostolakos Constantinos, known as Satyr Calicantsar by his fanboys, is a chronically hypocritical semidyslexic middle-aged inbred pagan neoaristocratic Greco-kazakh antimodern antidemocratic feudalist aryan-supremacist crackpot elitist intellectual Hellenist living in Norway or Canada who espouses shitloads of USI. Visiting his forum or blog or even watching his videos, it's clear he has a prominent ego, despite the fact that noone knows him. Thus he trolls YouTube and various forums with his insightful, wise comments, being banhammered and censored for oh-so-bravely sharing and spreading the truth and causing massive drama and butthurt wherever he goes. You must kiss his noble ass because of what a hero he truly is.

He is also a massive Hannibal Lecter fanboy who blames jews, feminists and fags for his slut wife breaking up with him and taking their offspring with her (although he's glad he no longer has to deal with "little brats" anymore). In short, he's the hipster of internet cult leaders.

His videos in a nutshell

Notable Theories

A philosophical discussion in the forum.
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Satyr's inspiration.

Satyr is a deep thinker and prominent intellectual of the Internets. As such, he frequents university lecture halls, publishes high-quality peer-reviewed work, and is an esteemed member of university faculty. Just kidding. He's just another kook with a following. Satyr has a penchant for verbal diarrhea and, as a result, craps out a pretentious, barely comprehensible river of bile and shit. But fear not, dear reader. EDiots worked long and hard to decode his dyslexic babble into something slightly readable.

On Race

Niggers aren't people. Therefore, any self-respecting Nazi should shoot a filthy Balkan nigger like Satyr dead.

On Philosophers and Intellectuals

Questioning things that make me feel good is homosexual decadence. Therefore, all intellectuals are homosexual decadents.

On Religion

There is a massive difference between a right wing atheist and a fundamentalist Christian. One doesn't believe in God.

On War

Might makes right. If you don't like killing brown people, you are a homosexual decadent. If you don't like killing white people, you are a proud Aryan. Niggers don't have opinions.

On History

Primitive, goat-fucking pedophile niggers with smegma, or rather the fictional ideal of them, are the ideal models for human and cultural life.

On Gender and Sexuality


On Education

Critical thinking, empathy, and self-awareness turn you into a feminized faggot. Everyone who attends university is doomed to be infected by fags and become androgynous drone zombie libtard feminized tranny fags.

On Nature

Might makes right. Therefore, if I can murder a child and fap over its corpse and it feels good, it means I should.

On Nietzsche

A thorough knowledge on Nietzsche can be obtained by reading BrainyQuote and Stormfront.

On Genetics & Fate

Circular logic & fallacious reasoning are fine as long as they agree with my fringe viewpoint.

Words of Wisdom

The biggest idiot in the group will be the first to use the word "genius" in reference to himself.



Having been inundated, over the years, (particularly in the last few weeks) with accusers yielding unsubstantiated claims, assaulting me with a cry of victory only to discover that I never said the things they think I've said, or hope that I've said, I'm starting to get weary of defending myself against retards and against cowards coming to shame me and my ego in bad faith or to put me in my place with that "selflessness of theirs, and, most importantly, having to defend myself against those who have no clue....and who can never, ever, have any fuckin' clue, forcing me to waste my time or garbage.


—Satyr suffering acutely from massive butthurt

What I refuse to do is wear a condom so as to protect those poor ovum from my intrusions.


—how he contaminated the gene pool

He seeds, fertilized, either her womb or her mind (genetic/memetic), and then she takes over. He must allow her the illusion that she willed it, even if it was under false pretenses.



I am, but more...I am beast.

Half this and half ...that; whatever...goat, lion, decide. It does not matter. I speak, as man, for the gods. Do not take my human word on it....test me. Question me...doubt me....laugh at me, and I shall laugh with you, knowing you are only laughing at the man, not the beast. I am conduit, connector... I am the world's nervous system, and you are my cells.


—signs of his creative genius

For Christianity the word, logos, must come first, and truth can be found primarily through reasoning. Free from having to offer evidence, the mind can argue a point rooted in human fears and ignorance.


—a summary of Satyr's entire output

The echoes of near-absolute order combine with the coming near-absolute randomness of chaotic near-infinite possibilities, and life is born.


—Can someone please teach this dumbass how to write in English?

There is no choice without a restricting barrier; there is no perception without the cognition of divergence.


moar nonsense

When people try to convince you to abandon your distinguishing awareness, make sure to thicken your walls & to raise your defences further.



Empathy does not automatically result in sympathy.


—Satyr has neither

An inferior focus loses force by its lack of direction.


—Why Satyr hides in his forum must learn to separate your self from the specimens and the evidence, otherwise you participate in your own evaluations and you turn into a bubbling fool .

Retard....learn to detach yourself from the reactions to the actions or else you become a participant in the very experiment or phenomenon you use to evaluate reality objectively.

Retard...even the testament of a simpleton is valid if you learn to separate the crap from the fact.


—Wisdom and intellect

I am surrounded by stupidity, drowning in it. I am threatened by it, and still morons, like Fausty on ILP, think it is harmless, because he secretly finds agreement and comfort in it.

If I remain silent then I lend it credence; when I respect a retard repeating the common mantra, then I become culpable in the lie.


—birds of feather flock together

You can't have your cake and eat it too, princess. You can't hold onto the label of female and then dismiss what it is based on or why it was necessary at all. The true message of feminism, as with all post-modern ideals, is the end to distinction or nature.

A female could not prance and mouth-off, and go out half naked because she was protected...she had "rights" under this authority.....later becoming a secular Deity the Law. Sher no longer needed a man because she had this abstraction this Religious icon later developing into an institution that protected her. Now she could be a "strong woman" under the tutelage and sheltering embrace of the system as only the feminine , methods of competition were allowed to a emasculated populace.


—Read the articles on MRAs for more details.

Concluding Thoughts


A typical Internet intellectuall, Satyr's thinking is founded on half-baked bullshit and rampant bigotry rather than any serious thought. As such he holds a vast intellectual legacy that involves trolling internet forums, posting on shitsites only his closest circle of fanboys reads, and writing manifestos so badly no one would ever publish them. Since he is a waste of space he should follow his dear leader and rid the world of his waste.

But unfortunately that didn't happen. Satyr got Alzheimer's like Ronald Reagan did and retreated to his hugbox forum to prevent himself from being further pwned. As his fanboy Stuart said...

Satyr's site m ‪ m is no longer there. Maybe he really is abandoning the internet. Perhaps he was recently diagnosed with Alzheimer's and wants his work to be removed so as to diminish the number of responses to it; responses which he will be tempted to address but will no longer be fit to do so.

Little will remain of what Satyr built, especially that of worth. He would nihilistically negate his entire decade long internet presence if he could. He's proof that quality work can come from one otherwise completely lacking. While he has been a philosophical influence on me, I will not give him credit for it in the future. The closest he'll get to credit is that I'll say I learned what I learned, just as much by the greats, as from scrapings from a trash bin.


—Good riddance

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