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 Q:  Who is Scott Abraham?
 A:  Scott Abraham, also known as "Schattie," "Buddha," "The Talking
 Urinal," "SA," and some names so foul as to prohibit mentioning them
 to newcomers, is a disgusting whacko from Seattle Washington.  He
 became infamous for being the only person ever kicked off the

Can you imagine carrying on an on-line argument for almost a decade?


—'mel living', of outcast conservatives forum

haven't we all seen this picture before, somewhere?
from [1] -- old school lulz

Scott Abraham is one of the usenet's most storied figures. He more recently can be found making youtube attack ads aimed at exposing one Bob Thompson, local crack dealer and Internet Terrorist. At first glance it seems simple enough, but enclosed is a story of old media e-drama that spans back more than a decade. For a primer on this ever enigmatic personage, let's refer to his profile on a jewish singles page This self proclaimed 'aware man' of 56 seems normal enough at first glance, as is par for the course for an internet schizophrenic. He has made many mortal enemies and many thousands of bizarre posts, but just how did he become sweetheart of alt.usenet.kooks? How did he inspire his own controversial group? What madness drove this man to the brink from which he never returned? What guile must a man possess to take on all of rec.skiing.alpine while managing to never pay for a lift ticket?

Well, seekers of the truth are in luck, for he has authored a number of psychologically revealing papers for web publication "M.E.N magazine" dating as far back as '91 (some collected here at The tl;dl: schattie was raped by his momma and struggles with the psychological aftermath everyday. With a little more discovery, on a newsletter from '96, we find someone claiming to be Mr Abraham's brother coming forward with some relevant information.

Finally, as children, up to my 17th birthday Mr. Abraham molested me, violently abused me almost daily, and to this day uses words of derision and insult to attack and intimidate me. He denies this. If nothing else, I remember him doing this, he denies it. He says both of us were victims of multiple abusers, and I deny that with absolutely no hesitation or reservation. Since the article says False Memory Syndrome doesn't exist, he is quite wrong, as apparently one of us is the victim of said syndrome.

A last thought. Mr. Abraham's behavior is nothing new, it hasn't changed ever. He threatened and intimidated when he was six, he threatened and intimidated when he was 15, he threatened and intimidated when he was 25, he threatens and intimidates when he is 43.


—name withheld

Once established on the internet, he would become a crusader complete with persecution complex. He would expose every man as a pathological liar and internet terrorist, while deftly painting himself as different people and vehemently trolling the ever-living fuck out of various web 1.0 haunts. Read here that if you want information on the intrigues of Scott Abraham, you just need to fucking google it. "G" from rec.skiing.alpine has the scoop, but some of the information found on r.s.a is decidedly harder to decipher.


When I was your age, I was dressing in short pants and showing my legs before 15,000 adoring fans. Ran the mile in 4:20. Used to go jogging with a guy named Pre that you probably never heard of. Ah, youth.



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