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Actual photo of Sea Org members, posing in uniforms similar to those worn by officers of the United States Navy. Note that that David Miscarriage is standing on a platform a good 6 inches higher than the rest of the deck and he still looks like a short ass.
An actual poster for this mobile brainwashing troupe.
A billion fucking years!

The Sea Organization, or "Sea Orgy", is a leet inner circle of Scientologists established by L. Ron Hubbard, batshit fucktard founder of the Scientology cult. While many believe he founded it because he wanted his private navy to defend against the Marcabians, the truth is that the British government was fed up with him and would not restore his visa. Also he needed an excuse to have a lot of young semen slaving for him while he cruised the Mediterranean searching for treasure high on gin, amphetamines and Vistoril. Plus, how can a totalitarian movement exist without the scary uniforms?

Nowadays it is a paramilitary organization within a multinational criminal racket, much like Reichsluftschutzbund. The Sea Org has a punishment apparatus called the "Rehabilitation Project Force" (RPF), which functions as an internal system of forced labor camps, also known as Nazi Death Camps.

A Billion Fucking Years

If you're rich and join Scientology, you simply pay them millions of dollars for the courses. But the people who aren't rich have to join Sea Org instead and pay it off through labor. How long much they work? Members of the Sea Org sign an employment contract with the organization for one billion years. Members who leave are issued a "freeloader's bill", retroactively billing them for any Scientology "auditing" or training/brainwashing they have received. Prices for each component of this training usually runs well over nine thousand dollars. Scientologists have no emotions, so sex is not an accepted form of payment because they are immune to "pleasure". Just ask David Miscavige. Pubic hair and toenail clippings also are not accepted.

Most Sea Org members are given a room, board and a small weekly allowance of about US$24 per week. They call this "volunteering" but we all know it's another version of slavery.

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