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ScriptLance is a website devoted to "Connecting Businesses with Programmers." It is infested with Indians and Koreans, most of whom want to commission or create the next YouTube, MySpace, or Google, despite the fact that all such projects are doomed to fail. Also rampant is copyright infringement, with many "programmers" using stolen versions of for-pay scripts or the same custom scripts promised to be unique to various clients.

Ripping People Off

Payment for services rendered is channelled through ScriptLance's own Escrow service, where they hold funds hostage, much like PayPal. Whenever there is a complaint regarding the quality of service, payment issues, the phase of the moon, or other various perceived wrongs, they will lock up your money indefinitely, pocketing it themselves and banning you from the site. Once you're out of the way, the filthy admins roll around in their ill-gotten gains while laughing at you.


ScriptLance is owned by a company that refers to itself as R3NE International Inc.[1], which is run by a dirty Canadian who would like to hide from Internets scrutiny. Fortunately, Internet detectives have been able to locate their contact information:

  • Owner/CEO: Rene Trescases
  • CFO: Justin Fernandez
  • Customer Support: Sanjay S. Suri
  • Programmer: Dmitry Bezborodov
  • System Administrator: Neeraj Malve
  • Graphic Development: Jamey Boje

It is advised that you spam these addresses for great justice.

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